27 November 2018

Trying On Ulta Beauty Makeup...||vlog#8 || Olivia Official

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if you guys and welcome back to my

channel as I said yesterday as I said in yesterday's vlog today is one day for my birthday and for that I'll be doing kinda like a full-face like just using and like testing the makeup that I'm all about me so why don't I just get started because I don't want this to be long because I know it's gonna be long and I've already just a few products and they kind of suck just being honest with you because this is almost like a review so we got sponges here now as needed for most this is probably like one out of two things that work out of bowls I think I haven't even tried the spray or stuff like that but I've tried other things with this it's not very useful at all I just being honest with you here it's this stuff's pretty bad when do like the ground David basically she really use a sponge so I might not use my sponges that often but a lot like they have an expression date so expiry I don't know I don't know it could not really go out of like you know you know all I got right now yeah I've tested some things already just to see how they works before use them they're not very lovely but some of them are very very awesome used I'll

tell you those but you didn't see it - I should be done we're just gonna automatically tell you I'm just gonna give you free information away it's dry but it definitely does a cover at most of my undereye like after letting it sit for a while it will cover most my under dragons I said good morning they're like it's dark like it's just like a blue and then underneath it's like red and that just covers it up to her there's just these little corners that I like blue get those covered up right now they said it shouldn't be any too much but like I'm not really adding too much I'm just doing enough to cover it might be to cover it my under-eye my thesis is not for my face cuz it's a tone lighter they told me to do a toe mitre so then um they'll make my under-eye look brighter and makeup might make me look like more a week basically tips to think of all something close just being honest with you right now it could be but now it's all Kauai is it that this one's completely covered me yet there's to that little baggage right there have you after letting it sit for a while it'll go away it's pretty caked up right here tell you

that right now it's pretty Kiki but you know everybody when they put it on I notice that they look like this when they put makeup on so I'm guessing I'm not really looking cakey it's just me thinking that I'm looking cakey is what's bothering me the next thing that news this this is also a good one just have to do a few things it's a first render you don't have to do chapstick I just do it every time before I don't know look this lip gloss or lipstick and then for this one you might want to find like a clear gloss that you could use so then I clear boss oh yeah just me because this thing dries really fast cause it's a matte matte lipstick I wanna I says a lipstick oh it just says matte lip see not staying much right I drew it and and then after it dries put a little bit of this on you're good to go come up here oh it's not like I'm going anywhere okay don't though I did see a full face so basically I'm allowed to add a lot of it okay so next thing I'm gonna do is this oh yeah and I already took this other thing and so yeah I got these um I get use my sponge earlier but

it's it's like the same thing that happens to my mom it got all um Missy I tried these I tried the eyeshadows they're not very pigmented or tears out of the brushes just don't like picking it up so I don't think I get to go all crazy with this I'm gonna try my hardest to but see it look I'm just saying you're rubbing it and this is all I picked up a few does specks and that's like getting all over the thing itself so it's not working very well I think I'm just gonna go with a nice brown very toned Brown then it picks it up I'm gonna try to ruin this right now I'm gonna go to the darker color again obviously none of this stuff wants to really pick up like I'm just sitting here rubbing on products that aren't even picking up I'm gonna do this off camera it's too long and long says these are very very pigmented try that again I dare you okay so the next thing we're gonna do we're gonna use my even smaller brush and we are going to add jeez you're going to add I already took the little clear case out and it's already not working but we are going to add highlight very kind of dull Litella it's

a different color but I mean I feel like I should only do one color for the nose not you I was very holographic it's really pretty because at one point they like change to the color it went to like a purple to like a pinkish blue and like that it was really pretty like sunset colors basically my eyes are popping well and then I'm gonna add a bit of it I know is this what people do looks good enough so I'm just gonna go with it yeah maybe I'll know see what's good I already did what I said ow my pants are completely messy don't know earlier I tried to do it on here and it was a big waste of time because it was not working at all I got a dirty do it all I had a bit more than this on because it's not but um this video was done it's gonna be like my birthday already I'm actually sheep it it's like this lipgloss I'll put like right on the edge and it like goes crazy I just a big pink line under there but like I wiped it off and now there's a big red line but yeah you know I need to do this curious / and the first time I

hate doing setting spray and I don't even know how to do this it's scariest part for me because it smells horrible I'm listing my life ah let me ask my mom I do this okay so my mom just gave me how that's lovely I want to give me a tip on how to do I'm scared now it's just my different but yesterday was smaller really bad robot I could you like way out here in the background oh wow that actually doesn't smell that bad actually I thought I was gonna be way worse except I didn't think I was gonna get him enough not bad do you really have a smell to it but when you get to your mouth it's not fair you okay so that is it for the makeup video um I hope you enjoyed this video because I work very hard on it and it was very punishing to me but yeah I hope you like I'm doing this video and I'll show you what my face looks like you're not seeking because I'm guessing the face what you see that cause like it's everybody's one amazing I just like that look no oh it's magnetic so it's like why why is it that to happen to me that he's glued are gone

that's lovely you know it just falls out on you now won't even close so it still closes but only this part closes not the rest of the thing is what happens with me makeup it's just a workday role and so now my highlighted things broken so like I need that rid of this okay so that is it for this video let me show you my peace my doesn't help yes I liked me better water cuz I have a window right next to my bed and like and then level sit now cuz I get just lay down and walk good still like that blue that's not my teeth it is here's my lovely face no you can see it let me call my eyebrows out for you buddy good [Music] ow okay um I'm like looking into the dark part of the camera come on this eyebrow completely hates me no ignore that but anyways guys I'm gonna try this I kidding they're pretty you guys cook this video please remember to like subscribe roundabouts we know if I don't know how to piss video and I'm coming up a log and yeah you have everybody on another video I remember tea sweet right