09 April 2019


Try natin ang bagong foundation ng VICE COSMETICS in shade MOREYNA. Kaya nya kaya takpan ang mga sumpa ko at ang pagka super duper oily skin ko?

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wait when the to us a shadow hello hi Mabuhay comes to hiring ahead I am angel today we are going to try the Vice cosmetics foundation lipstick and liquid lipstick and matte lipstick so boom a murder hustle azad a new sale so no much dentists have a net on the water so it 195 Pisa pero think 94 you got a 95 go cylinder building it each had each so Angelina is Laura and the chaplain that was the global Samantha Canon buggin buggin foundation which is it I'm ordering hotel Assad so 245 faces well I pocketed she's on a store so I'll go yeah at the moon I own that was a Dena home a deliverable Lada how our good try I'm expecting a lot from rice cosmetics SAA minna - Indian affordable pyramid and a you on quality yes a mariner who need on risk and the chicks and mineka shade and table underneath it's very pigmented so many the Train Amanda the new foundation scientistic the left so at the name the name foundation bubble wrap Sanna Sanna telega under the full coverage and at the same time young skin that is oil combination to oily skin so salmon aluminium Hindi McCain

SuperDuper oily human face so I should go I feel like Oh marina sana fan hindi ameesha don't know pipette talking feeling cone shaped ornaments so it's same packaging it's very couture alumina same product me again to thing shell pink and plastic so attention thanks Edna and holiday ditto oil control buildable blurring with us dermatologist tested so Anna densha paraben free cruelty free vacant one year 24 months and expiration so Alabama eaten powder foundation knowledge editor on Gilligan Qasim Eliana mineral solo cadenza Parishad oxygen Mahalo pero Indiana Michigan could be little over sparrow sauna battleship variations and then Porsche and so painting sponge you can you get another graph it sa very traumatic so Simonova so I am Bhushan my god I think it's darker don't you think it's darker better when I went back to drain out in some oh hi I'm a plastic by insulin being so what I'm going to call Emma Mayen Ella to a training Adam swatch monopoly lipsticks Neela so it was he or matte lipstick so one year the new my opinion so dingy nothing cool not going to push on oh oh

oh it's very pink so I am sure China melon - Alicia tugging some lips the hair come Hindi oh my gosh I'm locking locking haha more at another Honda at elements a phenomenal matte liquid lipstick Cheverly iron Barry something smells Aramco holy salon they have the same shape so let's try this out una Homan it a try see matte lipstick celebs gonna miss mama had that recurrent oh don't liquid lipsticks Lipscomb a rate of unitary method it's very unknown very me Lygia talking suburbs Viva Kasahara insignia on my pirate pattern about I think I are gonna be serious Kenya Diana my garden for ass I shadow Oh papa depend on ashes right in addition Melendez eyeshadow Toreno Manhattan shots man flash Munna tyoma again moon attained a powder sekito Munna para macaque Penang powder Casey Bahama brain powder not the foundation and then kappa engine and I attend you want so it along [Music] the original ganda I know chick blush so a kiss a kiss - okay this is a lips toe

the no man Brenneman happiness a shadow continued lanka see Baba boy moving the to us a shadow [Music] tryna monotonous splash got the dish of scandal dishes too large in fairness I love it I'm loving it I'm loving this liquid lipstick so far so if Donna you know horrible an Athenian foundation let's try it out senator leg on the show shocking face and what angle in the plastic need to know as a la la physician Vanunu to to be materially once illuminating comedian Adam [Music] etiquette suit our representation keep Angela Kate I'm a pimple on holiday nothing [Music] trial if not indeed about Sababa para maana maha paramdham edition for full coverage in a poem children or the himself under darker penmanship arranged for Lung Foundation metal foundation hobby like a meeting at a long brush and crits brush - my coverage para la brick tile - Trina - the whole day head CF it's scandalous

