20 December 2018


SOOOO many great finds today! I can't wait for you to see everything in action! FOUNDATION UPDATE: Foundation wore well throughout the day! It didn't ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel a

long time no see I feel like I haven't filmed in weeks I've had some two videos and then I got sick I'm still not hundred percent recovery but at least I have my voice back it was gone for a whole week and I couldn't do anything right now I just have a slight cough that comes out when I talk too much I'm about to have a coughing fit right now actually I managed to pull through for this tutorial I'm testing a ton of new products I couldn't wait to just throw it all on my face you know when you've been sick for so long and you just want to wear your makeup if your makeup lover like me I just wanted to do a full face full on full glam and that's what I did today so if you want to see how I created this look then just stay tuned starting out by priming my face with the elf booster drops and the pop Beauty zero shine primer just in my t-zone to mattify that area then I'm going in with a new foundation both those products were new as well I just wanted time for it to sit my skin before I go in with my new foundation and here I have the kiss New York professional Pro touch liquid foundation I have two

shades I have a soft hand and natural beige I had no idea that kiss had makeup so this is really exciting this foundation only comes in I think six or eight shades so the range is quite poor on this this happens to be any good I hope they come out with more shades I'm just going to take a pump of each and mix them together on the back of my hand this is supposed to be a medium buildable to full coverage so the foundation color is gonna be good I just look really red when I'm up close but that's not the color of my skin so I'm not sure why it always does that I need some like light under here so it doesn't look discolored going on really nicely and I'd say it is a medium coverage so it's going to build it up and see how it billows I love the packaging of this pretty simple has a nice pump the foundation match could be better shouldn't have to mix two shades but there is a very very limited range they also have a concealer for under-eye specifically dark under-eye concealer from kiss as well it has one of those sponge applicators I have the shade classic ivory here I think I'm gonna put

in two different one will see how light this is I actually like that color so we're going to use classic ivory under the eyes really nice color might be a little on the light side but I like a bright under eye and I'm going super glam today cuz it's right in my throat I have been sick my kids were sick as well then more so than me both of them ended up getting crew so that is why I've only had about one video a week I had to kind of spread out the ones that I did film cuz we got hit hard December is just not our month apparently cuz last year it was fairly similar what happened not croup this was really bad for my kids I was looking on my Apple watch to see how much time I've been sleeping and I think I averaged four hours a night for the past few weeks I prefer seven hours of sleep so I have not had that much sleep it's probably why I can't get better but I'm on the mend and thankfully I had my voice because before I didn't have my voice for a whole week every time I talk I get sent into a coughing fit which I feel slightly right now I still feel okay I just don't sound the best this concealer is beautiful I

love how that looks like how it looks with the foundation too I'm just going to finish my cream products first we have the kiss New York professional highlighter sticks and I have two shapes here I'm gonna swatch them both not sure what I want to do believe that's the lighter of the tomb and rose pearl and then we have halo pearl or maybe that's the darker one yeah that's the darker one halo pearl beside it I'm gonna go with rose pearl just because I do have a slight bit of tan I'm just going to use my finger yes this is very natural-looking on the skin I'm gonna be layering a powder highlighter on top if you were just doing a natural cream look it goes on really nicely it doesn't take off makeup either I feel like the formula works really nicely together now I'm going to set my face with the kiss New York professional pro touch matte powder foundation and I'm using a soft tan and this this I'm just going to set my whole face with I might use something else to set my under eye I don't think I have a new loose powder I will see how this goes [Music]

and the powder is really nice table it has a sponge in the mirror in it I'm just using a more Feast bud I got this during the Sephora vib sale it's the one that I think everyone uses it has that nice clean edge on it I'm just gonna take a bit of that powder without took off and just set my under eye so far everything looks really really nice this does provide a little bit of coverage - I noticed when just putting it on my skin once I'm done my base I like to skip ahead and go to my eyes so today we're going to be using the pretty rich palette from Too Faced and as soon as I saw this I couldn't wait to use it all those glitter shades just caught my eye and I really want to use the gold I'm gonna bring you guys in closer I'm going to quickly fill in my eyebrows and then we're gonna work on the eyes taking this shade it's designer just going to put that all over my lid space and then for my transition I'm gonna take its cashmere on that same brush to say so Ava 2 to 8 luxe crease we're just going to put it into the crease of the eye a little bit above my natural crease because I want to create the illusion of

marlott space and then I'm taking oh that's rich and then just putting that lower in my crease sorry if I'm talking married but I'm on the verge of a coughing fit again knees are nice and pigmented and blending out effortlessly using my pee Louise bass and a Mac 212 I'm just going to cut my crease it doesn't matter that this is all messy down there we are going to cover it up now taking fluid and diamonds I can't wait to try this out I here with these you don't need a base for them they have a built-in technology that adheres to the eye and it's not picking up with this brush so I'm gonna try a little bit of fix+ much better with fix+ just waiting for that lid to drive I don't see it transferring at all which is really good I'm gonna use coal under pressure and a pencil brush and I want to do it nice and smoky on the outer corner this does have some glitter in it and just using that shadow shield as a guide I'm going to do a wing using eye shadow and the glitter is actually coming up I'm gonna further smoke that liner out a bit more but I just want to

