25 March 2019

Trying on lip liner and eye pencil (bad idea)

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today we're going to be trying this lip liner in this eye liner by Elizabeth all did I think yeah so it's like DS and this is a thing so um these are like I mean I try them but it's like really hard so I decided just do like a love thing so it's not good imperfect but you know what we're gonna give it our best so let's just get started so first thing you're gonna try I'm gonna try this eye pencil first so we're gonna do it even started for my eyes this is again seriously just little brush right here or something so I'm guessing you just used to blend it and it doesn't really say but let's just get started and the color is brown so I basically I don't know if I'm gonna get this correct so yeah even if it's not perfect it's just a little too over then I'm gonna take the brush and slowly just gonna do this and let me just look up here so literally blending in oh it literally happens I'm guessing it's not blending in because you can literally see something happening there so I'm gonna try to fix this up I'll be right back okay so I did this now I don't even know how to exactly do this right cuz I mean I mean I did this before I never comes

out perfect so I'm literally gonna keep on trying this so I'm literally just like thing and I even added on a little bit more but mmm it's not coming up perfect so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna continue with the other side I'm gonna lightly shade it in because I don't want it to be like a lot a lot so yeah let me just check okay so I literally don't even know how to use this like literally I caught this as a present but I don't know how to use it right so it's really not what I was expecting okay so this is what I get mmm so even if it's not perfect you know what I gave it a try so nice what we're gonna do is this lip liner so it's very red so it's red or red is your wine so let's take a look at this I like this so I'm just gonna literally just like guess color eyelets okay so I'm just gonna continue like this okay so now that it's done so it would look like a mess oh I know I just have to fix it up a little bit so it don't feel sticky and release I'm gonna light it really does so yeah let me fix it up bring it so this is what I mind I know

thing is so I literally seen it wasn't that bad but I was saying I give it a 7 out of 10 I don't know for like full-on looking like that lip liner a 7 out of 10 and maybe like the arms shoulder IPAM so I'm literally my just give me like a 5 out of 10 is like literally I don't know how to do it for me that's my what I think I would give it because like I don't know my purse I have to win this I'm just gonna used to like do a makeup or whatever so yeah it's just not perfect but what can I think yeah and this is just my final result and the lighting is a little bad but yeah just to make sure if you want to you can subscribe and like and yeah follow me on instagram my username is on any law just thanks for watching right oh and your hair this doesn't have to be perfect this is just what I did cuz I don't really how to do this oh yeah right