25 January 2019

Valentine's Day Makeup! (Simple, Easy)

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hey guys it's Dre welcome back to my

channel today we're doing a Valentine's Day makeup look it's nothing too hard it's very simple it's something that I would wear out on Valentine's Day so if you guys want to achieve this look then keep them watching so I already did my eyebrows and my concealer around them and my moisturization because that takes way too long so we're gonna jump right into it what I am going to do is use this concealer it's the Maybelline age rewind in the shade light panel and I'm gonna prime my eyelids to get started for the eyeshadow I'm not really gonna do too much eye shadow honestly okay so this is just what I would wear for Valentine's Day I'm more like simple like I don't do crazy makeup looks I just kind of do what works for me okay so first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna grab this palette it's the Just Peachy by a Too Faced and I'm gonna I always use this honestly this is like a really good investment but I use this piece marine just to soften up the base before the anything on I feel like this makes it look a lot more cleaner you can skip the step suddenly the deal with Valentine's Day looks because well one I was running out

of videos and - I don't know I used to not like Valentine's Day but doesn't really have to be with just like your significant other or you don't have to have like a boyfriend or a girlfriend to like celebrate Valentine's Day you put like a best friend you get to eat chocolate go out okay so there's a base I love this this is the Becca and collaboration with Khloe Malika Becca BFFs and it's so good okay so I'm going to use this color right here this is like the perfect brown eyes it's like not too cool not too warm a little definition I feel like this one isn't as pigmented but it's still super pretty I think the reason why I like it a lot it's because it's like really subtle so since I wanted this to be like more saw and like girly I'm gonna use this color right above it and mix it well mmm no actually yeah I'm gonna use this color right here I'm not gonna mix it with anything you're supposed to be using this for blush but today you can honestly use like whatever pink glitter you have I like this one cause it's like really really subtle and yeah yeah we are gonna I'm gonna put this on top just to give it a little bit

more glitter so it pops out more take some more of this and I like to put this right here because I feel like it really defines your eye and it makes it look like you tried a lot harder than you did and then make sure you blend it out because you don't want crazy so it all fit okay now I'm not going to use black eyeliner just because I want this to be like a more soft look so I'm just gonna use a little bit of this the Maybelline brownish black so it's more brown and black I'm just gonna line my lash line work my lashes on I'm gonna take a little smudge brush with this too and I'll use that okay so the mascara I really just use any mascara because I use falsies anyways so I don't really think it makes a big difference but it is good to like have a base before you so your eyelashes on so this is a great lash by Maybelline now just kind of run through it really quick I have like no eyelashes ever got it for my mom she doesn't have eyelashes either I don't get it like guys always have like the longest eyelashes like for what you don't need it

so now I'm gonna put that lashes on lashes on I don't know why I feel like I can't talk it like a week ago I got my wisdom teeth at all guys jury is trying to open the window right now and this is no you don't need air step back don't open the window stop don't drink the waters get it yeah of course you just open the window close it close it close it close it's really embarrassing but ever since I got my wisdom teeth out I really just can't talk think I have like a list or something I don't know what happened hopefully it'll go back to normal it's only been a week but kind of annoying anyways flashes that I'm using are the Lashley's - these are the I don't really know these are called Perry v I think they're so cute look and they're actually really affordable okay so now that the lashes are on I'm going to do foundation net I actually lost my primer but you should be a wood prime before they don't have it so I'm just gonna start with foundation okay this is my absolute favorite foundation and it's the Born This Way by Too Faced and I use a shade warm beige it's actually getting a little too dark for me because you

know it's winter and I haven't been out son in a minute but still works so I put it on my hands like warming up a little bit I guess a brush and then I cannot talk holy so so use a brush and a Beautyblender both but I use the brush first and I kind of like on my hands I need a mirror and I'm just like Gavin I feel like the brush first of all does it eat all your product second of all it kind of like blends into your skin I really have to get my neck because it's too dark [Music] I used my beauty blender just to kind of get like all the the corners of the brush couldn't so especially I kind of use my eyes and around my nose make sure you get your ears right here cuz some girls are like super dark over here and I'm like yours don't match makes it that's weird yeah I basically just used to beat up on her just to like press it all in whose motorcycle is disrupting me so now I'm gonna conceal it's like five o'clock right now and I'm doing makeup I better go somewhere because this is a waste all right so now we're gonna conceal it's not coming out there's one flaw about

this one as I don't like how it doesn't like come out but the the product is really good but I don't like the little applicator on top that's my part I've been using Adri wine since it's like I've ever started makeup I found it in my mom's purse and then from there it's tall enough I love her mind okay so now we're gonna blend it all out and there's why don't do like inner corner highlight right away it's because I'm always doing this and I don't want it to like ruin it I do it after same with my under eyes okay so for the setting powder I use the Laura Mercier translucent I was using covergirl for a cool minute but then I transitioned and I grew as a person it's a life changer honestly they have this new one it's like the glow something I don't like it's way too sparkly but this one is cool like the other one I think you could use it but like not for baking I suck at this I think my thing about what he's like really important from me I know about you guys but like on the side of my nose one it gets oily sometimes in coal my into that's where like I get like dark spots so and then down my nose I feel like I just want to highlight

right there there we go and then I also like go over my eyebrows it's like stop in it okay so while that is while that's baking I'm gonna do my bronzer the bronzer that I use is the Tarte hotel heiress eye for the last two videos I did not know how to pronounce this my last two making videos and so like my sister finally I was like pounding it in my head making me say it like over and over and over again but I finally got its hotel it is it looks like this I had this one a lot cuz it's not so cool it's like a warm and I like to go like down my neck just because it's wintertime I'm getting a little pale so I don't like to contour my nose just because it's like too much work so I'll just get my bronzer and then like a little bit I think my mirror is like covering the light whoops we're gonna bake right here and I clean this up right here because there's translucent powder and then not whatever it is what it is okay so while that's baking I'm gonna do my under eye so that way I like to do it with the translucent powder while it's like underneath so it's just in case like any

fallout occurs what just to give any fault what happens it'll go on the translucent powder and I just like wipe it off and it will come out on line you can see my shadow I forgot what I did on top oh that's why little they need to know okay I used this one so basically the same thing you did on top you doing the bottom so I'm gonna use this brown one out here in the corner in the street I'm just king and then okay so now that we're done baking this light is getting weird one the sun's going down okay well the Sun went down so now I'm orange that's okay now we're gonna dust all this off [Music] okay now super the inner corner highlight I'm going to use this one here and put that here [Music] now we're gonna use some bottom mascara I'm using the same mascara by Maybelline okay so I think especially for Valentine's Day personally I would use like a lot of blush just because it's Valentine's Day so the blush my this is my ultimate favorite blush this is the True Match by L'Oreal and this shade barely what barely blushing and it's

okay to put a lot cuz it'll fade eventually so I'm gonna hit this little brush for highlight I'm going to use this one [Music] okay so for lips I really don't like to use like lipstick lipstick especially if it's down Thursday I'm just kidding no um I'm just gonna I'm just gonna use this lip gloss this is by elf that's so let's pumping the class I just got it so should be available in stores this is like it came my new favorite lip gloss it used to be the this one's really good too this minty shine by Victoria Secret this one's like less sticky but this one stays on longer the elf one well they're both lip plumpers too so this one has a little sparkle to it the other ones just straight up clear that both are good choices [Music] okay so now we're just gonna like press everything in make sure these blended and that is it thank you so much for watching okay that is it for the slow thank you so much for watching this video if you guys want more makeup videos more holiday looks comment down below this video