use a pen closer to the lash line just to provide a little bit more definition for my lashes I'm using this new mascara from Maybelline is called the snaps kara haven't heard anyone talk about this yet and I have the shade black cherry they do have this in pitch black and a blue I thought the cherry would be really pretty for this look so we have a natural bristle brush kind of looks like a leaning tree and this is going to have a little bit of red in it which will complement the shadow my eye color and I'm also gonna load up on this on the lower lashes because it's not gonna make too much difference on my uppers cuz I will be using falsies first coat it didn't do too much so I can't really say that I like this style of brush off the top I have two new styles of lashes I wasn't sure how dramatic I wanted it to be both of them are fairly dramatic we have opulence and then we have the faux mink and midnight I think I'm gonna go for opulence I'll try this on and if it doesn't look good then I'll switch but I just want full-on drama bigger the lashes most amount of makeup I just want to do it all today taking my to crease colors it's cashmere and oh that's rich

I'm going to smoke out the lower lash line [Music] I'm just going to use that snaps Kara on my lower lashes it's a little bit of a wetter formula so I think maybe after this dries a bit and if it had a different brush I'd really like it I like the color I really wanted a light gold in the waterline this is all I could find it's in Starlight gold from Maybelline for bronzer I have a new powder I want to try it's from NARS and it's not a bronzer it's just a press powder and I've it in a deeper shade it is in heat and this is their soft velvet pressed powder I thought this would make a really nice bronzer a lot of times when you find a really nice powder product if you get in a little bit of a deeper shade compared to your skin tone it'll look really natural as a bronzer so that's what I'm hoping for with this and this kind of has that terracotta undertone so you feel like it pulls all the eye colors together as well I think it's a nice choice for this look just using a little bit of translucent powder I'm going to clean up underneath that bronzer using this sharp edge of the

sponge [Music] taking my pop beauty a contour 101 pellet I'm just going to use the sculpt shade in this to contour my nose I used this in a video so it's not new but it is definitely a newer product just not new to my channel I really like this for my cheeks I'm going to use this new product from Pixie and it is their pixie glow cake gilded bear glow they have another shade that's more pink but I felt this one would be more suited to this look and I'm just going to mainly stick to the center but I'm gonna kind of swirl it everywhere yes it's gonna give a nice glowy cheek I'm just just that away then for highlight today I'm going to use this limited-edition highlighter from Lancome and it looks like a rose so cute and I have tried this and it's a little more subtle for me so I think I'm going to use something else on top it's pretty but I want something with a little bit more impact this might still be very impactful for most people but I just want something a little bit more metallic we're gonna start off with this and it makes a nice nose highlight so

we'll probably just keep it like that for the nose and then I purchased the amrezy highlighter which is nice and intense I love how this looks we're just going to load up on this you can see this cheek how it has that beautiful glow especially back here you can just notice the difference compared to this one it still has that glow but we want to take it to that next level to finish off the look I'm gonna use Mac a lip pencil in hover this isn't new but I didn't have a new lip pencil I do have a new lip comb with all its really pretty line the lips then for lipstick I'm using it from the Mac Holiday Collection and it is in babe town it is a cream Sheena lipstick beautiful color and this has a beautiful finish but I want to make it a little bit more bronzy and pull it in with this gloss from Too Faced and I love the glosses from this collection I tried the one that's in collaboration with Jordan woods and that one felt a little gritty but I've tried to others and I didn't have that same issue so I'm not sure if it was just that particular gloss but these ones have been really nice so this is the

bronze one and it's in pretty penny I'm just going to layer this on top I saw this at the bottom of my bag that I was gonna use this and I almost forgot so we're going to use this Mac dazzle liner from their holiday collection looks like this and it is in a holiday time with an exclamation point holiday time and I'm just going to put a little bit of this on my lower lash line in the inner corner it was something really simple and subtle but I love how it looks and typically I set my face with a setting spray but I kind of want to see how this foundation performs throughout the day so I'll update you guys in the description box on how I like everything but that is going to be it I'm going to finish off my hair get dressed come back and I'll give you my final thoughts about everything this is the final makeup look I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial as well as my first impressions on all these new products tons of things out right now from the drugstore and high-end that I think worth checking out I was really impressed by the complexion products from kiss specifically the concealer was my favorite the foundation

is really nice but they have a very limited shade range the powder was nice the highlighter sticks were good but didn't blow me away I really love the amrezy highlighter it's super blinding and I'm so happy I picked it up this time around because I've never got my hands on it the first time the new to face products the eyeshadow palette was super easy to work with virtually blended itself the lip glosses absolutely love and another standout product for me is the NARS pressed powder I love that for all over the face but I tried out a deeper color as a bronzer which I love to do for pressed powder formulas that I like and I really like the color of this one I think it tied in perfectly with the warm red tones of this look I'm gonna let you guys know at the end of the day how my face holds up because I didn't set it at all I want to see how it performed I didn't even use a fixed plus or anything to melt everything together I don't even feel like I look powdery at all which is awesome so hopefully this holds up and as long wear because then we have a new winner from the drugstore because I really really

like it so far and that's going to be it thank you guys so so much for watching if you want to see more of these videos continued into 2019 let me know and I'll definitely set up side products for more of these first impression tutorials in the future and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]