26 November 2018

ULTA Cyber Monday Sale 2018 Recommendations | Bailey B.

Hey Bailey Bunch! ULTA's Cyber Monday Sale is starting tonight at 7pm. And after seeing the sneak peek, I wanted to share my recommendations - since there ...

hey guys it's Bailey welcome back to the

channel and thanks for tuning into a video that's a little off schedule but Thanksgiving holiday kind of threw me off but I was on my Ulta app this morning like I do whenever I want to get in trouble and I saw what they were previewing their cyber monday sales so I thought I would hop on and buy preview I mean it is Sunday as I make this video and the sale is actually starting early at 7 p.m. Central tonight but for some reason this bundle of deals really caught and not everything but a good number of them caught my eye in part because there are some things that I love I use every day it's a good excuse for me to stock up when they're having these sales but there are also some really iconic and like cult classic products in here too where if you are doing shopping for other people and you know that they like makeup or they've really been interested in a certain kind of palette that you know has been everywhere they really love it but they just haven't wanted to invest their money in it this would be a great way to get it for them but still save some money so these are my recommendations

and in addition to talking through them I figured I would also do some demos like pretty much everything I'm wearing today I will actually talk about here with the exception of like my concealer and my lipstick but I'll still list in the description bar but I'm pretty much wearing everything I want to talk about so lots to cover in this video and I want to get it up by the time the sale starts tonight so let's go ahead and dive in actually before we dive in I do want to mention that when I was on the app I noticed that they're also offering a coupon there are exclusions I'm sure you can't use them on certain prestige products or maybe it's only for products included in this Black Friday sale but the offer is $10 off a $50 purchase which may or may not be easy for you to do and certainly is something that would help to shave a good amount off of your purchase if you do hit that $50 threshold so I'll flash that code up here on the screen in case you decide you want to snag some things in the sale as well okay now it's actually dive in first starting with some products from anastacio Beverly Hills these are the products that I was talking about

earlier that were kind of cult classics and whether you are a beauty beginner or someone that really loves to collect and use makeup especially you know brands and products might be more popular on social media these are gonna be some good products the anasazi Beverly Hills glow kit in fact I'm just looking at the landing page now all glow kits and liquid glows are 40% off for the Cyber Monday so I have the only glow kit that I have is this that glow and this is one of those kits that every time I come back to it I don't stop using unless I have to try something else new because it has all of my essentials I'm and I am wearing this on the right side of my face today because I have some other highlights on the left that I'm talking about a little bit later so today you get four shades in here first of all I do think the two shades of the bottom bubbly and dripping and gold are very very similar like I don't really notice a difference when I wear them on my skin so really I consider this to have three shades but there are three beautiful shades and you know me I love to layer my highlight so today I'm actually wearing bubbly along

the tops of my cheek boat well this cheekbone and then sunburst which is this gorgeous bright vibrant really really high shine cooler gold shade and I'm wearing that right in under my outer corner of my eye so this is a great palette for layering you get a ton of product in here and it's gonna be great for pretty much everyone who wants to wear loves to wear highlight whether they want a more subdued look I I know these are easily layered so they're definitely good for people who like blinding highlights but they're actually really finely milled and as a result good for just dusting on lightly for more of a dewy look without looking super disco Bolly glittery now that's a bad thing but if you're wanting more of a subtle highlight and you just want a little bit of this stuff on it's not gonna look like you have chunks of glitter like it does for some highlighters where unless you're layering it only when you layer them up do you get that really continuous high shine look and when you just kind of lightly dust them on they look really glittery these look seamless and beautiful no matter how you like to wear

them other uh Nastasia product that is on sale and that I recommend is my well-loved modern renaissance palette this I could not put it down when I first got it it's not to say I don't love it now but it was just one of those where again once I start using it I really have to force myself to like try something new if there are new and things like that because this is such a comfort zone palette for me even though there are those fun berry shade and even an orange shade over here you still have your core classic neutrals and a wide range of them from light to deep so it's a really flexible palette across all skin tones so I really love it for all those reasons but and also mentioning this I want to bring up another palette because it's so similar it's also on sale in this Cyber Monday extravaganza and it is a Smashbox the whole ablaze collection is on sale but I'm talking specifically about the palette because again really love it of all the ablaze products this is one of their cover shot palettes I did a whole video reviewing all of the cover shot palettes and comparing them to other palettes so I mentioned this in that

