22 March 2017


Hello loves! Today I am doing a trendy and cheap try on haul! I also share where I like to buy my cheap clothes! Trendy clothes for cheap!! Come Check out ...

come on my beautiful Mik let's welcome

back to my channel or hello if you're new today I'm going to be doing a try on haul and I haven't done a haul in so long a lot of the pieces I actually picked out are super trendy especially going into the spring in summer season so if you guys want to see that make sure you guys keep watching and if you might cause me a thumbs up because I feel like hauls have left and to be honest a haul for the first videos I ever watched on YouTube so with that being said the question of the day today is going to be what was your first video you've ever watched on YouTube like what kind of types is it Beauty videos music with the gaming videos I'd love to know so leave a comment down below and let me know and there's this thing I do in every single video and that is if you go over right now to my Instagram you follow me and comment on my latest but I'll tell me you're coming from in this video I will go spam you as login to your house or not private so don't do that to me don't do it and let's just jump into the ball so I'm going to start first with up bra and you guys know I've worked with them before actually and I did a whole big hospital using their

bras so if you haven't seen that video definitely go watch it because it's such a good video for us girls I got a lot of good tricks and pick up my sleeve but I actually got to my bras from that I got the white one which I'm so happy I don't have any plain white bras like no embellishments on them so this is going to come in handy the reason why these bras are so amazing do they give you a nice push up and you touch it it's not like it's like so padded that you're wearing like pillows girls I know you feel me and as well and it has a little grips on the inside so it's really going to stay so even if you want to wear this one strapless you could you can take out the bra strap and as well what's super cool is you can make the pushup superbe by using these two little straps here you just pull them out and you can put them to a cording how big you want your cleavage to be I also explained it in my food packs video so if you haven't seen that once again gelfling go check it out and I also picked up this one in nude and this is their strapless bra and it does come with also a strap as well but I thought a new strapless bra would be super necessary I just think new goes

with everything and especially I you always see drawers underneath tops and it's just not a cute look sometimes and it's not the same thing as well where it has little grips on the inside and then you can also adjust your cleavage by pulling the bands down here and it's really going to push it up especially this is super going to feel like prom weddings event where you need a good quality strapless bra where you're not going to have to constantly pull it up I hate that struggle actually they were able to give me a coat so if you guys use a coat nicoletta up bra you'll get $10 off I don't get anything from that you'll just get $10 off your purchase so if you're going to buy it might as well get $10 off and I'll be there linked down below for you guys but I absolutely recommend them if you want like a really good quality bra and mine has really held up and I use that thing a lot and now I'm sure we want to the clothing pieces that I have I'm gonna start with urban planet yes urban planet I believe in the Canadian story first thing which I got a lot of compliments on from you guys is this off the shoulder top it looks like baby tops cos

is so low and it stretches according to your body I used to Loki used to have this when I was like 7 years old mom I know you know this but you know what it's making combat make me super happy so it's just off the shoulder it's playing back Zach it's plain that plain black they had so many other colors I'm definitely going to pick up a bike so I think white would look super cute with the tan super form-fitting with some high-waisted jeans or some high-waisted shorts in the summertime they were one of their new pieces so I believe it was like 1699 or $17.99 some of the prices aren't on anymore but I kind of remember what they were and then I also got this kind of like maroon or dark wine top and it has a little slit B in the middle which i think is super flattering and then it has like this little fake cross over it's a little bit of a high-low but I love these houses like tucking it into jeans showing a bra lessor lace bra let peep through I think that's super adorable and this one was on sale is $12.99 but I believe it was half off so this is literally like $6.99 so I was super affordable as well and I just love

this color the body food trend has been going on like crazy and I've been loving body suits lately even though the RL paint when you go to the washroom who else feels that struggle when you go to watch them it just makes me not want to go because you have to like take everything off I know my butt like you guys know I know you guys feel me but I feel like I didn't share all these things so this is just a bodysuit and it's just white is actually such a soft material I love it and I was like struggling I wanted a white body see because I'm just picturing this and I go on vacation and oh my god that scared me I thought this was a person on I like looking eyes on that's being fun or someone moving and I thought it was a person but literally it was my clothes because the story of my life I have problems anyways is that I really wanted a white bodysuit because I think with the tan in high-waisted jeans or D shorts it would look so cute and he actually goes into like a song background which is a little like different I don't have any like that but I guess I guess I want to like painting lines and things like that but it's

super soft as the spaghetti strap and I love that it has a really low back which is what I think is super sexy I don't know lately I've been loving showing like lower back I just think that is so sexy I don't know if that's just me and if I'm weird to let me know about you too let's just take a moment so I specifically bought this because in the summer a lot of us may know I'm going to Greece I can book it yet I am going because I've been seeing every single year I want to go back to Greece I really want to do it this summer so I'm definitely going this year and I bought something so I need to go now bought this jumpsuit and I think it's so cute it's gonna look like a blanket when I show you guys right now but it's 3/4 length on the pant and then it's just a completely a tube top and it cinches at the waist with a belt and then it just has like pockets on the side and it's a navy blue and white and how cute would this be with like brown platform wedges on Santorini just looking out with blue and white everywhere and my nose is running oh that's so classy it blew away everything and just was like my rocker was like a

