13 February 2014

Valentines Day Makeup Picks feat.Tony

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hi guys welcome back to guru beauty I'm

Jody and this is the star of the show my husband Tony hello tony is a very popular star here on guru beauty and as I travel around different states of Australia when I go to IMATS all these places where people come together for the love of makeup and usually the first question out of people's now is where is Tony or they want to tell me about the favorite video that I've made and it's the one that I made with Tony so um Tony is the star of guru beauty and it's been a while since he's been in a video welcome back tone thank you good to be here you're the star of this channel you know that so you say I thought that a perfect time to bring Tony back would be leading up to Valentine's Day this Valentine's Day in 2014 will be our 12th Valentine's Day as a married couple yes I thought what I do to celebrate with Tony is grab a few products out of my collection that I kind of Valentine's themed maybe it might give you an idea of some products if you want to get ready on Valentine's Day for your date or dinner or special occasion you may want to use some of these products and

make it all Valentine's themed so without any further ado I have 12 different products or product groups here and we'll just take turns going through them tones all right I'll get started so the first Valentine's Day themed product to show you today is from two-faced two-faced you can get online or here in Australia from kit cosmetics this is their romantic eye palette and it's a range of eyeshadow shades Tony look at that it's a really nice arrangement of eyeshadow colors you've got some beautiful beautiful deep matte purples in some lighter shimmers I love love love this shape here honeymoon where do we go on a honeymoon tones oh I didn't know there was gonna be trick questions honeymoon Oh Grand Canyon didn't we down to the Grand Canyon than that yeah we did we meant to the Grand Canyon it's the donor and down to Tucson all around Arizona we've got I should have shades in here like soul mates Oh kiss the bride honeymoon ever after I do unveil cut the cake better than cut the cheese cut the cheese there you go a beautiful eyeshadow palette I would recommend this

one for those of you who haven't tried it yet beautiful beautiful beautiful tawny next one is for you oh this one is called Physicians Formula happy booster glow and mood boosting blush rose but it's got lots of hearts on it look lovely Valentine's themed blush it'll make you happy just to pull it out on Valentine's Day swatch it on your finger yep yeah they're all mixed up what do you do you don't just pick one color it's beautiful i've swatched it in a place where I can't even show ya it's not to make Beauty videos and I realize it's very - yeah yeah you just you think it's all fun and games it's serious you've got to know how to swatch like a real true professional this is what the roads shade of Physicians Formula that's a good swatch done that's what a good professional swap now they all look the same color no you just get a brush in that it'll be fine and action number three I could not do any Valentine's Day themed beauty products without talking about the nude lip not only because nude and Valentine's sometimes those two things might go together but a nude lip is very

sort of sensual it makes your lips look fuller and beautiful everyone loves a lovely nude lip so I've got switched here lipstick you like that x from Revlon this is from the Revlon map range of lipsticks in oo one nude attitude and then the next color along is a slightly brighter peachy shade this one is from NYX now available in Target Australia and target the USA from what I hear this one is part of their matte lipstick range in the shade nude of course the next shade along is from Mac one of my favorites it's a cream shade from Mac and this is the shade creme de nude a beautiful creamy nude with a bit of a gloss to it you can see there Tony you're gonna have to pick your favorites that pay attention and then the last one here is from Tom Ford a really beautiful nude pink shade and this one is called blush nude so it's some beautiful nice nude lipsticks there Tony what's your favorite is this supposed to be on your lips yet how can that be nude I'd say that one number one so Tony on my way rather than food attitude ego time you're wearing number one you can collect your prize and of

course in that formulation is something that's going to stay longer maybe you're sipping wine or cocktails or having a lovely meal with your loved one and the matte formulation of lipstick of any brand is probably going to stay a little bit longer on your lips and you're gonna smear less of a matte lipstick all over your partner if you do happen to give him a kiss you don't like things smeared with sticky lip gloss do you darling not dinner no no all right number four for tiny Laura Mercier mineral illuminating powder candle light for Valentine's Day and Tony's gonna swatch it for you he's gonna be very careful being now shown you how to swatch like a professional smear like you made it and then you just put it on your hairy hand tiny had some hairy swatches for you to you don't often see hairy hands swatches now I've described to the viewers what you see my love what is that shiny this is a very shiny shimmery what is it have it in the middle of it is a really nice deep kitten gouge candlelight is sort of a goatee champagne II highlight powder it's a really lovely loose powder so

you're gonna get a bit messy using that one but beautiful one for Valentine's Day themed goods watching Tony and burn myself in that candle or number five is a cream blush from Illamasqua illamasqua is available online from their own UK website I'll include a link to that down below as well as from Maya Sydney and Melbourne sell Illamasqua on counter but you can also order it online at Maya and this is their cream blusher in the shade rude some people have a rude Valentine's Day you never know very very emollient very very credible it's a really nice peach shade here I'm popping it next to the Physicians Formula happy moon Christine Rose very very rude you can see why they'd get that name can't you tones you can have the mood boosting and the road and the nude on the same face Wow fly to the Concorde so with you dude wait the food mac pigment in the shade naked oh now we're talking we got the road and the naked so this is a little photo of naked goodness oh don't smell it don't snort it that's great is a loose powder so again a little bit Messier to work with but a really beautiful shade you're Tony I'll show

