14 January 2019

Unboxing Manila: Kris Bernal's SHE Cosmetics


alligator hey everyone welcome to

unboxing my nigga my name is when in Manila sky or sky Gavin today we will be unboxing some of the very well one of the first few products that we've received this year it is actually from GMA sevens Chris Bruna she now owns a company a beauty company called she cosmetics Philippines with only five shades off the products it's just one lipstick line with five colors she claims that this five shades are the colors that every Filipino love no matter what skin tone you have so this move should most Filipina skin tones either if you're you have lighter colored skin you have more in a skin or you're a bit off on your dark three sides with a shot so it's actually a very glossy box so there's a message and that's the front that bus when you put it together but you can map around some puzzle will blow my own face Chris you put them together I'll try to do it for you guys you guys can see any children yeah so when you get the four yeah I knew your message yeah on the box when people ask Chris if she has any partner brands like other artists us has their makeup line Maris and I'm a partner brass this actually made straight from

Korea secrecy miss me and I cannot now manufacturers for this lipstick line so it's all her applaud her for that and we I saw posts about the lipsticks since last year so this has been in the works for the past year any announced I officially making available for everyone to buy it so first is the logo there it's a gold logo and then it says the tagline of you got it girl it has a Bulgarian rose and peppermint it's made in Korea it's FDA approved so ingredients in the holidays a box Nia first is the trash Bulgarian rose peppermint oil rose hip oil macadamia Steve extract and canola oil it's FDA approved and that was because it's made in Korea Marin Pelican Azula yeah it's manufactured in Korea and the address of the company in Korea is actually in the box so my Gotama China it's really made in okay so it's four ml which is reasonable demand for its price and it's for its size so imagine but there's so much that can be so let's open one that was made also the shaped top part of the box so this first one is called she love in look in the new packaging Donald Marron they don't you know it's highly

reflective real it sugar very elder God you miss mom to me okay there so we will try this we will swatch it it there you will try it on the lips I like using shapes now major nude so let's see this one's a little movement a little on the Pinker side of me so it's have been a lot a very special thing about this product is the formula so they don't get to try the formula but for now let's check the colors so this is called she love in it so check not venture so this applicator thorium you need to get it on shape of applicator it's called entire month of the Gator there is a very good kind of applicator guess I'm a dimensional comprehending why not but it to get more product to put on your lips so it it's a diamond tap together if in case things in the air yes I and then your contouring now initially waiting to take it out of the - so Ryan attention is a lot going on it smells like candy it's maybe because of that peppermint I'm silky it's very silky to apply I guess it's the theorem so that's Asha if you guys can see so it snowed now a little bit pinkish a so you think this is the color that most people

don't really want to price it is really easy to apply and American product when you try to put it on no bond OSHA and of course because these are matte lipsticks so mayor and Shang matte finish pero me on the swatch co2 in Menasha English ah Machado dry ignite so let's try using it on our lips and take actually a matte lipstick is you have to clean up your lips or to moisturize it before using a matte lipsticks and pendants even matte lipsticks is it dries your lips but this one has a different formula now Muriel nourishing components so let's see if it's good for you there okay so so far look at minimum shock and English I'm a bit smug drive so we can still try to spread it evenly or smokin being forgiving our product because I mean dimension super dry I got unlike most of the matte lipsticks that I've used before in a formula game went up a tremulous motion I use in I say to dry at all even though I have to fix up parts of the application a high dimensional in any I really like the color so this is the color Grenada she's loving it so yeah another you're gonna swatch now a breakup I don't like

a swatch also yeah so that but gusto mo when I miss my hapless application you can go and do another application for a second coat there are almost of the diamond is a penis laughing as for the formula animal deletion in maneuvers when deletion I apply Morgan then color emerge oh no Adam diamond when your lips still peppermint my naming shop until again no and it's actually very relaxing you think so this is she a lovin it I like it it so this is the next color it's called she's on fire Jelena goodness Shaw I got cause my new job much again here a fun thing so yes it's she's on fire as you can see it's hot thread or fire red that's why it's cause she's on fire so in but if since make this swatch okay let's be it's it's hot pink it's called ceviche is called go girl hot subrin hot pink side color it so it's watch nothing Jean see if it's the same exact color oh no pigmented so go girl it's this third the line so let's try it so this is one so we know super big fat no hot would I freeze like it just actually really good just I think I think it's not before don't worry it'll

is actually easy this is this watch it's actually a little life-changing for me getting the order cannot fake but I don't matter Marin Xiao MidAmerican Diana under thorne for a pink color so this the next shade of she goes so I may enjoy know them shot but you Condor Enya it's a little bit more orange than the first good shape it's anymore it's more orange same with orange is more universal kind of mood color for a more natural color in Eclipse so this is up she goes and so far okay no not usually the major term see a bunch of things are colored lipstick us again more and more and we need a noncom line for girls or more in our on the darker side so think nothing so we are on to our last shape it's called so chic let's watch it but yeah I didn't I look like alligator it's brown that's the last color as you can see here brown color shock so let's tie it on my lips at the shop so chic so I - decision formula is cool on the lips when you put it on it says here that if it's with Nick care and it gives you an extra part because of the peppermint oil which is a

natural ingredient that helps your lips look more plump and it has healing and nourishing Furnas I really leave a good dry lips you can hit Matt sharp the swatches of the five colors yeah so if you guys want something new these two are because you made your pink and your major be Gina nude there's red and there's hot pink this made Rendlesham round so you only have five shades to choose from okay no man for every day we're in for special occasion we're so if you guys want to get your hands on to these products you can order she cosmetics ph dot-com and you guys can see which shade fits best for you so 349 vessels for 4 ml the shades are clear so far the formula is really good one of the best formulas I've tried for matte lipstick so 349 is where you worth your money especially if McEntire fine your lips so if you guys have anything that you want us to unbox for when in Manila dot-com you guys can send me a message when in Manila sky or you can also send a message to win in Manila angeline for unboxing Manila see you