09 April 2019

Using Lipstick as Eyeshadow!??? | shanpanwan

Hi everyone! I tried to use lipstick as eyeshadow and it was actually easier than I thought! Please subscribe if you enjoy my content!

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

today I'm going to be putting lipstick on my eyeballs normal are balls on my eyelids and I'm gonna see if I can create the same sort of look I would with I should I so I've got my lipstick drawer open ready to delve in and brushes I don't know what know if I'm gonna do that really I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna do it as I go along I don't colors I'm going to use then how I'm going to apply it really but we'll see as opposed to just seems using a cream eyeshadow isn't it that's too dark it's too dark it's first of all I'm gonna put politely pink all over my eye just with this concealer brush which is also wrong it feels really strange but lipstick on my I put it smells of lipstick it hasn't really done anything keep going though keep building up I just want a cream base really anyway like him to hold it in place still nothing [Music] [Music] [Music] well that didn't do anything Oh next I'm gonna go in with a darker

color this time maybe a mix of cream not just apply it with this mm-hmm I'm going all over the lid with this and then I'm gonna see if it will blend out I mean it's a nice color but how will it blend that's it on now I'm gonna try and blend it out with clean the brush verse Jesus daddy [Music] once I blend it out a bit more I don't mind it the texture not bad either I mean doesn't feel like powder but it's not sticky like I thought it would be I'm gonna go in with a bit of a darker one so probably this two by one and we're going to just do a couple of dots and then blend it out but I only thing I'll say is when you're blending it the product moves with the brush but it doesn't move out it just sort of moves the product around that is not bad at order [Music] [Music] I mean it's a bit messy I'd like shimma I'm gonna go in with just a mac lipglass I'm gonna coat like the whole look at this it's kind of giving it like that wet gel look but I'm seeing so much on

Instagram at the moment no not I'm seen on a Pinterest no Instagram [Music] so all it's done is made it look wet hasn't actually added any glitter to it I kind of like it now I'm gonna go under the Aria with a bit more of that mix the bit of this dark one I'm gonna take it under the eye [Music] [Music] sorry rakaat then I'm just gonna blend it out I haven't put much on looks as I want it to be thanks go away go away I'm then going to use a lipstick to do my eyebrows which is gonna be horrific that's really dark that's really dark going to get it so I'm just gonna take the brush I normally use for my eyebrows and I suppose it's just like I am like a cream cream browsing it is definitely on color [Music] - time to stick that is definitely the wrong color but I'll do the other one if this was the right color I'm not mad at all [Music] it's kind of fun pinkie ready pinkie as a lipstick it's really beautiful though

but perhaps not and my brows my necks I'm gonna put a bit this in the waterline it's just a Primark pencil yep liner don't worry this is brand new I haven't been putting this on my lips and then putting in my eyes and I'm gonna get take a bit of this color and just put it right in my corners so this is gel before it's quite like her in fact I think I've been whiter one just highlight the color for my eyes just gonna put it on with this little brush here [Music] no I'm just gonna go around [Music] and then that's the finished look I do think it's starting to crease a little bit more RR why do you think it's quite pretty considering I did it with lipsticks and it's got nice shine to it as well um I'm quite happy with the highlighter as well in the corner and the eyebrows as I said the formula is fine but the color is not so I probably wouldn't do that again unless I had the ring yeah just show you that you couldn't use different products for different parts of your face I think

next time one might try and use an eyeshadow palette to do the whole for my face with but just one eyeshadow palette but I'm gonna pick one that's got a you know a broad range of colors button that'd be quite challenging this one wasn't as challenge in Southall it would be thank you for watching and hopefully I'll see you in another video okay bye