video but in case you didn't see it these are very very similar color palettes the cover shot is a more abbreviated version so if you feel like you don't need all these colors or maybe you're gifting this to a makeup newbie who might get overwhelmed from having all of these colors this would be a really great alternative because it gives you the essence of the modern renaissance with the berries the oranges the golden tongue even this deep dark chocolate matte and deep burnt orange over here I mean the look and feel is so so similar you just get a more concise version in this cover shot palette and it I don't know if I mentioned before is 50% off for this so I think you can get this for 14 I want to say I'll link everything I mentioned here in the description box you can see for yourself but again a really good deal if you or someone you know just wants this Renat Modern Renaissance feel but doesn't want the overwhelm of the options okay now let's talk flower Beauty Ulta is offering 30% off of the whole collection but before I give you my recommendation I do want to say that I also subscribe to the flower beauty like the flower

beauty comm newsletter as well and they are offering 40% site-wide I believe so depending on you mean you get a greeter discount if you go to flower beauty calm but I know a lot of us are Ulta loyalists so if you have points or you just want to keep building your points you know maybe consider the 30% as well just wanted to let you know though in case you are a deal hunter over a loyalty person so you can go to the flower Beauty website for that 40% off so my recommendation is some that I recently talked about and I think the what's in my travel bag I have been using this every single day for the last couple months if you've seen a video from being the last few months odds are good I'm wearing this it's the flower beauty light illusion foundation and mine is in the shade warm beige l4 it's a medium to somewhat full coverage foundation I wouldn't call it full coverage but what I love about it is the combination of coverage and luminosity it gives you that lip from within look but still gives you that really great coverage and as someone with combo skin it doesn't develop excess shine on me so

I don't feel like my skin looks flat or too matte or too cakey because it has that luminous feel and yet I'm not a total oil slick down the center of my face by the end of the day because it has that element of luminosity which can sometimes happen with more glowy or dewy foundations on me so yeah really love that if you were to get one thing that's my pick if it sounds like a foundation that's for you otherwise I do have a whole video on flower beauty with like my top and bottom favorite favorite least favorite products from them if you want to go check it out but that's the one product that I would absolutely get and I may even get a spare of to stock up on speaking of spares to stock up on I am so excited about this deal I've already split early already started filling my cart with these um dashing diva is on sale on the Ulta website and if you're not familiar with dashing diva or me and my obsession I love press-on nails I always wear them these are not dashing diva they are impressed which is another brand that I really really like but I recently discovered dashing diva if you follow me on instagram you will know because I

share my press-ons a lot and they're actually really similar to impress and that they are a nail that has a sticky backing adhesive pre applied so all you have to do is clean your nails with nail polish remover not the alcohol pad that comes in these because they they last so much longer when you use remover you clean your nails you peel the backing off you stick them on and then on me they last at least a week like they so out do an everyday manicure for me it's not even funny I haven't painted my nails the longest time so I am stocking up on these hopefully I flashed up on the screen the styles that I've already tried and then I also have some here that I also bought from also when they first started carrying dashing D that I have yet to try at least a few of them anyway and like I said I'm already filling my cart with more because they are 40% let me double-check that before I say that yes they are 40% off on these which push that puts them right around like the four or five dollar mark which is great for a press-on nail okay I meant to go through this site in a more orderly fashion but I am all over the

