04 May 2017


Today I tried 3 different face masks with my friend Justine! Let me know what other videos you'd like to see. EXTRA VIDEO WITH JUSTINE: ...

hey guys it's ro today I'm hanging out

with my friend Justin you guys know Justine open her legs are down below we just have done filming another video on her channel I'll put a link down below to that as well we made like playthrough some more knits honestly than that you know anything that I end up broken her into ends up being a disaster well it's definitely great hon it was so much fun and today I wrote her into trying some face mask with me because I got somebody requests from you guys to try these different types of face masks there's three different types we're going to start with the funnier one first and they're these little animal one so Justine I'm gonna let you pick your favorite animal one oh I think I'm gonna pick the Panda oh that okay okay it's so cute there's a pug one this book look like a pug and this one for anti-wrinkle get it cuz like the pugs are like wrinkly that's really cute open the pouch take out the mask place onto the face while aligning with the contours of the face and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes this panda character mask sheet moisturizes and brighten skin like baby's skin was revitalizing it

like a baby but of creepy Road don't say that oh really good where's your smell like it's delicious thank you whoo with my mind oh that's no good these are so cute what a great idea oh my gosh okay so I have a little mirror over here if you might need to use it to line it up with your face so look at me okay do I look like a little tartar do I look like a dog oh yes look people want to say you look like a cute little Pandora so we're supposed to smooth it into the contours of our face lose anymore this is like something like you would put on and then you go rob a bank because I can't tell who you are what about do you want to try to get a week or should I oh man we can work can you ride a horse no and Delta yeah I feel like my math is just falling off hey we gotta lay back I can pretend we're at a spa like it this must be enjoyable I don't know but it's kind of like tickle your salami and just like there on your face this is weird [Music] this is like the beginning of a joke when a pug in a pan to walk into a back I think it's been okay and I don't know I can't count all right peel it off and

how do we feel I'm Restless my Facebook's real mortal you to look at now take off my makeup though yeah there's my makeup oh we like I got like show me here is glued in my hand so you guys suggested that we try these this is 24 karat gold facial mask and this is supposed to help us anti-wrinkle antitoxin and anti acne I have never tried a facial mask so fancy when I get something and it says 24 karat gold and it looks all fancy like this I'm going to expect miracles yeah me too I'm going to expect I'm gonna look ten years old out there here's some safety instructions important like don't eat it prolly rub a very small amount onto the inside of your elbow area to test if you have any allergic reaction before you I also have allergic to gold are you allergic to gold no I'm not allergic to diamond is either odd okay cute little spoon this is cute cute okay but if this whole thing is gold like I'm gonna take this and resell it because it's making liquid gold well make myself a new piece of your land you just put it on you like this oh that looks nice

Oh what about the beauty gurus right now oh no here's some safety instructions important like don't eat it probably maybe I'll go my face now okay okay oh gee then you're just going to leave this on for 20 minutes 20 minutes yeah and Justine my ho seduced little circles moving upward oh are you having a bit of a table oh oh are you allergic to gold oh no I'm good at this I feel so good with you the best part of this is taking it off wow I feel so fresh didn't meet me feel fancy of I column with so the last notice that we're gonna try is a charcoal tear to pull back mask we wait for it to dry and then we peel it off okay let's open it up see what we got inside whoa I was reading about these online and you want to be really careful don't get it in contact with your hair it's supposed to take out like deeper blackheads but we don't want it to take out our hair I've got the mirrors here nice and close so we don't get our eyebrows I love my eyebrows where a texture is so weird I love it right I look at look at it oh this is too fun it's some idea of like a movie if we were like gonna go like football or do this and it will be like

our sign make up a new one will know exam yeah let's love that bad Oh be careful broad that's your brow hair no you're the best near the brows oh my god don't touch the brows don't touch the brown my connect Wayne right here yeah I don't have that much room Y in my head so big here looks like something a beauty guru loves do and mine looks like a little kid Gandhism like chocolate frosting I didn't even connect it's not even even and now we wait for it to dry and as soon as it dries we peel it off France is happening on our face right now you guys I'm just having some flashbacks to me that I saw on Facebook this girl is screaming out in pain and she's ripping this off her face this mask holds the charcoal mask this is charcoal right screaming it's starting to get tight on my chin I think it's certainly dry oh oh gonna take a break to wash this and let this beautiful taste now set Oh [Music] we waited 20 minutes and things are really starting to tighten up here it's kind of like that self a kiss in the

face and now with you nothing do I like if you like it I do okay this man has grabbed on to every pore I have it in my face I feel like a fish let's try it so I try wiggling my chin area in your face where do you start oh oh oh oh my god it hurt oh oh that feels like your skin is coming off oh it's probably really good for us it does not feel good if you look at super effective our price inverts my body on this plastic you ready got yours I did I use ripped I'll tell you this ripped up some stuff ribbon no I can't [Music] melted in my body as well Justine he took out my hair yeah it's about everything I'm so disgusted by this I have never done a mask like this and this is the most effective math I've ever seen maybe cool effective I can't touch my face so hard about tingly are you choose your freaking so smooth I don't know Maisie oh okay that does it for the face mask those are the three different kinds that we tried today oh they think you could just be for trying these face masks with me I know that they were really weird and a little painful I'm so far okay thank you and

again we made a video around Justine's channel on the colors down below we are making some some more there like play toys food some ores it's pretty cool if you want to see more videos you can click up here or up here alright bye bye okay you guys we'll wash our faces oh I got your Calibos for you younique one for me okay body oh my god only paragon if I thinking this up black