01 June 2019

Trying Hyped New Makeup! 2019 | Ulta & Sephora Haul Review

Trying Hyped New Makeup! 2019 | Ulta & Sephora Haul Review PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Anastasia Dip brow gel in Dark Brown Too Faced Hangover RX ...

hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel and if you're new hi I'm Brittany and welcome to my channel so glad you're here today so today we're folding a very very exciting video we're gonna be doing a video trying all new hyped makeup so makeup that's either really hyped up or that's brand new to my channel I'm gonna be using mainly the products that it got in my last two haul so if you haven't seen those I will have them in the cards and also in the description just because I do do a haul on my video I said you do I'm so immature I do do a haul on my channel every single week and so yeah today we're trying some really exciting stuff lots of glowy products so if you guys want to see this video let's go ahead and get started okay guys so the first product and we're gonna be trying today is the Anastasia dip brow gel now this is still kind of new I've seen it a lot on Instagram so I'm really excited to try it so this is what the packaging looks like right here I got the color dark brown in this retails for $18 and this is the size of the spoolie it does look a little bit big so hopefully it's not too messy so I'm just gonna be applying this the way the anasazi

Avenger told me to apply it and so what she said to do first was just to go ahead and brush the dip brow gel all through off the brow you can even tease it to add more product make sure it's like fully saturated and then she'll go in with the brow wiz to kind of define at the edges a little bit and then to go ahead and just set it with the brow gel so that's what I'm gonna be doing today so these are the finished brows right here and they're super duper full I probably wouldn't do this routine on an everyday basis I'll probably just stick with the brow is for like an everyday look but this would be a really good product to do on those fast days where you don't really want to fill in your brows but you want to like add some volume and it does kind of set itself once it dries it does get a little bit harder and it really sets the brows in place if you don't like the hard brow you probably won't like this unless you blend it out but if you do blend it out it does get a little messy and you will have to do some cleanup but other than that I really like this product like I said I would probably just use it on days that I'm gonna use it on its own

okay so moving on I'm gonna go ahead and correct my under vanes really quick before we try our new foundation and I did have my face primed already everything I used will be listed in the description if you're wondering for foundation today we're going to be using the new one from cure this is two four and one lever selfie foundation so this baby retails for thirty-six dollars you could find out Ulta or Pierce website and there's a hundred shades I have the color lg6 and so it comes with a pump and also a doe foot applicator because it's supposed to also be a concealer so I'm just gonna go ahead and use this with a damp sponge and you guys know I have already tried this foundation I've been loving it and I had a sample of it from my Sephora like haul and I've been using that and now I have the full-size foundation because I did decide to pick it up it just has really good coverage it has a soft matte finish and I have combination skin so it really works with my skin I get Whaley in my t-zone kind of dry everywhere else um I like that they have a hundred sheets I think that's really awesome obviously they don't have a hundred shades in

store so you can't really see all the shades what's up which sucks I'm getting like tongue-tied um but obviously they don't want to have like all 100 in a store because that would be a lot but yeah I just really like it a lot of people have been raving about it so I thought I would use it today and show it in action and so since this foundation is so full coverage a little bit does go a long way I usually only do one layer of this foundation just because if you do too it can look on the more heavier side but I like that because usually with my other foundations I do have to end up going in with a second layer okay so that's all I'm gonna do for a foundation as you can see it just has like a really pretty soft matte finish I'm gonna go ahead and do my concealer off-camera and then I'll be right back now that concealers done we could go ahead and move on to the next new hyped product which is the Natasha to Nonna tan a bronze & Glow palette this retails for $55 and you can find it at Sephora I already have a full video using this watching all the shades and using everyone on my cheek so if you guys want to see that I will have it right here in

the cards just because today we're gonna be only using a couple of the products so if you guys saw my review you would already know that cream highlight in here was a little bit too deep for me so today I thought I would try to use it as like a cream a bronzer just because it does have that Bron to to it and I feel like if I use it as a bronzer it will kind of give me that all-over glow so that's what we're gonna be doing today I'm gonna try using it with like a damp sponge at first so that actually did a really good job I've given me that all over bronze below like I really like the way it turned out so if you have this palette and that highlight is a little bit too deep for your skin tone I would definitely try using it as a bronzer and so now that we got all the creams out of the way I'm gonna go ahead and set my face off-camera so we could come back on camera and try the next new product this is a new cover effects monochromatic bronzer in the shade sunkissed bronze now I have already used this but I've only tried the matte side and in here you get a map and also a shimmer and so today I wanted to use the shimmer

