30 January 2019

Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial/ Full Glam/Huda Beauty nude palette

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12 Hello my beauty's !!!❤ ❤ ❤ I hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial that I filmed for y'all ...

hello my beauties welcome back to my

youtube channel today's video is going to be on this makeup look right here it's very Valentine II Valentina Valentino however you want to say it but I used the nude hooded eye palette so kind of citrus felt anyways I used this palette right here and I also used this glitter that is so so beautiful it's in the shade promise but so if you're interested in learning how I achieve this makeup look just keep watching and if you're new to my channel don't forget to subscribe I hope you guys enjoy my videos and yeah let's get right into this tutorial like and I'm gonna be taking my morphe and four-for-one brush to apply that all over the crease I'm going to start off by packing this color all over the crease and then later I'll worry about blending it out features on the pack down until you're happy with how dark the color looks so I'm just adding more and more of that same color because I really want this look to be vibrant looks and with that color I'm just gonna buff out the edges kind of like in circular motion you don't want to put too much pressure in your hand so I can look very nice and blended now

that I have applied those two colors together on my eyelid I'm gonna be taking my favorite lash glue which is the kiss strip lash adhesive it looks like this and I'm just gonna be cutting the crease with that same glue so I can apply the glitter next we taking a brush that looks like this now to dip in this outer V area I'm just like this with that same m4 for one brush that we used for the color on our leader I'm just gonna be applying that all over the outer area faint and love fight together and I'm gonna be applying that on top of the glitter so we can reinsert I that area right there I'm just gonna take that so we can kind of darken things up maybe taking my morphe m5 35 and I'm gonna be going in with the color tickle and I'm gonna be blending out all of the edge so it can look nice and I'm just gonna go in circular motions making sure that there are no harsh lines okay so I went ahead and applied my eyelash off-camera now to prime my face I'm gonna be taking my Too Faced hangover primer and I love this primer so much I recommend it if you have oily skin it works very well on my skin it does a job so I'm just going

to be applying that with the brush that looks like this now for foundation I'm gonna be going in with my all-time favorite maybelline superstay and to apply that I'm gonna be using my morphe y6 brush you guys I don't think I've stress this enough about how good this foundation is to me like I have oily skin I have breakouts and know if you need full coverage this is the foundation for you like it covers it all like everything it's my favorite foundation so I'm just gonna take that and dab it all over my face now for concealer I'm gonna be taking my heart-shaped tape concealer in the shade fair beige and I'm gonna be applying that with the morphe yz7 brush here I'm gonna be going it with my Laura Mercier powder and I'm gonna be taking my morphe sponge to apply it up and you want to make sure that your concealer is well set before you apply your loose powder you don't want any marks to show now with whatever is left on the lid I'm gonna be taking my Real Techniques a powder brush and I'm just gonna take that and I'm gonna go ahead and set the rest of my face your contour I'm gonna be taking my morphe m 405 and I'm gonna

be using my Anastasia contour kit and if you're wondering what shades I use I like to mix these two colors right here now go ahead and take my morphe sponge now I'm gonna grab some of that loose powder and I'm gonna define the color and I also like to do it in these areas right here because it does tend to crease on me but if I do this step it won't do it at all so yeah I recommend if you do crease in that area to a place on powder and let it sit there for a while I'm gonna be working on my lower alarm on my lower lashline and I'm gonna be taking my more professional brush the shade that I'm gonna be applying is love bite then at the end you connect your lower lashline color to the top part remove all of the powder taking my anastacio I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready well how are you say you know but I'm gonna be taking this highlight with my wet and wild brush now for blush I'm gonna be going in with my Too Faced dream Queen palette and I'm gonna be going in with the shade sweet on Santa that's my favorite blush shade and I'm gonna be going in between the highlight and the contour these I went ahead and

applied my lipstick off-camera I believe that is all for today's tutorial and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for more videos