24 September 2018

Ulta Beauty Haul reviewing Flower Highlighter Palette, Clinique Mascara and Benefit Eyeliner

my Channel today I'm going to review

products I got from Ulta for about 180 to 200 dollars and the most important for a caramel review is the benefit they're real push-up eyeliner it's an old eyeliner but I think it's the best I have used so far so talked about this the other stellar product I'm going to talk about shimmer and strobe highlighting palette and then I also have a couple of other flower beauty products and foundations that I bought from bareMinerals and a lot of lipsticks that I have here from NYX and Jeffrey star soccer Jeffrey story and by Franta I bought from morphe so to get started I have prepped my face foundation and a little bit of eyeshadows what I'm gonna do next is to my eye makeup and that's where I'm gonna actually talk about eyeliner this is my second piece you know I had the first one and I lost it so I bought the miniature version understand anyways I'm gonna start with my eye my eye shadows and my eyebrows so what I typically do is fill in my eyebrows with the darkest eyeshadow that I have because I think that looks better and then I'm gonna pliable to chill on it so I have this Mac palette I'm using the darkest color on it just start

filling it in how many hotel right now and the lighting here is not so good yeah I don't quit my nose all I've gotta do is give me shape once in a while and I have really cheap $3 essence don't make me brow stick that I got here cuz I forgot my eyebrows I'm that I usually lose its room Sephora I think or next I don't recollect but yeah I took a little natural yet very very mold all right I'm gonna start with highlighting my face and to highlight my face when I do he's mixed a blend of what I have here as the mix want to glue and the flower planting palette that I just mentioned so what I'm going to do with NYX is just take a bit of it with the tube light on my nose apply it on my cheeks so much I'm gonna wait wait wait and we're going to take something that you may not have seen my highlighting highlighter basically I wanted to just my skin I'm gonna do next is gonna wait for it to settle in I am going to just watch the three colors for you in here it's fairly blinding it's not hot very bad I would say he was still first color it's very blending if he sort of like this brush onto

it's a little difficult to blend like right well it's Louie Louie's because I didn't blend so well I'm going to do some contouring I'm going to take my knife and I'm going to use my blusher which is wrong Calabar I want to use the bone zone to go by all right I think I still need something so here I mean got to the part that I wanted to show you this is the they already I'll push up the liner by benefit it is the best product you'll ever buy so this is a good a perfect you know sort of attractive that you can move and that is the jump out of this liner so be very very careful because you may not really know it's really out not yet in my weed this is because I know a lot of it under the practice out because I love it so much I'm gonna go slightly bolder what I'm gonna do I think they're just there this year he's dude all right it's coming along very well and trust me guys this is by far the best line under your eyes I sort of screwed up I think a little

bit once again this one little bit that looks really nice in this and pack it back what do you like about it is does it do to cover that you can actually insert after the first years of course but yeah sort of and the inner corners of my alright and once I'm done I'm going to apply a lipstick mmm not really I think I'm them all with Jeffrey star mom try okay so I bought the skin make high impact mascara which comes with a lash building prime try this first I don't know what is going to happen it's white all right it's a wait I'm not playing this card on my wallet weed weed weed weed weed until I read I'm gonna just have like this makes it called strictly when I and I see what's happening to my lashes all right she just perfect so this is perfect Halloween party look using products I bought techniques I'm some the most Linux products yeah I forgot how to apply it's black liner as well explain looking like that I soon later I know if you like this look