07 May 2019

Unboxing pamper Nd make-up set

Kia and Kane stay out!!

hey guys today I'm doing a small cat on

[Music] so awesome I'm I read it to you so 3 in 1 pound baby cat this includes everything you need you have like lip balms new culture a fizzing bomb back on and like all the ingredients you need for the best numbers so let's get started okay this is open house the video real clinics I can't I finally seem to have bought it open so I'm gonna get the plastic oh my goodness so it comes with like little gems and glitter just so you guys of this exciting all girls were love before I do it you have to click the like button and subscribe in 5 4 3 2 1 I think it's better I think it stick on nails yes it's so cute I love these so adorable glitter oh no those are these are actually stick on nails but it just like put the patterns on the stick on nails stop all right oh my god these are so cute they have like little emojis yeah I'll show you I'm back just to click this okay I have o to light bombs what you can make your own lip balm so cute so adorable I love it you guys okay these are wax chips for the battle mode what is this oh this is for the I think this is more the lip

balm I'm not sure cuz there's oh this is like two different flavors in there it's right to different lip glosses I have to get the package you down yeah this is Ed's on salt wonder if you can eat it just kidding oh this is a mica powder there's nothing in here the other it's purple what tell me if you know what this is good this is so wild and to nail let's see with the real I know I don't think this is you kidding me oh good what the heck got purple over at my hands yeah you gotta fix this okay it's all over me now yeah blue-eyed this is coconut oil oh this is a bath bomb mold you can I like to like like to three of these Wow couple more cornstarch Oh citric acid oh my god make a powder like the pink oh I think this is for the lip balm I think yeah the lip balm alright um those are just two lip balm containers what is this baking soda alright watch space watch our wax off mmm we left her bow in hand I mean why what's wrong me isn't leave a comment down below what is your favorite color or moving I'm sorry I meant moving

that's what this stands for I don't think you nobody's gonna guess what's my favorite movie it's not airplane sorry it's a girl it's princess movie sorry I'm just really in synthesis well I hope you enjoy this video and join me on the shot if you want to you Kay Martinez Chi lankiness stay out of my videos hear me okay anyway