03 June 2019

TRYING NEW MAKEUP - First Impressions | Valerie's Vanity

Today I'm going to be trying some new makeup for the very first time with YOU! Here are my first impressions of the new makeup I bought for from Ulta & TjMaxx!

welcome back to Valerie's vanity today I

am going to be doing a first impressions video of some new products that I got and just hang out with you guys so continue watching if you want to see my new step ok so I already put on my foundation and I'm going to start off don't look at my nails I need them done really bad but this is the new part I'm sorry it's not new it's new to me it's the Tarte Pro remix and this was originally $50 and I got it on sale for 25 and look how cool it is it like changes and I'm so excited to play with these colors look how pretty they are I love the packaging on this and the huge mirror it's so nice it actually smells really good too I don't know if that's intentional or what but I am just gonna go through with this color mixed media it's just like a nude and I always just I always just sweep that over my eyes this might actually be a little bit too light I don't know I usually do like a more of a skin color but this will work too and I'm just using my morphe in 504 to do so and I'm going to mmm oh I want to use this color it's called graphic it's like this dark purple sparkly oh yes a girl and I am going to be using my Real Techniques brush and

I'm just going to lightly put that on the corner of my lids because it is pretty dark I don't even know if this is gonna match my outfit today but whatever and then I'm just going to buff that on the lid and into my crease this is actually a lot darker than what I thought it was going to be but that's okay it's almost looking like a gray it doesn't quite look purple actually it almost looks black and as you can see in the pan it looks like a dark purple so maybe I'll go over with this color mash up right here and kind of mix that in to bring out the purple I know I just recently did a purple eye look but this is different stuff okay so yeah I think that looks better that helped a lot okay cool so now I'm going to go through with my morphe in 506 and this is just like a really thin brush and I'm going to go in with the color it's inspiration and that is just going to be like a light champagne color that I'm gonna put under my brow hey yes it's brighten that up it actually lightened up this color a little bit too when it mixed in so that's good I don't want to go too dark on the eyes since it is like daytime okay and then I am going to be

using by lay this was a really good fine Apple tip I don't know if I said that or not I'm not sure if Sabourin all to have the same sales I really don't know I just happened to come across that one and I'm so excited about these new Milani liquid eye shadows they're called hypnotic lights took me a minute to process that and this is in the color desert heat and it's like a white arid essent ish color and this is in the color cosmic meadow and this is the one that we're going to be using today this is actually the color that it looked like it was going to be in one of my box each arms oh yes that is so purple I love it that is what I want and one of my box each arms I got a liquid eyeshadow and it looked like it was going to be this color in the bottle but it didn't come out that way at all and I love that this Milani one is true to what is on the package that is so pretty so I'm kind of putting this to the test to see if it does as well I'm sure this is supposed to be kind of like a dupe to the Smashbox one that I have or the Stila liquid eyeshadows the liquid glitters I know this is like

liquid I shadow is just really popular so but it's also very expensive and these were only $10.99 so if these work out they will definitely be staying in my makeup collection and I'll probably use these on clients if they work out because I'm all about what works okay right now I use the Stila liquid eyeshadows on all of my clients but on myself I try different brands this is the one that I've used in the past as you can see the Milani one is a little bit more sparkly and they're kind of different this is more of a pink and this is more of a lavender so I was curious to try it and now I'm just going to mix the two with a shadow with the liquid shadow a little bit oh yes I love this purple it's so pretty okay yeah awesome is excited okay now I'm going to be using the may inator Tarte what's it called eyeliner Thank You forwards and I'm just going actually you know what I am NOT going to put this on I changed my mind I'm allowed to do that all right I'm just gonna do bottom liner today I don't feel like messing with top liner today because I kind of just want to keep the purple on its own I think it

looks really pretty I mean I'm always here for a winged liner but I'm not like really feeling it today so I'm just gonna be putting this in the waterline obviously this isn't new makeup but it is whoa I just got eyeliner in my eye you know and everything you see it like the dot and then you don't really feel it until you see it that just happened so I'm just gonna wing this out just a little bit since I'm not doing my top wings we have been so busy lately like it's been crazy my father-in-law's about to move in and we've had graduation parties back-to-back I'm actually getting ready to go to one and it has just been crazy in the Burton household and we're getting everything ready for summer we're about to open our pool so it's just been so busy so I'm sorry that I'm not on the regular with my videos I was actually just thinking about how I need to create more of like a consistent time to upload my videos cuz I usually would not be uploading on a Sunday but hey I wonder throughout the video for you guys this week so I'm throwing it at the literally end of the week okay so I just put on a ride to put this on

the bottom I got to in to what I was saying so I just put on some white mascara this obviously isn't a new product but the other products I'm about to use are so while that's setting I'm going to go in with the Physicians Formula butter bronzer so I actually have tried this product before but it was back when they only had like the bronzer and oh like the deepest color was too light for everybody pretty much and this is the newer one I just put this two pieces deep bronzer so hopefully this one will match better and oh I love the smell of it it just smells like summertime it comes with this little thing but I usually just give them to my cat because she likes it and I don't use that I just use like a bigger brush just like a big fluffy brush like so hopefully this will be more bronzed and I'm just putting this on my cheeks I'm kind of blend it around and I'll contour a little bit a P ah oh yeah this color is a lot better than the other one I have the other one it's right here this is just it just says bronzer and oops I just put my nail in the new one maybe this is deep bronzer

