26 November 2018

Twenty One Pilots TRENCH Album Makeup Look!

Twenty One Pilots have their new album Trench out and like I used to do on this channel, I created a makeup look inspired by the album! Tell me your favourite ...

Hello everyone today I'm gonna be doing an album cover makeup look still a long time coming

I used to do these quite often, but then I just kind of like Stopped I don't know why I just kind of went off makeup for a little bit and started focusing more on fashion And I decided to go back to my roots and go back to makeup I asked you guys what album you would like me to do and a lot of you said Trench Aka the new twenty one pilots album. I do love this album a lot. Like I've listened to it multiple times I love it a lot. I love this band so much we're going to listen to the album as I do my makeup just so There's a little bit more going on and we can talk about how good this album is, and we haven't listened to it I suggest you do it's very good. So I've got the base down so this is just foundation and concealer and a little bit of powder and That's it. I just wanted to do this fix it would be the boring bit so I'll go out the way and now I'm gonna take my new palette which I am well excited to use like sorry excited to use this is the coloured raine vivid pigment and Shadows, it looks like this. It's absolutely gorgeous like amazingly beautiful obviously the one we're gonna be using like 90% of the time is Lemon Drop because it's like a bright yellow and I mean like it's a yellow so I'm excited to use this and try it out and Cover my face in yellow. I think what I'm gonna start doing is take lemon drop Just put it all over the top of my eye. Oh as I'm doing this we'll listen to the first song of the album Okay, so I've done the first bit I I've kind of gone for like a mask thing going on it I'm now gonna do my eyebrows We could just like involve along I've still got blue in my eyebrow eyebrows are on So I did a drag makeup look like two hours ago turns out I didn't get all the clear out my eyebrows So if they're looking a little shiny that would be why I'm gonna take the NYX. That's the point eyeliner it's like the smallest little eyeliner, but it's Amazing. I'm gonna do my eyeliner like normal

But I'm going to add the twenty one pilots like logo into it. So I'll do a big Line and you may be able to see what I'm doing My eyebrows are so bad So I've done that on one eye which is the little twenty one pilots logo, which I think is quite cute Trying to work out how I'm gonna do the rest I know I kind of want this bird somewhere maybe Just because it is like the main part of it I feel like I'm also gonna put stuff down at my neck might put it there They do Now around this I'm going to add some sunflowers I'm taking know light yellow Putting it down my neck Skaara now that I've got my neck and is painted yellow I'm going to do they're like little bandana thing that they've got going on They always wear like a yellow bandana, especially like round their mouth So I don't want to I don't have one and there was no point in me just like cutting this off and pretending it was a bandana because What's the point so I'm gonna do bandana kind of like patterns and stuff down here on the neck Then I might add some lashes on This is my favorite song on the album like a hundred percent my favorite It makes me want to cry. It's the last song on the album. Okay, where hey Like a cheetah got our Pesci de down in my basement right? I'm gonna put lashes on And then I'll be back. So the lashes I have on are the allure. Most wanted you want it lashes. Um battery really nice I've never used them before but I'm really really really liking them like a lot. I feel like they suit my are very well anyway lipstick and Nick's wait cream lipstick My favorite song on that album Like 100% my favorite sellout. I finished my trench makeup Look, I mean

Like I feel like I look like I feel like like like like I said like too many times in that one sentence I feel as though I look like a tattoo artist of some kind. Do you see what I mean? I just I don't know what it is. But I just feel like I look like these old tattoos. I Kind of like it, you know Like I kind of like this like dark clip and the bright eye And this thing going down my neck obviously would never get in that next tattoo. Not for me. No. Thank you I have finished this makeup. Look, I'm actually really really happy with it. I don't know how this videos gonna go I'll find out as I'm editing it. So it was very like fiddly So I was very much like concentrated more so than like yeah, I like this song. However, I love this album I've loved twenty one pilots for so long and I saw them live once at Reading Festival The crowd was the worst crowd I've ever been a part of but it was on the best things I've ever seen live it was incredible if you ever get the chance to see them live make sure you do I really wish I could but it all sort out before I could even get to guess so I Finally done a makeup look on them, which I'm really happy about It's not where I wanted it to go, but I'm not mad at it So yeah, tell me down below what you think of the makeup. Look I'm also what you think of the album What's your favorite song? Mine is definitely leave the city, I think But I also really like cut my lip pet cheetah the Hype smithereens just named the whole an entire album Basically if you haven't listened to it I hope this makes you go listen to it because it's really really Good along with their all their other songs and albums like go listen to them. They have so much meaning in them It's their great band. Okay, they're a great great band Make sure we hit subscribe button because I upload quite a few times on this channel and I do more things like this I also have my makeup instagram down below because I'll probably do more things like this where I don't film so if you want to check those out then make sure to follow me there and Give this video a like if you enjoyed it because I can do more things like this if you want me to and anyway I hope you did enjoy this video and there's nuts and hopefully I was here again very soon