21 September 2012

TRIND Cosmetics - Nail Care

A video about Nail care by Trind Cosmetics! Look at their website. www.trind.com I'm not getting paid by this company and I paid for the products myself!!

hi everyone I just got my package and as

you can see it says Trent natural nail care here in the Netherlands is a pretty famous brand they have quite good products and I ordered them again and I got also a new package that I'm not familiar with though I'm going to show you if you have like you know bad knees or you know they break fast or you know this can be maybe a solution or you know it can solves your problems it says for strong and beautiful nails in two weeks this kit is like a gift that you can give to friends or you know family or whatever you like to give it to or to yourself like I did because it's 10 euros cheaper than the original one the perfect system one it's basically the same products though it has like a nail file in it some orange wood sticks for like in your the cuticle area it has like a cuticle remover cuticle balsam nil bottom and nil repair and some cream I'm not sure if it's all large but I will see if we can get in there but as you can see cuticle remover cuticle balsam Neil Baum and natural of yeah natural nail repair and hand repair that's quite the things you need and the one thing that isn't in this kit is like nail polish remover because when you

apply this system you have to reply it every day so you apply it you know follow the steps it it says like you know in the brochure or on packages maybe like step one two three four you know etc and you when you apply this you have to be sure that you take it off the day after that you and reapply again and that for two weeks long promise me you will do that because I can give you the guarantee it works like amazing it's just amazing it makes my nails so strong and it's just unbelievable so I ordered this kit where I got it here in the Netherlands this is from you know Internet but it's the Dutch website so I don't know if you can order it anywhere if you are living outside of the Netherlands but it's you know with the money it cost me like 29 euros and 95 cents I believe in my if I can remember it good but yeah I will show you later what's inside here because you know I can't get it loose now with one hand in my phone camera you know in the hand this is the other one I don't know this one it says like if you have bad knees or thin nails or damaged nails this one is you know trench keratin basically if you have

kind of you know experience with nails you know that nails are based from keratin if you have weak nails some people say oh you should drink more milk or calcium that's just you know a rumor or just fake because your nails are made from keratin so I'm you know I'm very excited to use this because I'm wanted to try it on my own nails because I have bad news for myself so I want to give this a try so maybe it can work better than just you know the whole set reapplying and etc and yeah I have no idea if it will work good or whatever I have to try and you know the back it just says some information about what the product is you know the nail care to nail restorer and protector and it also says it changed or you know it strings strengthen your nails structure and it also protects your nails so yeah I'm kind of excited to use it and if you have any questions I could maybe answer them but I'm not from Trin so please don't ask me what products is in there you know I only know this information so in my own experience of course so I will open the kit and I will be right back as you can see I just took the thing off that was wrapped around it and I opened

it it says trend natural nail care which I like it's like you know sort of fake leather but yeah it will you know it will keep it all in one bag so as you can see it has like the files the long file and like one orange stick or orange wood stick or in this kit as I can see it has like the small version of the nail cream which I don't think it's that bad because I have my own creams that I use so yeah I think I'm very satisfied with this one it's like you know a good tube okay and you know the products over here this are the normal bottles you know the full sizes cuticle remover and here it's alright stuck this one is the cuticle blossom these smell very amazing I mean they are very flowery and such they're just so you can smell them like forever the nail balsam you know nine milliliters or a nice has different colors this one is the new repair I have because I bought them all loose in different packages it was more expensive and I got a nail repair in matte this one just has a regular shine you know like May you don't see the white that much it's like just shine on your own nails but I got the other one in Matt which I maybe

prefer more because I'm more like matter than whole shiny but yeah it's nice and underneath here I don't know if I can get it out but I probably will you know let something fall or you know so in here it's like the brochure everything you need to know about the hand and nail care it's like you know the steps and what's in there and what you have to do and such maybe I can get it like this so like you know sing about how the kneel is like you know build and how did me you know some some history or not here's history but more like some info about Neels dry nails dry cuticles you know that stuff so in here sits at this is the full perfect system as you can see it says perfect system I got to give that so I got a only a smaller version of that one and you know one orange wood stick but I don't mind it at all so it's nice you know at the cuticle remover cuticle bar some explaining some things and how to use it it's all in Dutch so I guess you can't read it if you're not Dutch but it's okay I will explain a bit so the buffer you only use this buffer once per few four weeks because or else your nails will get weak you know you like polish them and yeah yeah natural

nail repair and hand repair yeah I've got these two in this package well I can take them out but you know you can see it already now yeah I'm you know very excited so I will have to try anti nil by you know if you bought nails like I do but I think like yeah and when I you know take care of my nails it will be good so you have also have it in color de nil pair like I've got the mad one and now I've got the normal one it also came Lila beige pink pure pearl pink pearl and mats like I said and anti bite so yeah that's kinda nice top coats you know base coat top coats I also got another set like you know the French manicure set from them the quick dry also have that one nil brighter maybe that's a nice thing for if you have like yellow nails I don't know I got I got this set as well it's like you know very good to used I like the bottle so and this is the thinner they not selling that for a long time because this bottle or not this bottle but you know the products in these these bottles will get maybe like dry if you don't use them that much and you can use the thinner so that's pretty

nice and so you don't waste like products the acetone free nail polish remover I got that one as well it smells amazing it doesn't smell like you know the full chem chemicals so I like that you know some nail stickers you know like accessorized manicure sticks or owned wood sticks you can buy them on eBay or whatever as well if you don't want to pay like for the brand name a white pencil for the nails and a flex tile flexi file I guess it's just like a regular file with some different grits on them and a glass file as well and they carry a lot of colors which is nice if you like Carlos and you can online or you know you can get your own set together like four different colors that you want to have that's is that's pretty nice though so in here what the products does for your nail so that's the brochure that came with it and yeah I'm pretty excited to use it so like you know the back and this so yeah let me know if you have any questions or you know I'm not sure if you can buy it in you know the United States or you can ship it or you know you have to find out because I don't know it as well it's just like I'm

showing you what products I got and tell you about trends because it's really amazing you should try it so thank you for watching and I hope it was helpful and yeah have a nice day and good nails bye