13 May 2016

Violet Glitter Makeup Tutorial | Nyx Violet Glitter

Hey loves, today's makeup tutorial is this fun bright spring time glittery makeup look, this look is great for a night time look, but bright enough to wear during the ...

he loves welcome back to my channel so

today's tutorial is gonna be on this purple and pink glittery makeup look I'm gonna go ahead and jump right in by using this kind of like skintone peachy shade as my transition shade and I'm using the Mac 217 brush and pretty much applying this all over my crease my lid and I am bringing it up pretty high up onto my brow bone and I'm just blending that out now I'm gonna be going in with this really light purple shade and I'm gonna be applying this into my lower lid using a really small blending brush from morphe and I'm just doing swiping motions left and right I'm focusing it inside my lower lid and then I'm just kind of dragging it towards like my whole bottom lid now I'm gonna go in with this shade right next to it which is like maybe like one shade darker and I'm also gonna focus it inside my lid and just blend it out I'm going for like a under the glitter I'm going for like a soft purple like just smoked out smokey eye I guess I mean I really smokey cuz it's not black but it's just like one color smoked out now I'm gonna be going in for the combination of these two purple shades to show you guys and just really pack it onto my crease and my

just blend it out um to give it even better blend I'm gonna go in with the Mac 217 brush and blend all those colors together yeah I just really want my lid to be nice and blended I'm not too worried about the bottom half of my lid because we're gonna cover it with glitter now I'm gonna be going in with the NYX glitter and this isn't the color violet I was disappointed because I thought it was some more purple than blue but it's more blue than purple but it's okay we made it work I went ahead and started applying the two-faced glitter glue to the center of my lid and then I'm just placing the glitter right on top I'm packing on the glitter pretty heavy onto the center of my lid as you can tell I'm just going in and then with whatever glitter I have leftover on the like the brush and whatever glitter glue I have leftover on the brush I'm gonna go ahead and start patting out the edges just because you can't really blend out glitter but you can make a glitter look blended out pretty much I'm just going around and applying a little bit of glitter making it fade out like I wanted to look really heavy and then just below

now as it goes toward my crease I went ahead and applied these Vegas named lashes off-camera they were a little difficult to apply so I just did it off-camera but they look so stunning and they don't feel that heavy actually alright so moving on to face I went ahead and applied this Physicians Formula primer water and I'm sorry but it smells but it did make my skin feel really hydrated and it made it look super super do you pour foundation I went in ahead I went ahead and applied the Amazonian clay foundation by Tarte and I'm just blending that into my skin using a damp Beauty Blender for concealer I'm using the fit me concealer by Maybelline I didn't want a cakey under eye area so I just went ahead and applied this really light concealer just to cover up my dark circles a little bit and to brighten up my face I'm doing the same exact thing just blending it out using my damp Beauty Blender um when I go ahead and set this concealer today I'm not gonna like really bake I'm kind of just gonna focus on actually setting the concealer and I'm i've been loving using a damp Real

Techniques sponge it's just like the material that the sponges it's just so perfect as you can tell I'm not packing it on super super heavy like I have before I'm just kind of putting enough to set it and I'm applying it wherever I applied concealer just so it doesn't increase and I could just stay in place all day I want to go ahead and set my whole face so that I could blend out the powders easily so I'm applying the fit me foundation powder all over my face and I'm wiping away any extra powder I might have left behind I just went ahead and applied a little bit of lip oil cuz I'm gonna be using a liquid lipstick and I don't want them to look Christy and I did love it a lot using this under and it's a Physicians Formula lip oil now to contour I'm going to be using the shade and light palette I'm gonna be using these two shades but I'm gonna be using this shade on to the left just to contour and the center shade to bronze up my face so yeah I'm pretty much going in carving out my cheekbones and then just blend and bronzing up my face this is my third day using this palette and I've been liking it so far I like that the colors

aren't too orange yeah and so far I have nothing but good things to say but I only been using it for three days so I don't know if that's enough to review it I'll let you guys know though to give myself a little bit of a rosy look an illuminated look I'm gonna be using this one in wild highlight since I'm more on the fair skin it does show up pink on me so it works perfect as a you know like glowy blush moving on to my lower lashline I'm applying stone cosmetics pink eyeliner and then I'm just blending that into my lower lash line and then I'm gonna go in with that really light purple shade and blend that out I I'm gonna go ahead and apply some mascara to my bottom lashes and I did apply a little bit of highlight into my inner corner like the highlight that I use on my face and that completes with the eyes and I love it I think alright so moving on to the face I'm gonna use this Stassi at the low KITT and this guy is this highlight so bomb like there was so much hype I didn't know if I wanted it it's worth it like honesty their pants are so big and look at that highlight I I really haven't dusted any on and it's so bomb guys you need it in your life I

just I went ahead and took a clean blending brush I mean a creamy powder brush and blended all that together for my lips I'm using the NYX Cosmetics liner and mob and the UH Nastasia liquid lipstick in the colour catnip and it is my favorite color I'm still not sure if I like the UH Nastasia formula but for sure this color is perfection to finish off the look I'm just gonna apply some fix+ and that pretty much completes this look I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you liked this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in my next video bye