06 August 2018

Trying Out BH Cosmetic Brushes

Hello Beauties, Today video consist of me trying for the first time these HB Cosmetic Brushes. They were pretty good. I really like their packing and how they ...

hello everyone welcome back to my

channel my name is Jasmine and I am very happy to be here and showing you some brushes that I wanted to try out they are from BH Cosmetics it comes in this bag and this very big beautiful bag which is pink and it has full hardware and it comes with all these makeup brushes more here like over 12 or 13 of them for $12.99 I believe they were it was I'll put the link down below in the description box like that you know which one I'm talking about and which one I'm gonna use today but this is the look I came out with using those products with these brushes you will see throughout the video that I have used some of my favorite products make a product like from when it um from yes whatever I will be in there and from the drugstore so I'll be using those with these brushes and giving them a try how they work and all that and this is the look I came up with also if you haven't subscribed yet can you please go ahead and subscribe and be welcome to my channel to the family and so we all could be family and friends let's get started I already moisturize my face I am going to prep my skin with a moisturize over

the primer because I don't know with my primer you I will be using all drugstore products like that we can see how they work with the same with these brushes and what is this so you can also see what is my favorite I think you don't spend a lot of money and all that and this least expensive so I'll be using this one a while foundation is the what about wild photo focus foundation I mean golden beige that's mine skin tone shake it very well just in case and then I'll be applying this directly to my face I really like this foundation is very lightweight I won't be taking this one this I'll be taking this BH Cosmetics is number two it's very soft they're very soft so let's see how this works now I'm frantic oh my god my camera is done now take my concealer for when a wild as well enough like that's pretty quick under eyes [Music] however the faint brush and blend this upward [Applause] [Music]

now to set my face the same pain from when a wild the pressed powder I'm gonna take a flat brush like this angled brush like that I'm just patting motion [Music] there you go now for a bronzer really quick we use Milani brother endorsing Big Brother and dosing and use the same flat angle brush and apply this [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that's okay with the browser running wild blush in rose same brush pop this to my cheeks and blend this up so it could be all the same I like to play everything and everywhere like that it's all together and it's the same it doesn't look uneven and all that so that's dad and for the eyes I have everything put a wing so I'm the bayfront the bronzer you could use it as an eye shadow so that's a good thing about that a little tip if you use everything for as an eye shadow there's no rules for that [Music] [Music]

[Music] you could see if I'm not really there's something really quick living life on it so darken up a little you and then with a flat brush I'll take this color right here the same put the lid like that looks bright I won't be able to use all the eyeshadow brushes because this is there's so many different other I haven't used or heard of it like a flat small angled brush and the rest are flat there which are the same thing and an angled brush like for eyebrows I'll be using that and more of a link liquid liner brush most of that repeats and this one which is a fluffy regular brush along I'll do my eyebrows with this in light from Kathy let's see how this brush works with that [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] now for the lips I am going to take this next lip liner it's a pink shade what's the name Kyoto and Kyoto

[Music] naughty [Music] this was not [Music] [Music] [Music] my space [Music] darah mascara what a wild was gara lash run again you the beautiful thing is that um it comes in this beautiful bag which is pink and it has gold hardware which is beautiful I love gold and it has the same prints inside which is very cute and I really like the bag and the brushes so we can keep practicing and see how it keeps working but they not that bad to be honest they're not that bad I guess once I give keep giving them a try they'll keep working better and better but the one that I use for the foundation I saw a little chick of hair but that happens all the time and hey if it's cheap it's affordable all those brushes for only $12.99 you can't beat them and plus to start off and it's great it's very great so then it's all

for today I was thank you so much for watching I will see you in my next video please don't forget to subscribe and hit that Norfolk up button like you're notified every time I upload a video and yes I hope you have a great great beautiful day today and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up thank you so much