only skinca Alberta a foundation or anything what what are at 45 phenomena Tommy again update laughs I think I'm very Island [Music] in poorer hello guys I'm back so it's been tough our Sneha Nam who lacunae Legal Foundation at SuperDuper Oerlikon as you can see I'm shining shimmering splendid so a tried nothing litigating foundation and my lips on this side the colorful afraid that was our Saguna tung oil and and surface gossip her back as I was removing the oil on my face the transfer Niang a bong powder tissue so in the trans Freda has a Sabra Sabra I didn't know face Philippa so my mother plants when I thought I gotta try Manhattan get meeting young liquid lipstick around him at the beginning because I'm Madonna in Anita per inch our so bra long-lasting she owns a matte bullet lipstick : Laguna got shot at a very long-lasting tom lipstick litter amazing a train of analogous alias around metallic pink in color Nutella I think the shade is very unique the

Balaton angle the classic shame yeah and I love the shade it's so unique and I just need to get another shot the lips cough hello oh hi long but then I'm gonna shade their China I think it's that woman drying who maybe it's a dynamic and emphasize some of my alliance ago so it Anna so coconut lip nothing don't powder you guys can that algorithm myself and I'm hung a team cuz he D : Gustavo tonic a cool ain't nothing gonna be no Moreno so I think it does I really don't mind not much darker in shape parasailing all the richness at the night Iranian Athena and Gaetano along height I know [Music] Thapa retire [Music] I am so very medium light to medium coverage Santa legacy on coverage and the healing I saw brung my inner play on a table Oh Ilya ho Saguna Drita for our snow Allen a good young powder some Ohio passing up go under insecure on a peninsula in kissing and even summer so I own but I think I'm gonna use this as a bronzer and Figueroa

I don't even setting powder in a long rain so our contour the sessions darker have radical agenda with limiting contours of a score Prancer Perry on coverage I think I don't think it's full coverage I think it's just light to medium light to medium coverage only the oil controlled oh I think Madonna man perihelion Kabam Goss a young man haha Nina now time check aha two R's metal operand apparently so I think with the manual control Mia and even so so far I got the no:1 shy I think I'm gonna use this as my contour now and it doesn't have any smell Paula which is a very big plus factor for me cuz a I also tell gamma minimum my foundation Cassini I don't wanna do this tracker for this sponge dough is Dakota gala home sonship Etta committed Casilla I don't really see any use of this so yeah it contains seven grams and two hundred four hundred forty five passes I think that it's really worth it and from Thomas al-amin densha which is really big and and Alicia didn't a hassle diba mahalik opener BAM Salomon so eternal Italian depending on face Cohen you without Goethe's if

the young may powder you wanna lipstick no man I think this one very normal and very average young bullet tips tequila parrot oh I know maganda young she'd never hide body bag very unique and sahal ago 99 pesos in the sale sale para 195 better say because it ain't a name now I think it's really worth it and your packaging ok long plastic yeah very common but nothing special about packaging and yeah long lasting the interest rate anonymity by Mariner had eaten it accordingly so if I didn't I think this you can also use this as a shadow or a lush Bahuguna polymer if I own a nurse watch Newton Anila flash attainted on blush so it's a gay not in vitro yeah I thought I shade mineka shade Manuka answer I totally Gong long-lasting tongue proven a long-lasting to Anna Neela blush so the cupola mirapanis in on contour and the highlighter I think in the coconut rice was recording yet yeah hola pasilla and shadow better very pigmented not on and Anila chick plush top for singleton ela very pigmented nevi back so yeah and I'm really really so happy

Marin versus medics Nana for the world and at the same time again they own quality locally made only in the Philippines so support the hanyan Sun a support and platinum Inanna gotta meet him at gag and on local products in the Philippines sign up um man Augusto on your tongue video at minute at orientation on her face cosmetics products and I'm really hoping them around me for the products and al-abbas Miami Vice I think hola pasilla liquid foundation Paulo pasilla eyeshadow pero yo uh Nana lying mana that they love very pigmented not debar thank you so much for watching this video I'm angel and please don't forget just subscribe share comment and like this video and comment down below wanna Pamela Anderson products to meet Rico and I will see you guys again and the next ah [Music] you