27 November 2018

Viseart 🆕 Libertine, Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

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hi today I'm reviewing the visor

Libertines palette and really quick I just want to say purchase Ilias products with my own money so check out my products at the amazon link below so during sephora sale this year i picked up the visor Libertines palette i've got a couple of their mini palettes but nothing quite like this one so the shades really appealed to me so i thought i'd pick it up and get a little bit of a sale too so i can't complain with that anyway i'm just gonna let you guys know my thoughts on it based on my sarah's scores scale so my first criteria is packaging and they've done a nice job packaging this at a pretty solid case it's got a nice mirror inside although the only thing I don't like is opening it you have to lit use kind of your nails a little bit but they've done a nice job packaging this so no issues with that my second and third criteria are alcohol and fragrance and there's none of that in here so no issues with that its primary primarily at ELQ and mica so you know some people are sensitive to telc so but I don't have any issues with it so thankfully my fourth criteria is the manufacturing location and this is made in the US so

no issues with that my fifth criteria is ease of use and this is very easy to use and what I really like about this it's got nine colors it's got five bats and four shimmers the Weiser mats are pretty awesome they're shimmers are decent the mats for visor for me I always I'll perform the shimmers but it's got some unique colors and what I like about this though it's got a very light color so you can use it on your brow bone and it's got a few darker shades that you could use as powder eyeliner but I really like them having a light shade because when I travel I have to use a light shade out of eyebrow bone pretty much always so a lot of pallets don't include that so I really like the fact that they included that and this was kind of a fun opportunity to get a palette that's got some good mattes in there and a few shimmers and I'm wearing on my eyes right now I'm wearing the this roll along with these too so you can definitely make some fun looks with it so it's very easy to use there's little to no fallout which I really like and the mats are pretty pigmented very blendable very buildable the shimmers are okay they're decent they're

not the best shimmers I've used so don't buy this for the shimmers because there's a lot of pallets that have similar shades and shimmer versions that will perform these but the mattes are awesome so and it's a nice combination of colors so onto my six criteria which is pigmentation and these are pretty pigmented again the mattes pretty much always outperform the shimmers so I'm gonna swatch this for you guys and I'm gonna use my color swatch switch so check these out on the Amazon link makes it very easy you don't have to clean your brush in between colors and it's got a fun unicorn so I call it the unicorn fur so the magical unicorn first so I'm gonna swatch these and remember I'm wearing the purples on my eyes right now so that is the lightest color which doesn't show up very much but and then the taupe shade I'm wearing it as a transitional color in my crease and that again is very buildable very blendable and very pigmented so the darkest shade on here is the navy blue which you only need a little bit so that's pretty pigmented there's like no kickback and no fallout to these eyeshadows which is what I really like about Weiser there's

never any kickback hardly ever and he followed almost everytime after he'd do my eyes I have to go through with a fan brush and kind of make sure I don't have any crumbles or specks or anything and I didn't have any so that's nice to see and then this is the first shimmer and like I said the shimmers on here are okay in my opinion for a palette though that cost this much I would rather than perform a little bit better so like I said don't purchase this for the shimmer because you're gonna be a little bit disappointed with that so but the shimmers build after it after a few SEC you know after you a few coats they build which is nice because a lot of shimmers aren't very buildable these are buildable and you're gonna have to build them up because they don't show up very easily without it so Swach of this guy and that one is kind of a shimmery burgundy shade I've got a little bit of use out of it but not not a ton it's uh it's a unique shade so and then let me do the teal shade which is very beautiful as well so very fun very fun colors so very pigmented purple this is one of the colors I'm wearing right now which is kind of a purple burgundy

I'm not the best at describing colors am i I've got got a friend that any color she could name she could make up every shade similar to it so and then the very last one is the one that's the brighter purple which I'm actually wearing on my eyelid right now so so very fun very bold shades and I just love the fact that they included a transition color as well as a base bone color so terms of pigmentation it's pretty good my seventh criteria is animal testing and from all the websites I've read it says visored is cruelty free how her and I look at Sephora Sephora's website doesn't mention that visor it is cruelty free and almost every brand that is cruelty free they pointed out and they also don't have any leaping leaping bunny on here it's not vegan but so in terms of cruelty free the few websites I looked at that do a lot about animal testing and things like that stated that they were cruelty free so I'm gonna take them for their word and go with it and say that they're cruelty free however if you have any information or any interesting links send them to me because I like to be in the know on all this stuff so my eighth criteria is performance and this

performs nicely I use this with a primer and mostly without a primer I'm kind of in-between primers I usually the Too Faced shadow insurance but the last my last two of it kind of was not didn't seem like the same product so I'm kind of been using no primer lately and this one lasted all day it didn't flake it didn't smudge it didn't end up looking muddy so it performed nicely I have a feeling it's because Calchas the main ingredients that probably absorbs a lot of the oil from the oil add eyelids so but it performed nicely and didn't end up looking mucky or muddied at all so I really was impressed with it and then on to my ninth criteria which is price and if you don't pick this up on sale its $49 however I suspect if you kind of watch this soon it'll be on sale from time to time so that's what I suspect but I'm not always right but lately Weiser has been on and off sale at Sephora so this one isn't on sale right now but maybe next time it will be I don't know and then onto my tenth criteria which is the it factor and while the baths were fabulous I think I would probably if this were all mattes without the shimmers so much I

probably have given it the it factor but the shimmers are slight letdown but they're still decent but just not what you expect from a fifty dollar palette but still still decent palettes so overall it's got an 8 out of 10 which is still pretty good and some fun shades so anyway I'm interested if you guys had a chance to check this out yet or not or what other vise art palettes have you tried and how have you liked them if you've tried any of the other ones so leave a comment I love hearing from you guys I check out no BS beauty.com and the amazon link below thank you so much guys