28 May 2017

Trying Out Makeup Tips From Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic

Today we are trying out tips from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. *Products Used* - Avène Tolerance Extreme Cream - IT Cosmetics Your ...

This better make me look like Kim Kardashian.

Hey guys! Today we are testing out makeup tips from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. This guy is a master makeup artist. He is the genius behind all of the amazing looks that we see from Kim Kardashian, and he doesn't keep those tips on lock down, in fact, I think he even holds a Master Class, but I did some research on this guy and I found 5 tips that I thought I would test out. Okay, so lets see if these 5 tips work! Okay, so lets get into tip number one from him. Mario always recommends skipping the primer and going right into an emollient moisturizer. Now, he says to do this because primers create a wall between your skin and the makeup, and he doesn't like the way that blends out ,so his tip is to go for more of a heavy moisturizer and put that all over the skin. What are my final thoughts on using an emollient moisturizer instead of a primer? Because, personally, I am a primer girl, I typically wear one every single day, just because I like the effect and how it looks. Using an emollient moisturizer instead, I didn't notice that it necessarily blended better, but my skin definitely felt a lot more hydrated. I felt like it was soaking up my makeup a lot more. So the next tip that I was able to get from Mario was his advice on brows. And rather than go for that harsh Instagram brow, he recommended using two brow products; a lighter and then a darker shade. He recommended taking the light shade and filling in the front of the eyebrows and then using a darker shade on the ends and tails of the eyebrows to create a more natural, realistic eyebrow. What are my final thoughts on using two different brow products? Well, I really don't feel like I noticed that much of a difference. Maybe you're supposed to use a much more drastic light and dark, but I don't really see much of a difference from my everyday brow routine. So, Mario's next tip was to take a foundation that is about 5 or 6 shades darker that your normal foundation and put that on the eyes and use it as a way to get more of a natural

smokey eye look. Am I looking like Kim yet? Now, he says to use foundation because it blends a lot nicer into the skin and its not as powdery as an eye shadow. Now, I have to be honest, I never would have thought to do this on my own. I really liked this tip because I felt like it gave me a really natural smokey eye, just like he promised. You know, I never would have thought to do this on my own, but I think this is something I would definitely do again in the future, especially because it involves little to no eye shadow. Other than using eyeshadow to do my eyeliner, I didn't have to use any eyeshadow product at all! Okay, so his next tip was to take a petroleum or glycerin based product and dab that on the cheeks, lips, eyelids for a really nice, dewy beautiful glow. The product that I used was Aquaphor. I've had this jar for so long. I really liked the effect that it gave. I felt like it was more of a glow from within type of feel and this is definitely something I could see myself doing again. Okay, so besides doing your normal contour and highlighting routine, Mario takes it a step further and he recommends putting a little bit of highlighter, instead of on the middle of your chin, he recommends putting it more on the corner of your chin and he also recommends taking a bit of highlighter and putting it on your forehead, right above your brow. Now, the reason he says to do this is because when the light hits it, it really gives you a more natural highlighting and glowing effect. What I'm going to do, because I don't really feel like I'm seeing a lot, I'm going to take this new product that I got from NYX, its Dose of Dew face gloss, and I'm going to go over the same areas to see if I can help it. What do you think? I really liked this tip he gave and I feel like it is completely ingenious because when

the really does hit you, it really would bounce off of your chin and right above your brow it would be bouncing off that. Now, I feel this is a really subtle and beautiful effect and I will definitely be doing this again. Well, there you have it guys, those are 5 tips from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanoic. This guy is a master blender and he is an amazing makeup artist. He has created so many iconic looks for Kim Kardashian and I was able to grab a few that us everyday folks can use and see how they really look. I liked most of the tips that he us and I felt like most of them were really doable and gave a gorgeous effect. I hope that you guys like this video, if you did, I would love it if you gave it a thumbs up and if you want to subscribe, I make videos weekly. And I hope to see YOU in my next video.