floppy hat and it's like sunglasses and just staring house into the water and just like a picture now I feel it I believe this review is like $24.99 and they have black and white but like I was thinking Greece 5 so I was like I need to get the blue and white next I'm going to move on to forever 21 so they were so having a couple of sales and I picked up a couple of pieces that were super affordable so I actually just got these jeans and I notice teams with like jewels on it passed that are super in and I was able to pick these beans up which had some patches on the legs which I absolutely love it has a little bit of distressing as well but not too much no like rips such as hello distressing and I actually got this for it was such a good steal guys it was a $13.99 from $45.90 oh I really love that and I love how also the back of the pockets have some distressing as well I just thought it was really different any meat and I like to open like cut the bottoms I think this would be so cute although one thing I wish it was high-waisted because your goal isn't high waisted things but you know what it can't be too picky $13 how can you go

wrong with that and then the last thing is another one of my baby tops because I love baby tops apparently and I couldn't pop this off because I don't have any color like this it's like I'm first orange me and my friend always say burnt orange and we don't even know if that's like a proper way to classify something but like we're going to go with it and it's just off the shoulder with with with the absolute uh blah blah pop it's off the shoulder which I absolutely love and I got it in a size small but extracted accordingly it really is cross but was like high-waisted jeans once again I think it'll be really cute and this was $7.99 on sale from 1790 and I just thought this was really adorable because like look at this so little looking but it stretches look how stretchy does we just dress it stretch the last place I'm going to be talking about an online store oh no if you guys hurry you probably see that maybe I'm like Instagram is a mi Club where Cobb I'll leave the link down below but I actually got a few pieces from there the first piece I'm gonna talk about is eating it flutter or you originally thought this

is going to be like a t-shirt dress but like knit sweater dress but it's definitely way too short can't wear this without leggings underneath but I do still like it I love the lace detailing here it is just this nice cream oatmeal color and I love on the hands as it has little details there as well so I really do like this piece I think it's super adorable with like leggings especially it's still cold here we just have a snowstorm in Toronto can we move on to spring and summer please and then next one is this a tracksuit few piece and I noticed these tracksuit like two-piece set are so in and I am not complaining because they are the most comfortable things ever it comes with a cropped butter with the laces detailing which I absolutely love in black and white and then it disgusting matching a pant sahabi white strip going down the side and have some pockets and they're just like cuddly joggers but there's one thing I want to point out about this website it's the next few pieces that I'm showing you guys this one and in the next to the latest actually didn't come with it like it came with it but you have to put it

in so this wasn't there like it came in a separate package which I thought was a little unusual and I sorta let you guys know because when you receive it or not like wait was because that kind of is what I thought I was like why are so strange this on it already like why do I have to do the work you know putting me to work item for example I swear I dropped one thing I lose an original video if not piece is these high-waisted pants and I love them I've been seeing these pants fall around everywhere on Instagram it just has the late corset agent like all down it the one thing about this it goes all the way up so I don't know how I'd wear some unused but we're going to work with it and see this one think the laces Jake come already done like I have to spend it just maybe 10 minutes each like to put them through each hole so I just want to let you guys know just because you're not like wait what and then the last clothing piece is another two set from them and it just has this crisscross detailing shirt and it's all of these high waisted leggings they're super soft and comfortable the leggings are caught in those so they will shrink

if you put them in the dryer so just a little FYI but I think this is super flattering and it's definitely form-fitting to your body and I actually got any couple shoes from them you guys know I'm a shoe attic and guys I'm in love with these shoes these are my favorite shoes right now I'm in love this guy's it's like these pale think you guys know I've been loving that color the feel heck with little like jewels in them how cute is that it has the plastic straps which I know a lot of people aren't into this like plastic truck but your girl in I don't know I just thought they're really unique and different and you guys know I love shoes are really like different and unique and cool I don't know I think pairing him was like a plane outfit that's like all black and you put these it's like in your face the last pair of shoes and the last thing of the top are these two sizes and Ivan see me go around everywhere too with a little peep toe showing and then I have your field peeking through in the back and one thing I love about this is this is super stretchy and it definitely goes according to your leg it's not going to

go down or anything on your leg which a lot of sigh hi boots you and I did a ton of clothing hacks to try and get a rid of that brawl in solving my closing back videos down below for you guys because you guys are seeming to love it but I think this is super cute Obi so Q with even a t-shirt dress this would definitely look so pretty fabulous thing for my whole I hope you guys liked it if you want more awesome videos thumbs up I'll leave my fashion playlist in the description box screen guys don't forget to click that subscribe button down below to join the Nicholas and Jim Circle uploads every other day here on my channel but I hope you guys are having an amazing day evening or night whenever you're watching this Oh catch you guys in my video bye