29 January 2019


For this Tutorial Tuesday, Rihanna shows us her everyday makeup look with our Moroccan Spice Palette and BO$$ Nude Stunna Lip Paints! Shop the look: ...

oh it's a dress yeah so this actually is

a setup for any eye look that you want to do you can go from here to there for this one I would have just originally just started warming up they complete eyelid including the socket like I did with the same color cumin get it coming at it whatever you want to call it that's where your light lives you need that light wherever you put darkness it really really should be intentional and in this case I don't want too harsh of a definition because this is supposed to be casual daytime easy I'm going to go with the Hennessy which is this color you can do a lot with this color you can create an eyeliner you can create a really precise definition you can also start your smoky eye with this it's really flexible and is one of my favorite colors in this Moroccan spice palette so the reason I'm going into the corners just like this just because it just creates a new neck initially she almost makes you look like you're wearing a crazy cat eyeliner you see the difference with this one to this one just with a little bit of that on the outside desert baked just I'm gonna do that right now it's really easy one two swipes and you're there ready to go

I usually like to start from the inner tear duct and just go like that I don't need too much it's just something there if I'm being too peachy this spring and it's that eyelash just got a little bit ha depending on the event I like to just go a little bit with America just this one just for a little bit of sparkle every very inside right now I'm gonna go in for a little bit of highlighter one of my favorites is one of our staples hustla baby I'm just gonna play that right here I have the cheekbone just to get that knife do the same thing on the other side you put this brush is so flexible that you can you can go fruit on the cheekbone you just apply like this and the point you can get in here I love a brush that can used for like a thousand things because I just need to get out of there I'm always in a hurry to go somewhere I would like to finish this off with the nudes three minutes all of which I adore and enjoy and love wearing I'm gonna try the really light one and then I'm gonna go to the really dark one which is this one and button is the name of the lightest one it's really fragile

peachy beautiful I never like a new this chalky or just inconsistent with your pigment in your skin tone it doesn't make any sense when you want to do a nude it has to blend in with the undertone of your skin it has to resonate some type of vibrance it just can't be there we found a really juicy peachy nude just look at that peachy it is I tap it like that so the edges aren't so perfect and you're doing a nude that's usually lighter and your skin tone are super close to your skin tone you don't ever want it to get all the way to the edges really see wait go just in case you want to get a little more spunky and spice things up or even make this a casual night look you can go into the unveil this is one my favorite favorite colors who worked on it for a very long time we sent it back a million times until it came back like this this is a naughty naughty girl now this is the final result of my casual night look braided with Marcos spice eyeshadow palette and our stunning thank you