20 December 2018


Song: MBB - Good Vibes (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/0ODLEQKT6xY.


[Music] [Music] hey guys and welcome back to another vlog so as you can see I got home right away I started washing some dishes I just took a shower and now I'm gonna fix this space a little bit cuz I want to record two video for you guys and I have to do a lot of editing because I didn't post day 18 or wait I didn't post 17 or 18 so I post them both today and then I would be able to edit this vlog so I could post it tomorrow so I'm just gonna do a little bit of makeup just to fix my face up a little bit so I could record these two videos for you guys so I have enough videos until Christmas because Christmas is already next week can you guys believe that seven more days it doesn't feel like Christmas is next week honestly I'm such a Christmas lover but lately I just haven't been feeling it I don't know what it is but usually I would have been done by now shopping and I'm not even halfway done and I don't know I just don't feel it not even Christmas music has been playing at my car lately and I used to be driving everywhere to Christmas music like I'll

put it on here and there just to like relax myself but it's not like it's like oh I'm all happy cuz the Christmas music is on and usually that would be the case but let me fix this crazy face and record these two videos for you guys because it is 5:30 and I still have to do dinner but I don't know because we have pizza leftover that my dad brought us so this might be our third pizza night and the kids already said they wanted it anyway so and I have no problem eating it I already broke my diet this week anyway so wine that might as well just finish the week with bad food and start all over again with dieting so let's get this face looking a little bit better so I'm not gonna do anything crazy because I don't wanna have to wash it all over again I already took a shower but these brows don't like look at these things they've got a unibrow coming up I have to get these done I have to get these ratchet nails don't you I'm just gonna put some concealer some brought some concealer some bra what's on your face I did this it always happens some concealer some bronzer and some mascara and that's it wow so many video for you guys just

gonna put some Carmack's on these chaps little lips [Music] [Music] [Music] I'll show you guys my favorite my sky right now is the voluminous the voluminous lashes that comes with a primer and then the my Skerritt self and I just want to show you guys my eyelashes right now you see them right now so that's how they look right now just wait for it guys just wait for [Music] so look at it right here with the primer [Music] there's the eyelashes with the primer now let's go with the mascara itself [Music] [Music] [Music] look at my eyelashes now guys they're full and long so if you guys like that lash long full lash L'Oreal go pick it up it is worth the only 12 bucks I got it from woman so it's been a while since I blogged we cancel my dad's place we had dinner together and now we're finishing the Christmas Chronicle but your tongue back in you watch the

Christmas Chronicle and then we're going home cuz Chelsea has school no I go alright guys so we're back home now and that's gonna be the end hour of our vlog the girls had to go to sleep she has the sitter's in the morning and she has school so I'll see you guys in our next vlog bye guys bye