25 March 2018


The Indian Royalty and the Bridal Glory is the Fusion of the past and many more years that would pass. Whatever You may call it, the look of today shouts for ...


[Music] you [Music] [Music] lights out by in your arms and these feelings start to change one into your eyes [Music] before I don't know [Music] Hegel's I'm Sheena and Ferno and welcome back to my channel the Indian royalty and bridal glory is the fusion of the past and many more years that will pass whatever you may call it the look of today shouts for both its clean crisp and beautiful I wanted to bring to the table all the details and mighty pretty so you can recreate step by step so here's presenting to you episode 1 of unleashing the Rani I used dr air flash foundation in my first tutorial video but how to apply was not elaborated that opened room for doubts and questions so I have decided to revisit deep foundation and give you a run-through of my preferred technique

this product was conjured on the lines of airbrush sniper and got the aerosol packaging [Music] there are many ways to apply this foundation but this one is my tried and tested spray spread blend pull some chopped in three easy steps first spray directly onto the skin I have try spraying it on the palate and on the back of the hand but I quickly learned the related issues alongside this foundation is inherently very lightweight as most things are out of an aerosol can it means that any applicator you use to cast a product from one surface to another of is soaked up away or foundation than usual and though it is full coverage building job would be worth and needless to say it is sixty two dollars and you will be wasting a lot of it in the process seconds use a flat foundation brush to spread the foundation to a uniform and generous layer rather than doing so with your sponge or Beauty Blender it will take you half the time and effort to build it to full coverage in fact you will achieve it in the very first pride [Music]

Oh [Music] hard now blend it with a damp beauty blender or a sponge it will soak up the oils and retain the coverage I will not suggest blending it with a brush as it is a fairly thin formulation and brush strokes are doubly prominent this foundation claims to be medium to full coverage and it's true it is buildable and you can make it fairly opaque great thing being it is way lighter on the skin than other foundations thus a more comfortable wear and it definitely lasts me for hours [Music] I do use this concealer to prime my lips for eyeshadows on top do not set the concealer in this area with powder let it dry naturally for a few minutes and go ahead with eyeshadows [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I contour my nose only to make it look straight but if you want to make it look slimmer pinch the nose contour sideways or with the under-eye concealer shade I like the shape of my nose and hands a

lot bigger nose contour [Music] at the end of the day I will only say contouring is a very individual and depends on one's features face structure and makeups child [Music] [Music] tell me Oh sky can we you [Music] I'm setting all the highlighted areas with our cma baking powder for a brighter grease free look but I will not touch the rest of my face as of now I choose to let the foundation dry naturally while I do the rest of my face this will end up me requiring very little powder to set at the end but if you are in time plunge go ahead and set it immediately by pressing his powder with a damn Beauty Blender [Music] [Applause] [Music] for brows i use a gel formulation and white up felt tip eyeliner as the applicator this is such an easy hack for more

control with your strokes and [Music] I will keep the brows looking natural by intensifying the color in and around the art and feathering it out to natural strokes as we approach the nasal bridge [Music] [Music] [Music] mine faded anyway said we created [Music] episode 2 will improve the rest of the face and completion of the look stay tuned to experience me more because I am coming soon [Music]