you how to swatch that it's not easy going mmm well you just tipped it out of the lip there yeah it's fearless with powder I am fearless look at that guy that was like me last night when we went out to dinner isn't it I had a shower last night before we went out to because we were having a date night and I ran out of soap and I asked one of the girls to pass me some soap out of the drawer Lily yeah and so Lily the six-year-old passed me some soap out of the drawer and I washed myself all over with this slimy goo so stuff I thought it was soap and then I got out of the shower and got dressed and went downstairs and Joanie said you are covered from head to toe in glitter I was completely covered in glitter because I couldn't see anything my glasses on in the shower but Lily had given me some lush body rub or something yeah I think Mercersburg glittery thing myself with it and we went out to dinner I was completely covered in glitter but we went to a restaurant with lots of lovely halogen lights and they really illuminated Toni's beautiful you have to show them oh you a glitter glue even so

this is what the Mac pigment in Naked looks like it's a beautiful fine shimmery pinky champagne II loose powder beautiful fall all over the lid this will make you look alluring and awake using this on your eye you can also use it as a highlighter on your face as well where the light might need your face to make you look lovely I'm the halogen lights the next one is an eyeshadow palette from NYX as far as I know this is not a range of eyeshadow palettes that they carry in Australia but this is the 10 color eyeshadow palette from the runway collection from NYX in the shades champagne and caviar thank you I was an expensive dinner this one for Valentine's Day champagne and caviar looks like this it's a bunch of neutrals can't go wrong with neutrals I don't think you're gonna scare your day off if you stick to neutrals on the eye what do you think about that Thais no what do you don't want to scare him off that this one is from the balm cosmetics what are you supposed to say to Bom Bom this is the balm nude eyeshadow palette in nude tude there this is full of nude ladies that's cool but that is the naughty edition of

the nudity palette from the magnitude it's got sassy snobby stubborn standoffish selfish sultry sophisticated schizo sexy silly serious and sleek some of those things you may want to embody no maybe not maybe not schizo maybe not standoffish or stubborn or selfish or snobby no but they're there anyway you can wear them and then you don't have to be them or something yeah that's right that's right another neutral eyeshadow palette to wear not too scary on Valentine's Day scary is not in their interest in me no scary schizo is pretty scary cool man nude nude and the bomb of course you can get David Jones stores here in Australia as well as online I believe the bomb site is probably shipping now to Australia but you are paying significant shipping charges for that okay four more to go I have chosen a lovely lovely black eyeliner pencil and if you wanted to smoke it up and get sexy and sultry and smoky for Valentine's Day this is going to be a perfect partner for you for this look this one is from urban decay they're 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in perversion and perversion is probably

the blackest of black eye pencils that you will get very very creamy and long-lasting also that is what perversion looks like on my hand very very black I'll show you what perversion looks like looks like okay next we have these NARS powder blushes and Jodi's already swatched them so I have to do them in order so this one is and more starting at the knuckles next one along is desire desire also a good song by u2 followed by orgasm Wow that's right into it interestingly this one is almost used up it's a good one we'll do an oldie but a goodie yeah that's right that's going back a little ways isn't it oh and then the last one of all deep throat deep throat powder blush Wow Valentine's Day from nod thank you now it's a happy Valentine's wowza lovely and sweet lovely lovely hmm this is number 11 on the list of 12 and this is a Mac eye Kohl in shade teddy any on Valentine's Day teddy is a beautiful eye Kohl shade from Mac it's a really nice brown with a bit of shimmer and you know obviously very nice next to the perversion you can see it's definitely browner rather than

black a really nice way of doing a sort of more sensual mysterious I guess sort of brown smokey eye you can line the waterline tightline with it line the eyes and really smoke it out smudge it out it's a beautiful product from that and also because Tony is my teddy this big fairly rugby player that I met in a bar and I just realized can't stop giving besides where's my sweet teeny-tiny loving gorgeous okay and number 12 I have chosen some lip products these ones a little bit more colorful and bright compared to the nude shades that I showed you a little bit earlier if you like me you have found the love of your life they have brightened your life with color like these lip color shades and these first you are going to be perfect for again where you you know really want that lip color to last through the day through your dinner through drinks these are really nice and long-lasting Revlon just bitten kissable stains the twist-up pencils that have been out now for a while and I've chosen two shades for you this one here a nice beautiful cool pink shade that one is in the shade

darling perfect for Valentine's Day the middle shade there in the shade sweetheart or Valentine which is an obvious choice for Valentine's Day followed by my very last choice here a really nice rosy glossy lip gloss this one is from essence from their xxx Elle shine lip gloss range and this one is in the shade true love a beautiful glossy true love lip gloss not going to last quite as long as those Revlon's but beautiful glossy fresh lips nonetheless for Valentine's Day and of course the shade true love because I'm here with my true love true love so that is my pick of Valentine's Day themed products from my makeup collection let me know down below what you plan to wear for Valentine's Day or if you had a peek of the products that I showed you today I'd love to hear from you thank you so much for watching thank you Tony thank you thank you my Valentine's Day video thanks for let me play it was fun he loves playing with makeup you came together happy Valentine's Day happy Valentine's Day you have a beautiful day celebrating with those that you love and we'll see you again really soon bye-bye