14 April 2018

Unboxing Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Liner

here is the reviews of Candy K! Kylie Lip Kit Review & Unboxing Of Candy K https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI8xgvXphEI Candy K Gloss Review from Kylie ...

guys what's up it's me Emily here and we

are actually filming outside I haven't filmed outside for a long time I used to do it all the time but yeah I'm outside and I'm actually opening a Kylie package that I got yes when I first started doing YouTube videos this is what I did I unbox bikini Kay lip kit and look at you I actually have the lip line oh I oh dude and I was just gonna open up a since I have not got something from Kylie in forever I decided to why not on boxes so you guys and Plus this is what my first video was about so yeah what outside I have no makeup on so this is not gonna be like I try on but I will link down my first video that I made of the canned cake kit so you can see what it looks like and I'll also link down below to the lip gloss because I also have the lip gloss so yeah let's get unboxing I haven't done this for a while of course it's just a plain black box she used to have her name on the side but because of people stealing him because they realize what company it was from and stuff she started doing that which was really great yeah I'm not just all on how to open it I forget the boxes you used to always trick me but yeah I'm putting it like

this down here for right now because of the address and it's really nice outside so and it's kind of windy so my hair is kind of blowing but I'm gonna open this up and sorry for my name this show is Friday 13th actually today so I decided to well my name for Christmas stuff so this is it this is how you open it like that I actually threw all my boxes away I used to keep them like the other way but just says Kylie on you and then just comes with the seat and the corn which I have not have a fraud in forever so this is what it looks like just a regular logo and and this is what the card is I says I hope you love your ladies Pocius stay tuned for more exciting projects coming student xoxo Kylie I know so yeah and course I really liked how she rolled it out you know it's not just like some computer type so yeah it adds a personal touch to it so it just comes with you know that's the thing here's the box but this is the main project so it says Kylie Kylie Kylie although I don't know if you can see that but yeah this is a lip liner of clothes I did not actually although a lip liner as separate so I don't have a package like that I think

it's really cool I think they could have added something else to it I said just having it say kylie all over again but it's pretty cool yeah I don't know if you can see that but yeah I mean it says candy cane on top so yeah then I get it open it up it looks like the candy K Stickle it looks like it's a sticky left appeal because it's like ya get to peel it on the side which kind of sucks yeah you can like it basically the candy cane stuff like candy cane label is basically a stick cold type of thing which kind of sucks but yeah so let's get it so this what it looks like of course I already have this color so everything looks like and everything but yeah this is a lip liner for you it doesn't know oh cool it's so cool having a new one yeah I should have bought mine downstairs this with you guys but mine is really so tiny it basically is to like heal now so that's pretty tiny so I'm thinking anyone the shades like perfect for me because it's like a it's not a light shade for me but it's just like really perfect with my light skin tone I have and then also it just adds like a touch to it because it's like you know it stands out a bit so it's just

like really perfect for natural color and also just you know one to get fancy I usually always use a lip line oh and not the liquid lipstick because it dries out my lips and I don't know it kind of makes my lips look too big so I only say that for my fancy o days but I use this all the time for going to walk over the office oh yeah so now I have a new one I've been waiting and waiting I actually been commenting on how pulses of the company saying come back for the knk lip line oh please come back but finally they do so this is good so you don't have to worry about if I do run out and stuff I have an extra one that I can use so yeah so it's pretty nice but I'm gonna save that into my other one stuff and if you're wondering [Music] this is actually does not say I know how much it was but it wasn't like that much I think it was like twelve dollars I think for it but the time that shipping will add up and then the taxes it was Lily I think it was like $23 or like 21 it was in between there so that's how much it was so it really sucks because they pay so much for shipping but comes from Los Angeles of course so that's why

it's so much but yeah so this is it I'm investing here but the school bus is school bus came but this is it and yeah pretty cool so thank thanks for watching what I said link down below if you wanna actually watch what the shade looks like I got the unique a lip kit so you can watch that video down below and that's actually my first video so you can go check that out and I also have a link down below the lip gloss of candy gay so yeah and I also have other videos as well I'm watching you if you go back you can watch on my other Kylie unboxing videos so yeah thank you guys so much for watching please like and subscribe thank you