so that's the difference it looks so pretty much the same packaging and everything but this is the newer one that they just came out with because people I think they listened to the people and everyone was complaining that they didn't have a deeper bronzer especially for the summertime I don't know why I just said it like that summertime okay yeah that looks good I like okay so I don't know okay so now I am going to go through with this happy blush this is also by Physicians Formula there's it positions but but just positions formula is a great drugstore brand this says happy booster glow and mood boosting blush look happy feel happy I want to feel happy so I throw this on this also comes in the same similar packaging oh look at the cute little hearts that is so cute and then it also comes with the brush at the bottom that will soon be my cats and I'm I keep sticking my fingers in this step with my mail oh that's like the worst especially with new makeup I'm just all over the place okay I and I'm breaking everything today oh I know what I'm looking for I am looking for my a Jaclyn

knew the lush brushed okay and I'm just gonna mix all these colors around as you can see there's different shades in here my mom uses this and she loves it so that's nice and it's really pink I might need to tone it down a little bit and go back through and use the same brush I didn't necessarily add more product I'm just using the same brush that I used with the bronzer to kind of like tone it down a notch uh I might have to actually go back through with the bronzer because I kind of look like theatre makeup or something I'll just put some bronzer on top that's the thing about makeup you can always fix it wipe it off cover it up whatever you want to do okay I'll just keep covering my mistakes plus I'm going to be outside in my graduation party I'm probably gonna sweat all this off anyway so whatevs okay that looks better I guess yeah whatevs okay clearly I'm getting a little bit too wild in here so I really do my personal opinion on the positions formula they smell great which that matters to me and they look nice I'm not really sure how long they're going to last compared to my like other name-brand products so I will try it out today since I'm gonna be

outside a lot and we'll see I mean obviously I'm gonna put on the setting spray so that should help okay now I'm going to go through with my mascara and this is just the bad gal bang benefit mascara mascara is life I've been doing so many wedding trials it's crazy like my September is almost completely full because of wedding season it's it's seriously insane I didn't realize how popular I mean last year I was pretty booked for September but this year has just been crazy so I've been doing like wedding makeup trials non-stop and obviously everyone pretty much everyone wants false lashes for their wedding and it I always put them on people and I'm like dang why don't I wear false lashes more like it's so easy to put on and then you just get this strep them off at the end of the day like why not but here I am putting on my mascara okay but this mascara is good now I am going to be using another fun actually this isn't bolta this is from TJ Maxx I'm super excited about it it's the Mac hyper real glow highlighter and this is oh yeah okay the colors are flashing all which is the first one flashing off rosy glow and

light of the party so this is the palette comes with a little mirror it is so just feels nice and my hands I love Mac products and I was so excited to find this at t.j.maxx for like 16 dollars so definitely it up your t.j.maxx okay where is my Jacquelyn little brush here it is a highlighter brush and I'm just gonna use the tan the goldish one on the far end okay it's not really that noticeable maybe if I do the lightest one huh oh that's a lot better did you notice that I noticed that okay so the lash in awe is definitely my go-to highlight I've actually never had a matte highlighter before so this is my first time trying it out it's good I don't know if I mean it looks good I don't know if I would necessarily well I mean I guess you get three so I'm sure this is definitely worth it and I got it at t.j.maxx for $16.99 I don't know if I would pay like $32 for this in the store but I mean I notice it looks good if you're into that sort of thing okay and oh I also forgot to add in my stoning cleverly dupe video I mentioned the Ulta that are it's like the dupe to the flat pouch that is from stony clever that's $54 this is it from Ulta how do my

lighting just change what the heck okay anyway this is could be flat pouch not flat match this is the yes the flat pouch Duke from ulta matches my eyes what up and this was sixteen dollars compared to the flat pouches just so happens to be from Stoney clover this is $54 this was sixteen dollars and actually this one is a little bit bigger so and I'll probably just order some of the new patches off Stoney clover lane and stick it on this so just a little tip for you and lastly I'm going to be putting on this you state lip icing look how cute the packaging is it looks like a little cupcake with sprinkles on it Tyler and I have had ice cream literally three times this week it's so bad because there's oh I like that color I was not expecting that it's like a oh it tastes like I you see it tastes like cake if you're hungry just put on this lip gloss oh it feels really good too oh I like okay this is in the color drip and it's Estate yeah but anyways we've had ice cream too many times because we discovered there's a Dairy Queen literally two minutes from our house and we eat it too much so anyway just wanted to add that thank you

so much for watching I worked up a thirst the oh this is all so new to almond milk starbucks Frappuccino mocha drink thing it's so good anyway thank you so much for watching this crazy episode video YouTube video of Valerie's vanity I just want to hop on here because I missed you guys and I want to do share some of these new products and me trying them out for the first time I hope you enjoyed please don't forget to Like and subscribe - Valerie's vanity and I love you so much see you in the next one bye