13 September 2018

Ulta haul | Drugstore makeup | full face of new makeup

Hello and welcome to my channel! I recently went on a makeup haul at ulta and these are all the products I bought. Some of these products are new and some ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel today I will be showing you what I got in my ultra bag I went on a little haul this morning and I'm super excited to show you guys everything I got all of these products were from the drugstore section and Ulta they can be found at any of your local drugstores and they were cheap couldn't help myself I have a full face of everything I bought today they look pretty damn good if you ask me there were four products that are currently on my face that I did not get in today's haul but I have purchased them at a drugstore or at Ulta in previous time so let me go ahead and get that out the way and tell you the four products that I am wearing that work in my haul today I will go ahead and place the price for all the products up in the corner the first product on my face that I did not grab in today's haul is uLTA Beauty lip plumping up primer as you can tell I have used quite a bit of this I'm pretty satisfied with the way this primer plumps my lips sorry about the redness on my fingers if it's a bit distracting I was wearing red nail polish that I removed right before

the video and it just turned my fingers red the second product I am wearing today that I did not get in today's haul is the Maybelline lash stiletto I purchased this one from a CVS this is the current mascara that I use in my makeup routines I usually switch it up so once this one runs out I will go ahead and try another one the third product I have on my face that was not in today's haul is Milani fantastic face and body baked bronzer I purchased this one at a CVS as well and I actually used this bronzer as a highlighter so that will be the shine you see on my face and the last product I am currently wearing that I did not get in today's haul is by Revlon lipstick in shade 610 go to pearl plum okay so that is what is on my lips under the gloss alright let's get into everything I got at today's haul I'm gonna go ahead and go in the order that I put it on so the first thing in my Ulta bags that I put on is the Maybelline New York master prime primer / base when I initially went into Ulta I wanted to try the Maybelline blur stick primer but I saw this one which not only blurs but it is supposed to

control redness and my face is just so normally super red it has like a red undertone to it and I turn red very easily um so that's why this one stood out to me because I definitely need some redness control in my life and so far from what I've seen today it is doing a good job the second item in my whole two bag that I'm wearing is eyeliner so I really didn't have an idea of what eyeliners I wanted when I walked into Ulta what I did was I went on the Ulta app found the cheapest eyeliners in the store and purchased those which are the essence long lasting eye pencil the essence extreme lasting eye pencil and the elf intense ink eyeliner so the elf intense eyeliner I am wearing on top the essence extreme lasting eye pencil I got in the brown I am wearing on my lower line and the essence long-lasting eye pencil in black I'm wearing on my upper waterline I was so surprised at how great these two eyeliner pencils were they went on so smoothly and such an intense color I absolutely love it so the next thing in my bag that I put on was eyeshadow I'm actually so satisfied with the eyeshadow

I purchased it is the makeup revolution reloaded eyeshadow palette look at these colors I am in love I would definitely be using this up next product I am wearing was probably the number one thing I was looking forward to trying it is the Ardell magnetic lashes these are the double demi wispies that i am wearing i did cut a little bit off of them because i personally like it when my lashes kind of start in the center and go out I love these lashes I don't usually do the demi wispies on a daily so I will be going back to purchase some that are a little bit less like out there but I love these lashes I am tired of having to glue on lashes and then carry the glue around me because if I go out on a crazy night sometimes they'll like come off a little so I have to like reapply the glue or I just take the whole lash off it's a nice change it did take me a while to figure out how to put them on but once I got it I got it I have not tested these on a night out so I look forward to seeing how they stand up but as of now I love them the next thing in my bag that I put on if the essence camouflage cream concealer just like the eyeliners I had

no idea what concealer I wanted to get so I found the cheapest one in Ulta and got it after the concealer I used the NYX can't stop won't stop foundation and this one is in shade medium buff so after the foundation I use the wet and wild contouring palette for a little bit of contour on my cheeks and the last item in my bag is the L'Oreal galaxy holographic lip gloss I was so excited to try this I've been wearing a coat for about two hours and it does like kind of dry up easily so this is definitely something you would have to reapply every few hours I'm so satisfied I spent about 80 bucks on ten products that basically gave me a full face of makeup thanks for joining me in today's Ulta haul I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did if you have any questions please comment below and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to Like and subscribe see you later