place so why start now let's talk covergirl all of covergirl is only 50% off and so I thought I would share the two things that I absolutely absolutely love from the brand again both of these I have mentioned recently in both feet what's in my travel bag as well as my underrated drugstore products video the covergirl lid lock up eyes shadow primer is I think one of the most underrated eyeshadow primers from the drugstore very affordable it doesn't have any pigment to it so don't expect it to kind of cancel any discoloration or capillaries that you might have on your eyelid area but man does it hold like it takes a little bit longer to dry which I personally like because it acts as a stickier base for maybe loose pigments or glitters if you like to work with those and then once it is dry it clings to your shadows until you are absolutely ready to remove them at the end of the day it's such an tastic eyeshadow primer I really really love it and then my go-to brow pen pencil what pencil for the longest time has been the ultra fine brow pencil I go between rich brown and I think there's a lighter brown I'm kind

of flexible in that way just in case you're wondering what shade you would be that's probably not very helpful but just for reference in case it helps I love this guy because it is super super thin as the name implies and so it's really just good for me for defining and filling my brow in a more natural way so I don't have like block looking brows it looks more like natural hairs are filling my brows in okay now let's take a turn into more eyeshadows specifically what is on my eyes today and before I do that I want to talk brushes so I recently in my again my what's in my travel bag video said that I love dual ended brushes for traveling and one of the brushes I they're from it cosmetics I could not find I thought they didn't make it anymore but then I looked on this page the brush that I couldn't find is actually in this set in an it cosmetics for Ulta set that's than maybe 50% off so I wanted to let you know about that as well this is the all-over shadow increase brush this is what I use to apply the look you're gonna see me doing here today in this video and on one end you have this really great crease brush

it's it's kind of more of a perfect circle sort of fluffy brush that like the name suggests great for the crease but then on this other side you have one that's more pinched in still sort of rounded and fluffy on the end here but that pinched feature of it makes it really great for packing on powder onto the lid but also buffing it up and into the crease as well so this is one of those products or one of those brushes I like for travel I mean really I like it just in general but it's especially great for travel because it's that two and one don't have to worry about packing more than one brush kind of thing and it also comes in a set with another brush that I don't think I have it looks like it is a detail brush on one end and an angled liner brush on the other which is great and if the quality is anything like this one I think it's gonna last a long time cuz I've had this for years at this point and I would recommend this set it's 50% off it says it's normally $28 so you can get two technically for it cosmetics brushes for 14 bucks I think that is an absolute steal given my experience with this guy now on to the eyeshadows that I am

wearing today select Jiu vias place palettes are going to be on sale and they don't give specifics in the Cyber Monday preview so I kinda took a guess I chose one that is picture they have three pallets pictured so I chose one of them that is to do my look today however I do have another recommendation I would make in case it's also included in the sale so the one I'm wearing today is the a Freak palette which is a really great combination of super bold primary colors while kind of primary colors you got your blue you got yellow and then some more burgundy shades that I'm wearing on my eyes today but you also have some classic neutral so if you're the kind of person that loves their neutrals they're your comfort zone that's me but you still want some vibe bold vibrant really well pigmented or well is that the right nicely pigmented I think that's the one if you want some nicely pigmented shades to go along with those neutrals just so you can play you know if this isn't a really amazing palette to reach for because you have this bottom row and even some of these in the middle row that are those you know classic

crease blending shades basic neutral metallic shades with Angelique and coffee down here both of which I'm wearing on my eyes today but then obviously you have your bold shades up here which by the way are matte and really beautiful matte shot colorful matte shadows at that so it can be hard to come by and just overall it's a really beautiful palette so this is 20 bucks and you get yeah like I said 40% off so I think that's a good deal and I'm sure since they included it in the image it's gonna be in the sale but just in case they include other palettes in there as well if the saharan palette is on sale I highly recommend you check that out as well this is a little bit closer to my everyday comfort zone because you know it's it's more dominated by those everyday neutral shades I mean certainly bold and more interesting neutrals but neutral nonetheless however you have these really beautiful hot burnt corals and Siena's in Sokoto and jameelah here and there just makes for such a beautiful and interesting color palette so I don't know that this is gonna be included in the sale but honestly if you're curious

