26 November 2018


Hey there Avocados, thank you so much for 25k Avacados!!! you all mean the world to me, I love you all very much and love all your support I love all of my ...

hey guys it's Ava Marie welcome back to

my channel but you can't blame me for try and lie and say so see a mini be doing and Ulta haul because I got a ton of stuff and I'm just super excited this is actually not the box it came in it came in a bigger box but I throw it away because that box was huge like it came in such a big-ass box dead-ass so I just have this one for the thumbnail but so the first thing I got and technically I didn't get this my boyfriend got it for me Liat James Charles artistry is a called artistry palette yeah artistry palette this is so beautiful oh my goodness hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my palette yes sister I'm so excited this is I normally don't save packaging but I can for sure say this is like packaging that I'm going to for sure save just because like it's so cute like look like this is so cute like yes James okay sis okay and yeah I comes bubble wrap doggy I like to say before because I'm weird it's so and then it says James crawls in the sleek like writing or whatever and then it has the names or whatever but we don't we don't need those coat James 10% off I'm so dead but yeah this is just

what it looks like Oh in love it looks so amazing I cannot wait to play around with these colors like these purples and look at this pink like okay sis like you not I mean like guys my makeup is so cute today like next I got all four of the jaclyn hill morphe i think this is called the vault i don't know it doesn't say yeah i think this is the vault collection um yeah i got all four i got reading the alarm bling blah bling boss dark magic and armed in gorgeous i'm just gonna like unbox these really quick and show you guys everyone okay so i got them all out and this one is ring the alarm look how cute those colors are this one is armed and gorgeous which i used this palette for this I look so I'm probably gonna be doing a tutorial on this I don't really know but this is so cute I used this this color this color and this color for my eyes today and I am personally obsessed I think this is honestly my favorite one just because you can do so many different looks with it it's just so beautiful this one is dark magic which is blue and green based this blue is so pretty and I love this for like a

setting after you like concealed your eyes and then this one is a bling boss which is the purple and pink one which I'm also in love with I just loved all of them hush-hush and glitz and glam is so pretty these two shades there are so beautiful I love doing eye shadow as you guys know makeup is my passion and like something that I'm really passionate about so I was like it I'll get all four and this one like why not this okay next I got these two brush sets by a real technique because they were on sale for $30 instead of 50 and I was like yes honey spend 60 instead of 100 so I got one for me because I needed new brushes and then I got one for my mother because she needs new brushes definitely I'm like for real and yeah this is her Christmas gift because this is a good Christmas gift like I would love to get this on Christmas Heike then if you spent $60 or more online you get a free makeup bag with a whole bunch of samples in it I'm just gonna like go through these really freaking quick because I don't want to sit there forever so I basically got like a brightener and night serum conditioner and shampoo who's the it cosmetics superhero

eyeliner which is like such a good sample I got the Clinique moisturize surge a little garden a fruity sore no the Garnier skin active little thing which is so cute I got a sample of the lipped artist lip paints a coconut treatment for your hair a freaking L'Oreal lip and a face scrub like what I'm product candy which I'm still trying to determine if I like or not because I opened it and I can't tell if I like it more perfumes Too Faced glitter glue sample of course um these Elizabeth Arden which are actually really been wanting to try the little night serums cuz I heard they're good as primers a little this is so cute a little master prime my Maybelline a little Mac mascara look how tiny this is like it's so cute and then a Kenneth Cole for him Cologne and then an la girl literally a full-size freaking highlighter like okay and yeah and then you get this super cute blink pink glittery bag you could and if you guys know and shop on Ulta as much as I do when you like pick these sample kits you can literally pick I think up to like there's like usually three to four different kits or whatever

and you can like pick and it shows you like what comes in it so I picked this one and I like forgot what came in and I was like so excited like so yeah I just got this and I think this is super cute and then I just got two less things which are super boring on at the lash paradise mascara another one because these dried out really quick I found out which I don't know why and then I got two more of my Real Techniques Beauty sponge --is love these hoes so yeah and that's all I got Volta today I know you guys love my alcohols and I love filming makeup I love makeup so much so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure the subscribe button down below you should check out my Poshmark where I saw my clothes and all that good stuff all again all my socials are links in description box I don't know if I said that or not I think I just did and make sure to subscribe button down below if we hashtag Ava kado and I'll see you in my next video bye my little avocado I have a little redness on the pictures that I kind of my container mine I'm in the money in erisa wait a minute I make it relatable of it

and negativity at all but they can be an issue woman did it to the workers all I ever wanted to pursue the purpose that I'm pleading for Anita more than pity man and minuscule opinions big in the party you're making the heaven