07 June 2017

Ulta Haul| Carli Bybel, Lorac Cosmetics| Skin Care Haul MaceyStill

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anyway and a disclaimer I'm not gonna do

this climber so um trying to think it's already said that well and it really um it really I'm not trying to say here um I don't know the word hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new and you've never seen my face before and you're just now stumbling across my channel don't forget to click that red subscribe button down below it would be awesome for you to stick around and out of them to have yeah so on today's video we will be doing a alcohol of course they're my favorite I did try to do a different video today and I'm editing it and it just didn't seem natural to me so I just want you to know that I'm real I'm honest and if there's a product that I don't like I'm going to tell you and it doesn't work for me it's not that it won't work for you it's just it didn't work for me and by the way I have normal to dry skin I have some dry patches right here so on one of the things that I got I'm going to try out how to try to out yet but some of these items I have tried out so you may have seen a couple of these items in my makeup tutorial that I did last time and if you haven't seen it I will leave it up in the cars okay so the very first thing on my

alcohol is this beauty right here it's the covergirl trublend t1 ivory color and I've been loving it so far it works this is what I'm wearing today it's amazing and it feels great there's nothing I haven't had anything wrong with it for five bucks this is the best five bucks I've ever spent so anyway so this stuff right here is great I absolutely love it and I would definitely recommend it if you have any altas around you that has I would definitely recommend it so the second thing speaking of covergirl is the covergirl supersize mascara and it looks like that and it's in a pretty big tube it reminds me of the Tarte shaped tape reminds me of that feel because how big it is I don't care for the here's the brush I don't care for it I don't like it and it actually ended up poking my eye that now it does pull off some great mascara like great pigment on the lashes but I don't I don't really like this product to be honest and I think it's more or less the actual brush so I didn't like it I poked my eye or I poked myself in the eye really but just it's because of the one so I didn't like this but I

definitely if you can check the Tarte lifted my fear out I would definitely go check that out it was it was a lot better so I didn't like this one just because of the bristles but I may take it back I'm just not sure how they are on mascara is you know returning so if you have an experience definitely leave in the comments down below so next thing is the Carli bybel eyeshadow palette and it does have a couple highlights and stuff like that but this is most of this is most of what I actually use today and it reminds me of like a dukes of the natasha de Nonna palette some of the colors are similar but I just love that it has this sleeve and you can take it off but I just love it and you know it'd be amazing I know it's only non-hunting on but it would be so cool if it had the colors like what they're called like the natasha Janata one but this one is amazing the colors are great and like I said in in the description or in the comments down below if you want a makeup tutorial on this look just let me know if you haven't picked it up I would definitely go do so because 499 I actually got it on sale but for $9.99 it was great and it's a great vibe so

definitely go check that out if you haven't already oh so the next thing is and this was included in my makeup tutorial video and I would have done this haul before the makeup tutorial to show you guys everything but I knew that y'all wanted the next video to be a makeup tutorial so that's why I went ahead and just did that but these are the colors here as follows and this one reminds me of the hoola light and absolutely love this as like a bronzer and this is so versatile it's a shadow palette it's a highlight palette it's a bronzer it's a blush and o-m-g this is the best like $30 for a cheek palette that I have absolutely like I love it so this this is like a forever lip for like the AVH palette Nicole Guerrero these two are like a blush and this is what I'm wearing today on my cheeks and this is what I'm wearing as like a bronzer like an all over brunch I would definitely go check this out before they get sold out because this is great and the colors are so pretty the patching super cute and it has a really really nice mirror right here so it's it's really really nice so definitely go check that out ok so the

next thing is this is the hardest Pro lip paint and it looks like that it's so pretty and like I said it is something that I am wearing today I love it so much and this is the actual swatch free guys looks just like that it's so pretty and then I also got this NYX and you can probably tell it's a really good match for it I just got this NYX lip liner it's really good and it works really well with it this is one of my favorite by far lip glosses that I've ever got so and I did get it on sale for $12 so it was really excited about that but yeah this Tarte TARDIS is the guy's the TARDIS lip paint and I absolutely love it it I found so great it's so comfortable so anyway it really looks good on my lips and I've really been enjoying this okay so and actually I do this on my makeup tutorial this is the Smashbox photo-finish hydrating primer and it's the foundation primer oil-free and non-greasy apply over clean moisturized skin so this stuff I also got on sale for $29 and listen I wasn't really planning on doing a I wasn't really planning on doing a haul because I had a return of I can't remember exactly what

it was but I was doing a returned and I wasn't going to purchase stuff but they had this like little like bookcase like in cap thing and all of this was on it like this I'm telling you like the Carli bybel palette this was on it the Tarte lip paint I think there was anastagia Beverly Hills lip gloss all that was on it and they were like 20-30 oh and the lorac eyeshadow palette I think was twenty or thirty percent off and that's where I ended up finding the cheek palette but that wasn't on the cheek palette wasn't on sale but anyway that's where I found this and I would not pay $42 the most I would ever pay is twenty nine for sure so I should have really got two but I wanted to see how I liked it and I will definitely be getting this the next time it goes on sale okay so the second thing is this Neutrogena deep clean scrub and I have not used this yet so anyways this is what it looks like I haven't tried it yet but I'm actually going to be trying it tonight once I get hop in the shower I'm going to try this and on my next video I will let you know how it works so this is the Neutrogena deep clean gentle scrub

oil-free new gentle purifying exfoliator so I picked this up because I have dry skin and I wanted to get some of the dead skin off I have dry skin and I wanted to get some of the dry patches on it to try to help that out so that's why I picked this up and I'm excited to try it so I did pick up these cute little Mario Badescu skincare items this is the cucumber cleansing lotion and this is the enzyme cleansing gel and these are like this one's kind of this one's actually pretty thick and this yeah so it looks like that and it ooh that's really nice so it has like a oh my god it smells it smells pretty good I have tried some of their masks and I have not been disappointed so I wanted to pick up some of their facial cleansing and I wanted to pick up some of their cleansing gels okay guys so that's going to be it for this video I really hope that you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching and I hope you'll have a great day bye