02 September 2017


I got this palette from Ali express i think i searched skull palette. it was £6.50 ish and took around 6 weeks to arrive. All views in this video are my own. Thank you ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel or

just welcome if it's your first time here I don't always look this crazy and I've just done a video on crimped hair apparently oh yes anyway and today we are filming the first impressions of this this is the teeth and cosmetics full Twilight palette I got this from Aliexpress it was about 650 and I've looked online and I can't seem to find this anywhere other than al Express and wish so I don't know if it's a fake like all the different kind of palette I whether it's like a brand that have been like circus like a Too Faced palette is new this is like a wannabe I know it's not two-faced but like someone tell me if there's like a palette that this is wanting to be and but I was drawn to it because it's got us go on and I do like skulls and yeah this took quite a landscape to me I think this took like six weeks to arrive but it was pretty postage and it's really nice packaging if it feels right now since 30 it's got a little magnet there and I did start to film this last night and like do all the swatches and then the Sun just was just like let's see you which it was the Sun was like you and just wouldn't let me do anything so here we are today

the next morning and we're a minute in and I've already said you brilliant anyway let's just get to swatch in and I'm so excited about this you get a really nice little mirror and then the middle one up you can see has got the skull on it I really don't want to touch this one but I will I need to go and get a baby wipe so I can wipe my fingers for swatches and then I'll come straight back right let's get straight into this palette and I'm just going to swap on my arm as we go so I'm going to read slowly and then okay that's a little bit freaky but it's a really pretty color green I thought this one yesterday and it's just like insane the purple they feel really soft to touch and this one is just beautiful this color if it's going to be lovely yeah gorgeous is not as pigmented as the other it looks it's more pigmented in real life than it is on camera okay let me just wipe my little fingers off so that we don't taint the other shadows okay I'm now going into the matte black with a skull on it a little swirl and then oh okay that's more than I thought it's going to be

they're so soft to touch so soft oh my god Wow I don't like blue I think this was last night to me this is going to be green um however bronze and I showed it to them in the palette and he said is bronze and I was like how is that one does that sound to you this under 212 Alex green but he says it's kind of like that what color is this dress that thing that went viral so to me that looks green in the pan but then obviously on my arm is brown but not brown but bronze anyway let's just catch on oil blue the matte royal blue that's a little bit patchy and then last of all the metallic orange okay so this is the palette I'm so excited to use it and I don't really know what I'm going to do yet but this one is definitely going to get involved and this one and I have I am literally just gonna I need to go shopping after this for me spending my food shops I don't want to look too crazy and as their and have already got don't hair these do not want to come off it so that's a good sign they might I've got some staying power and I have Rowan Harper and I transitioned further just through my crease and Ari's just singing

in the background go out there peachy yes I've just ran a mix of these two in my crease and because there is no kind of transition color in here I can first off I'm going to go into this red and it's not a lot of like kickback but let's just there's quite a lot of pigment on there and this is just a makeup revolution crease brush I'm just gonna oh just going in okay is writing a little crazy out there and that is brighter than I anticipated that being I did not think it was gonna and apply to my eyes like this I need a clean brush cleaning brush reflecting brushes child lucy and could this attack that off and that is a lot the Pegman oh my god this is insane okay Wow I am going to try and blend this out and do my other eye good lord I'll be back so yeah this is kind of blended out too I say blended out it's not really a blended blend out to a pinky color which is nice and but it is very very pigmented which is a good thing I just was not expecting it to because only like when you do a swatch and even it was like never as good but yeah so it's a different colors always wash because

in their pan it's worried but on your eyes is pink and don't really know what to do because you're in a massive black and blue and if I think I might just go across my lid with the orange we just kind of do it I'm just going to do it I have got I can get it off the shelf this is Ecotools and this is a smudge brush this is a little flat dense one I am going first I'm going to do it just across quite without putting any like wetting it but generally I do wet metallics okay candy not crate it's pretty nice without being wet but let's just wet it and okay I really like that I am kind of just like cutting like half Greece just with the eyeshadow nothing like super defined and I will do the other right and we'll come back and see where we can take this because I'm not really sure what'll painful in all that both right I both enough of both eyes are orange I'm now going in just clean my brush the same one I'm going into the green bronze this one just looks green and color on the same brush and I'm going to do the other

half of my lid okay that's not showing out let's wait and see this one is chunking off in the pan you can see on there but it is trust me and listen fall out with this on as well how chunky this one is oh my god why did I not put some powder down oh my god okay that's gone the other end of this brush and this is still bigger tools and this is a blend I'm just gonna like now look now that it's green this is just with me that was green what is going on okay now this looks weird because I thought this is going to be Bronner's but now it looks green even though when you swatch it looks brown bonds but in here it looks green my brain cannot cope with it so I'm going to try and even this shiz out and I'll be back I officially look crazy and but we just gotta power through now and we're just going to play with as many of these colors as we can so just kind of blended the green bronze whatever it is a little bit through the crease and then into the pink of the side next up I am going to try darken this edge I'm just going into the I'm literally just touching the black I'm scared just right in this corner

the other pencil brush now they find another are you clean another clean brush and just start to blend it close to my lashline and then into the other colors just to kind of darken this edge so I switch now may can see it come on please ah on the back I'm actually decided to get really little wow that looks big but give them up is just a little diddy and detail brush just tap into that black again and just running it as close to my lash line as possible just for a little definition so literally just a cool new amount and it will be back next up I am going to use the Reno to be honest for the inner corner highlight I'm going to grow like the rose gold kind of situation just to just we can use as many colors as possible doesn't where you want to show up I'm gonna drag it forth from inner corner to the mid show is wet the brush are you somebody twitches [Music] it's not showing up let's try another color let's go in with the crazy crazy green just we can say we've used all the colors oh wow that's done it oh my god I love that green this is a very odd look

but oh my god I love that green for the inner corner it's super nice well I'm just clamming that on because I really like that and now I'm just going to go back into my stealer palette and use the same to transition colors I used to just smoke out the lower lash line we'll be back this is my finished eye for using testing out the teaser cosmetic the Twilight palette I really really like it there is some fallout and I think I use hungry to be used for use one two three four five six of the nine colors and three ones in use but then these ones will probably all them themselves quite nicely to be in a look as well this is a very strange look but I kind of like it and I definitely would not use the red in the crease again just because if again is really really whack it because it's super pigmented and I have just gone back in on my finger with orange just on that inner portion of my lid and I'm just going to mascara and just notice more fallout I haven't got so I would advise possibly either baked in if you're going to do a foundation first or to see your eyes first if you're going to use this palette because there are

simpler but yeah I really really like to I love the packaging it's just like Oh beautiful and I love the colors like I really really like resin one in here that I don't like so I'm super excited to use this in everyday life I obviously wouldn't generally mix all these colors together and but for me kind of like this orange just across your lid just the transition in or the rose gold or the even this one's really pretty they're really confusing Phillip green there and the right looks green again but why did it the bronze earlier you saw me do the swatch oh no it's ground what I'm gonna go before my brain explodes and if you like these kind of first impression Tryon videos you should give this on a thumbs up you should definitely subscribe to my channel thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon bye