29 January 2019

Valentines Day Makeup

MY FIRST VALENTINES DAY TUTORIAL! Enjoy KEEP UP WITH ME! INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/otaykari/ TWITTER: ...

hey guys welcome back so today I did my

first Valentine's Day makeup look did a purple eye look i'ma start off very dramatic and I'm and a very simple it's still really glam and um I added this with the gloss lip and very shimmery eyelid so if you don't want to know how I got this look then just keep on watching I'm gonna moisturize my face with my total benefit moisturizer I'm gonna start off with my eyes so I'm go ahead and conceal I also use the tar shape tip concealer kids a lot thicker [Music] for today's Valentine's Day look I'm gonna use this Jaclyn hill palette it's the morphe Jaclyn hill palette and it has it's pretty shape I got this for Christmas it's perfect for Valentine's Day if you already like purple so with the fluffy flat brush I'm using this one I got it from why she can't like get into a pack so the first shade I'm use is a sparks right here now with my morphe fo for 1 brush on the lightly blend that all across my lid I forgot to add some tape so I quickly added some the next shade on the go away is go with mystic lift this one right here I'm using my morphe 17 brush this is gonna be in that outer corner of my eye

[Music] okay now I'm gonna cut my crease with concealer using my M 224 morphe brush to top the concealer on you use glutes and Glenn that's officiator here back with mystic i'ma go ahead in the blend of those two together somehow okay so I'm done with my left eye so I feel like I look weird without winged eyeliner someone go ahead and do mine off-camera and I know I've gotten a lot of requests to do one um i'ma do that separately good girl it is not easy to do a winged liner it's not easy I'm not gonna lie I take about 15 minutes on just one night the lashes I'm wearing are from deputy store and this is the style I know you're like Guddi why did you deepen up your edge but you have a thick winged liner I didn't read it with the stick I just happened to do a line and I blinked or I looked up and then the line wouldn't even higher and I was like I already moisturize my face now I use my aura fashionable to minimize my pores so it's in my year it's the 24th of January and I'm barely filming my resolution was to film a lot more at least once a week in the beginning of the year I had tremendous

stress familywize it's just such a drama and then I had kidney pains like kidney pains is no joke like I was really felt like someone was playing tug of war with my back and the pain was excruciating especially because I got a fever I couldn't go to work for two days I'm used my la girl concealer in the shade of orange this is just to make my skin tone even after I put on foundation so I'm using my super stay full coverage Maybelline foundation in the shade 312 mixed with my and fellow GoPro glow in the shape 208 so I put the foundation everywhere and I'm gonna start off all around I mean I'm gonna start off alright here because if I start over here on the spread my orange concealer to conceal under my eyes I'll be used my superstay better skin concealer in the shade 4d and my Tarte shape tape concealer in the shade lights and literally nothing has changed cuz I pretty do mommy I think I've only done my makeup like six times this year like I think this is my first time turning on my vanity this year it's sad to set my face I mean use my airspun

translucent powder and don't mind my finger DK broke mine now again oh and I bought a ring Snuggie for my ring I can't find anywhere that where they could just adjust my rings I'm not size four have smaller fingers but I'm hoping to gain weight so I could fit there cuz this rings Snuggie they're really uncomfortable to bronze let me use my NYX matte bronzer in the shade deep ten and I use my and 139 brush to contour my nose I don't clean contour my nose anymore I got too lazy but I did give up coke after having that kidney pain I just couldn't take any more I couldn't take any more sweet so I've been drinking a lot of water this is actually one liter but this year has been I guess the roller coaster like I'm good some days this week has been great no problems this week but my goal is just to mainly stay happy this year and not let little things get to me cuz your girls cry baby I swear I cried more in year 2018 than when I was a baby I stole that from Twitter I saw it and they were viral so yeah that was me I swear I cried so much year 2018 it's my least favorite ear I think my favorite year was 2006 I was in third grade

and my teacher was Miss snicker I don't know why I just really liked that year I personally don't like bottom eye shadow I don't know why I feel like it looks weird on me I feel like my eyes look less big and I want me to pick you know what i'ma go with a rock star this middle shade cuz I've not thought the ones are like way off oh that's too much okay very pigmented on my inner corner I'm gonna use my Urban Decay in the shade Midnight Cowboy and I'm gonna show you why I'm so upset uh-oh oh my gosh I dropped it the other day oh come on cheese on my finger this little thing this dingle eyeshadow is like $25 $20 maybe wessex it's hella expensive for one single eyeshadow is crumbly I'm use my makeup forever and the shape who like fusion number I'll leave in the description box I'll enter my lips with the Kylie cosmetics lip liner in the shade Queen now I'm going with um the a BH lip gloss in the shade tophi toffee but this is a gloss I feel like for Valentine's Day and show our claws I know I am just make sure you cut you chicken so you won't get any gloss on your chin

there's only bad thing about loss that is it for my first Valentine's Day tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed it this was very glam with glossy lips and glitter my next video I will do a simple one Q so much for watching bye