bronzer just to see if it gives me that all over bronze glow as you guys can see I really want to glow but I'm a little bit scared because I have a lot of texture especially like where I contour so it could be a mess we shall see so I'm just gonna go ahead and take a big fluffy brush and dip into the shimmer side and then I'm just gonna start bronzing up the skin so this baby retails for $38 so it is on the pricey side especially because like this Natasha didn't own a face palette where you get four products it retails for 55 so I don't really know what the math is but I mean I don't know I feel like that cover affects one it's just maybe a little bit pricey so it's not as shimmery as I thought it was gonna be I thought I was gonna look like a highlight on my skin but it doesn't it actually looks like a bronzer but it just gives like a really pretty kind of like satiny finish it does come off on the skin a lot deeper than it looks in the pan so you definitely could see the sheen more on my forehead hopefully you guys could see on camera but it is leaving that nice glow and so you guys saw in my haul that I also got some

blushes from the line today I think I'm gonna use the color hmm soft peach and so also for the blush I'm gonna be using the shimmer side so let's see what this looks like ooh I like it I like that my face is starting to look glowy even though we don't have any highlight yeah so speaking of highlight we're gonna be trying this new one today for Patrick tah it's called the highlighting mist and I got the color white pearl and so this is what the packaging looks like right here it does have a fine mist on it and it's this beautiful rose gold packaging it retails for $32 so I have tried this one another time and the way I used it that time was I sprayed it on a brush and then I applied the product straight to my cheek and I didn't get as intense of a look that I wanted so I just started to build with the brush just because I didn't want to spray it directly on my face and so this is what the packaging looks like it's just a spray can and it's in this beautiful rose gold packaging it retails for $32 and so I did that again today on this cheek and as you could see it really didn't have much color payoff like it doesn't look as blinding as I usually

like my highlight so I decided I'm just gonna go ahead and try to spray it on my face I'm a little bit scared but we're gonna do it for YouTube okay so I'm just gonna shake it up and try to spray it on oh my god I'm freaking Deacon oh my god okay so let me try to do it the way Patrick Todd does it and he uses a fan I don't have the fancy Patrick tall one but I'm gonna use this one to cover my cheek so I don't spray it again let's see let's see oh okay so that gives me a lot more color payoff than this side over here but my whole cheek is lit up like it's not just the highlighting spot it's like literally my ho Chi which is okay for today because that's kind of what I'm going for but it's still not as blinding as other highlights I've tried before and so I guess I'm gonna go ahead and even it out on this side I'm so freakin I'm scared okay oh my god okay so I feel like my textures a little bit exaggerated but I mean what do you expect it's a highlight yeah I'm kind of sad though because when I first bought that I thought I was just gonna be able to spray the brush like how I want it to and just like go in but like as you guys

could see like it really doesn't do anything oh my gosh and now it lifted my foundation do you guys see that my nose lifted it oh no I'm such an idiot forget it I don't know if I like this product to be honest I might return it just because I feel like it's a little bit too hard to use and ain't nobody got time for that and I have to do your spray foundation and I never use this either so I probably should return it it's probably the smarter thing to do and this highlight does look more on the pink side even that's called pearl I feel like it's less silver and more pink but it might just be because it's on my blush to be honest so since that didn't really work out for me that well I'm gonna go ahead and just highlight the rest of my face using the new natasha de Nona tan palette I'm just gonna take this lighter one right here and just highlight the rest of my skin I'm even gonna put a little bit on my cheekbones as well already guys so that's everything I have to use that's new for my face today I'm gonna go ahead and set it with another new kind of hyped product this is a for Sally rose gold

mist and as you can see it's so beautiful you guys have already seen me use this multiple times but I just thought I would use it for this video because it is really hyped up and it's for a reason it just gives you a beautiful glow let me go ahead and spray my face so I can show you you have to do it kind of far away because it does have a stronger sprayer then I'll just let that dry oh my gosh I didn't even tell you guys but I haven't set my brows yet because I like to do that after I set my own face and so I'm just gonna go in with the clear brow gel and go ahead and set these babies in place and then my brows will be completely done so since I don't have anything new to try on my eyes I'm gonna go ahead and do my eyes off-camera and I will be right back okay guys I'm back and this is the finished look let me know what you guys think in the comments down below but I did end up trying a new product I tried to buck some lip cream in the shade Dalia I showed this in my last haul but I thought I would just try this on top of a nude lip and so that's what I did today and I really liked the way it turned out as for my final thoughts on

all the products I really enjoyed everything except for one thing and that being the Patrick talk highlighting spray thing I feel like it's kind of gimmicky so I just would pass on this one but everything else I loved the Natasha - Nonna bronzed glow and palette you guys saw my review that it's a little bit deep for me let me know if you think I should keep it on the fence because I really do like it but it is a little bit deep for my skin tone and the pure foundation I've been using forever and the cover FX blushes and bronzers have not done me wrong they look so beautiful on the skin and so yeah that's gonna be everything for today's video I hope that you guys enjoyed if you did please give it a thumbs up also if you're not already subscribed to my channel Britney Raquel go ahead and subscribe I do make videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so that's three times a week and I'll catch you guys next one bye [Music]