13 May 2014

Vertical Lip Lines... Is There a Cure?

Thanks for watching & subscribing! Stacie xo One of the signs of aging that bothers me most are the vertical lip lines. Here are some things that I've tried.

hey there this is Stacy I wanted to come

on today and talk about an issue that a lot of us have and this is kind of like a mature more mature woman kind of an issue and it is the vertical lip lines and you may be in your 20s and you may be in your 30s you may even be in your 40s and not have issues with this yet but we all are going to age and more than likely a lot of you are going to experience this lovely problem that is probably one of the things that I hate the worst for me I get these vertical lip lines just right here above my top lip and I've hated them I just really started noticing them in the last year or so and they're basically expression lines and you know from doing things like drinking out of a straw I mean even just whistling anything that you're going to do that you're going to pucker your lips like this which I shouldn't really be doing here because I don't want to do that but I'm just going to tell you some of the things that I've tried and whether or not I think they've worked I did talk to like a facial plastic surgeon that I've gone to for Botox in the past and asked him how can I get rid of those and he told me I can do Botox but you probably won't really

like it it might not give you really the results that you want and he kind of said well I don't even really see them so you know I don't know what you're worrying about you know that's not what you should be looking at so he also said that you can have peels and things done you know deeper facial peels done you know professionally done and that might help to get rid of them some and so I did go ahead and buy this particular cream off the internet and it's called derm elect and Jeremy left cause cosmeceuticals is the company and it's their smooth upper lip and perioral anti-aging treatment it's just a cream that you put on around your lips twice a day and it's supposed to help with that I kind of feel like maybe it just sort of moisturized them you know so maybe products applied better foundations and things may be applied better but didn't necessarily get rid of them so that's the first one you can read about that online just the different reviews that other people have done on that it so then I recently had a photo facial done called the forever young BBL and that was an all-over photo facial along with a chemical peel which I believe was

the like a TCA peel does a 15 percent peel and I should talk about that sometime soon because I really really liked it but I went to a different facility not my facial plastic surgeon not that I've had all this facial plastic surgery but that's kind of who I trust when I do get Botox and filler kind of stuff done I kind of think that someone who's most experienced in the face with the highest degree is the person that's going to really do the best for me just having the education to know what they need to know for doing that but anyway I went and had this peel done and I talked to the esthetician who was doing the peels and everything and asked her what she thought about those lines and she said well we can try just a little bit of Botox there and see how it works so I did let her go ahead and do that for me she basically did just two units here and two units here which is almost like not even having Botox and it basically did nothing so what I did was I went back about ten days later and we saw that yeah basically it didn't do anything so she went ahead and added some so she added a little bit right

here she did one here one unit here and one unit here so that was two more and then she did two more units here and two more units here so I think I had a total of two four six eight nine ten I think I had I don't I thought it was maybe more like 14 units altogether it might have just been ten but I can look it up and I will put it down here so you guys will know so I had that done and it's really an interesting thing but I did see a very slight difference and some of the funny things are or that you can't do as much movement in your upper lip and that's another reason that you don't want to get too much and especially too fast because you don't want to just have you know just a top lip that just doesn't do anything so it's just got a little bit awkward feeling when I eat sometimes you know just kind of getting food off of a fork or a spoon or something is when I'm aware of it as well as when I try to whistle which makes me realize how much you do whistle or I whistle because I have a dog and that I shouldn't be doing that I need to try to not do that because that's a movement that obviously causes those lines to come even more because that's

considered a facial expression that you're doing over and over again so like I said I mean I do see a slight softening in the lines but I wouldn't say it's a hundred percent a guarantee then I'm going to show you another product that I got I'm Laurie over 40 she had shown this product recently I don't know if she showed it in a video or Instagram but I had gotten it and I got it actually right before I had the Botox done so I kind of feel like I can't say whether or not this works if it's making any kind of a difference because I had the Botox and I kind of feel like I cheated the product and being able to tell you if it works but this is from the skin s ki NN and its Kola Genesis lip stem region and it says it's an advanced lip and laugh line therapy so it's just this yellow little creamy product and I have really been using it day and night you know twice a day like it says just mostly above my top lip a little bit on the bottom but that's not really where I see the problem so I have been applying that product like I said twice a day kind of to the perioral area definitely above the top lip kind of patting and rubbing

it in there you know not being too aggressive you don't want to ever be too aggressive on any of your skin especially skin that is kind of thinner and kind of gets wrinkled so anyway I don't know tell me what you guys think I am going to continue to pursue getting rid of these lines or at least softening them so that they don't bother me as much let me know if you found any products or any procedures that you think have helped with this area but that's just kind of my two cents on the things that I have tried so I hope everyone's having a great day and I will see you all again soon thank you so much for watching have a great day bye