28 August 2016

Unboxing of 24 piece makeup brush set from Amazon. My first video!!

My 1st video is going to be this unboxing/first impressions of this 24 piece makeup brush set with brush roll from Amazon. Here is the link is you would like to ...

hi everyone this is Jessica and I am

certainly YouTube channels and I thought I would start with this brush roll 22 piece i think is 22 bees brush set that i ordered off of amazon it was a lightning deal thing i only paid like eight nine nine or ten bucks something like that for it it has a ton of brushes and this brush roll with the little strap ease to tie it up and even the flap that goes down over the brushes it's actually like not like terrible quality it's actually nicer than the last one that I ended up having to throw away because we kind of had to cave in over stealing fallen in our bedroom and I lost all of my makeup brushes so I've been working on re buying repurchasing and getting all my brushes back and so when I find a deal on amazon because i'm a prime number I will snatch them up so I've got in a couple sets and I can show you those as well those are kind of like the Kabuki style and i bought some like individual like elf and wet'n'wild and stuff to like get me by until i found some deals on amazon so i need to replace like my real text neat technique brushes really badly and my you know like their complexion sponge i really love it but i'm using makeup which is

for right now and winning those and it seems you know they're they're working so it's a work in progress because i can't really replace them all at one time but anyway this little background so let's get into it i'm going to unplug these they don't make a lot of these and put them back in their individual and then we'll go over them okay all right so you can see that i now have them all unless stiffed or unwrapped whatever and we'll just go smallest store when left right so we have like the traditional comb teeth on this side and like thicker like these are kind of hard stiff brush things next is slowly oh it's actually not about some stiff but not too thick I think it'll feel so six is like you're like feathery family like really like thin wispy type ambrish and these are all synthetic Russians like none of this is real sponge tip applicator little um spun like not real spongy but like smudgy spongy thing liner brush now if you can tell yeah like the hair they're not sticking together very well and they're also it's also kind of bent but again this is pretty cheap when I you know

when i get my Real Techniques is when i'll really use my gel liner like i probably won't use this for gel liner hey just a little tiny you no no no you could use it as a concealer brush or define around your lips or whatever they're just a stray hair it's okay again for the TV price the barrels are like you know crumped on real good and everything they're just a matte black there's no um like labeling some not even i can tomorrow wonder if there was a brand this is like an ankle Oh focus oh good there we go angled liner brush it'll be good this is more of a slightly rounded it's still very like pointy brush another little rounded we did brush still very this one I think is cut wrong like I think it should have been flat top or something but it is like I think it is janky Oh No so I'll probably try to fix it and give it some open to do but it could be a good like smudger brush maybe but since it's all like not kind of right right now it's there's like a little tiny shadow shader brush but next up is up shader flat brush and now we're getting into like

fluffier it kind of still be a shader flat brush in my opinion but fluffy here concealer probably rush my bad here's a like cut blunt like top brush oh really it's very soft actually but I don't know when you would use that for left it in concealer or something and angled shadow ebro little bigger angled I use this is like a blender is it's really like fluffy and then tapered blending brush and is the big brushes because there's like a year of traditional foundation brush that I don't like to use there's like a contour or a really flimsy blush brush this one I would use for like highlighter nice and fluffy he's all are very soft brushes as i hear traditional like powder tape brush i will link um in the description bar the where i bought these so that if anybody is interested what's purchase you can this is a nice big fluffy fan brush this is really soft it's very nice but actually i think it feels softer than the one I'm replacing so this is all black these are all black and black netting and then again that's the set and here's like the back of the thing there's they're like tag on it or anything oh this just all off little

sticker you want to read it or see what stuff blah blah blah remove this label after activation so maybe this doesn't go with that name um so that is my like unboxing of this brush that's it is you know like i said affordable in a lot in here for me because I'm kind replaced brushes it was a steal it was a really great deal and I will get use out of most of the brushes some of them you know like the liner brush that we talked about isn't you know that's not going to work out but and then that and you're pretty good I'm excited about some of these so all right well I will have another video for you guys shortly thanks