about jus vias place and you just want to try a sample you know a selection of palettes from them would highly recommend you consider this as well because it's really fantastic nearing the end let's talk about Physicians Formula and the whole brand is gonna be 50% off which i think is a really good deal for the brand because I don't know let me know if you feel this way but it feels like their prices are a little bit higher on average as compared to a lot of the other brands from the drugstore I mean overall I feel like prices have been getting up there but Physicians Formula has pretty consistently been on the higher end of things so 50% off is a good deal of my book and so there are a couple things that again these are some of those items that once I incorporate them into my everyday routine it's really hard to stop because they're just products that I know work well every single time and they go with pretty much everything I wear so first of which I actually cannot find for the life of me so I want to say it before I forget it it's the butter bronzer its iconic you've most likely heard of it it is an ultra fine matte

bronzor that is the perfect balance of warm and cool so I guess that would make it neutral but and and just as a result that makes it a really great Matt kind of brunt or powder where you don't want to fully go in with a severe contour you just kind of want to go in and bronze all over but it gives that fake look of a contour if you know what I'm saying absolutely love that a close second that I've been using instead since I can't find it has been this guy which is the mineral where telc free mineral airbrushing bronzer with an SPF of 30 and this is the light bronzer you can see I've made a pretty sizable dent in it here but this is a good a close second if you can't get your hands on the butter bronzer and then the other things that I really love from the collection are the butter highlighters and these are what I'm wearing on the other side of my face here just because I wanted you to see a comparison they are so ultra smooth and kind of hydrating I guess if you were to choose between these or the anastacio glow kit I would say that if you struggle with dry your skin especially here in the winter time or just in general you might

want to reach for these because they are a creamy mousse sort of texture so you don't have to worry about them looking powdery or dry or cakey on the skin because they have that element of hydration and kind of slip to them they just are so beautiful on the skin kind of similar to the glow kit from Anastasia the pigments are very finely milled so you can't do a little bit and not look like a disco ball or you can really layer it and get some super high shine highlight on your cheeks it just depends on what you want to do but it's versatile either way and something else I want to comment on just as a follow-up to all the initial videos I've done about these and included them in they haven't dried out I've had these some for at least six months some for ever since they launched which might have been a year ago maybe a little less than a year ago I can't really remember but they haven't dried out yet there is no cracking in them they're still intact they're still you know bouncy and they feel like they have all their hydration in there so I know that was a question a couple people having these first launched was you know how long are they

really gonna stay that texture in their before they get kind of drying and gross feeling they are still around a kickin like like the day I first got them so don't let that be a concern for you if it and then this last product is a buxom eyeshadow palette these are all 50% off and it's funny it hasn't this has not gotten a lot of love on my channel even though it's a really phenomenal palette and I've had it since they closed - since when they first launched it but it's just one of those things that for one reason or another I haven't reached for it but it's a really pretty neutral with a pop of purple sort of palette I mean really you have your core neutral shades here including a mix of finishes you have metallic shimmery matte and then you have your pop of I feel like this is not really doing it justice but it's a pop of a pretty vibrant looking purple so whether it appeals to you or if again you know someone who really wants to have maybe a higher and sort of shadow venture outside of the drugstore but they're not really comfortable playing with colors maybe occasionally this would be a good one to reach for

and if they ever want to build on to their collection or mix-and-match this is a palette where you can pull it I mean you open it up it's a hard case palette there's a nice mirror and a brush on the inside but you can pull this out and these are individual shadows that you can mix and pull out and match and other palettes so if they ever want to expand on this collection they can do so and build and customize their own palettes which i think is really cool although I do wish these are magnetic palettes because it's not like like you have to buy another pal if you're gonna mix and match you can't just pop it out and stick it in a magnetic palette you have that's kind of a bummer but still gives you some versatility otherwise so finally those are all my pics from the Ulta Cyber Monday sale I would love to hear yours down in the comments below or let me know if any of these appeal to you if you think you're gonna pick some up like I said I personally know that I am going all in on those dashing diva nails and I may have to stock up on some of my other favorites like the flower beauty foundation so let me know I hope you

this was helpful for you guys thank you so much for watching please don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and it will catch you in the next video bye guys