20 December 2018

✈️🧳 TRAVEL makeup bag full-face look | MEI

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okay guys welcome back to a brand new

video my name is May and sure you guys look that I come up with when I travel here is my trusty mega bag that carries all of my beloved product these are all the products that I carry with me it's simplified so every single thing that it's in here actually gets used and every single brush that I pack actually gets used so this is my most effective luck and most effective products I like to take with me whenever I travel so I figured I'd show you guys well look I come up with and how quick and easy it is to honestly get done and head out and go do whatever you have to do when you're out traveling so I hope you guys end up enjoying this video don't forget to subscribe to our notifications I post videos Wednesdays and Fridays we want to keep up with me between the week's RAM is made Elysee and let's go ahead and ahead and I put my contacts on if you're interested in knowing which ones they are I'm going to link them down below I honestly really like them they just took forever to get here which is so annoying and what's even more annoying is that it got shipped to me in halves so my order of four contacts came in two

and two and then I have the first half and I don't have the second half yet so it's kind of annoying but the work pretty affordable this isn't a review on the contacts but I'll link it all down below I purchased it myself if you guys are interested in them they're pretty thin very soft and comfortable and it's not like crazy pixelated or anything like that we have a bear face on and I figured I just came back from a trip what better thing to do right now than to show you guys what I pack with me that are just like my absolute staples like these are these are just things that are seriously do me no wrong all the products in here this is from Target this is the London Soho New York makeup bag and I love this so much cuz lasting so long and I've legit spilled just about everything on this and it just wipes off really nice and clean it looks so brand-new have had this again for many years open it it just has a compartment right here for some of your brushes and then it has this mesh net here are all the things that I carried with me it's seriously not even full because as I mentioned these are just my absolute

necessity is my brushes I just always bring a brush case with me I don't like brush roll belt or brush belts too much I just think that this is just so much more convenient because I can have my brushes that I'm about to use in one cup and then my brushes that I have already used in another cup and then when I'm all day I just put them together so these are all the brushes I take with me mainly face brushes and then just a couple of eye brushes go ahead and hop right in my skin is kind of irritated right now cuz I did like a blackhead extraction the other night and now they're just hating me I'm gonna get started with my base this is fnt Beauty Pro filter and mattifying face primer this is hands-down the best primer I have personally used for myself I also feel like it has this type of like skin evening skin blurring technology in it like this primer because it does keep you matte but it's not like a drying mess feels very like hydrating and if anything it leaves your skin with a nice natural like Demi ish matte finish this next part is technically considered a primer as well like to use it as like a Luminizer this is the Becca backlight

priming filter it just has this really really pretty luminosity to it that will just make your skin look super hydrating it's not the kind of Luminizer that'll make you look like you have highlight all over your face but once you put your foundation on top it just looks like you are really really hydrated this is also just my SuperDuper quick and easy makeup look everything in here is just so reliable and I get the look done so fast and I'm obviously not filming a video and what I'm just doing it so for my foundation my trying true Maybelline 24 hour super state foundation I'm in the shade warm nude 128 this hands down is the best foundation right now I've always been a fan of Maybelline when it comes down to their foundation just knock it out of the park and I feel like they just have the best the best finish and they're so affordable and then this is just a be Bella synthetic like buffing brush and ammonia synthetic buffing brushes for your foundations just so that it doesn't get too absorbed into your brush it will absorb it a little bit as opposed to a natural bristle brush it won't take up so much have these phases where I'm so

obsessed with makeup sponges and I'll do everything with a makeup sponge but then there's times where I just kind of like to do it the old-school way you know just brushes this foundation I find is honestly my most long-lasting foundation my face will look so nice and so fresh and even for very long this is my favorite lip balm you guys in the national it sleeping mask for my concealer this is tart shaped tape of course in the shade lights and light mediums yeah this is gonna kind of serve as two purposes I'm gonna use it to conceal my under eyes and then I'm also going to use it as a lip primer for my shadows when I travel I don't really bring eyeshadow primer as I just try my best to bring as little products as possible as concealer just has the most smooth finish that looks so skin like it's crazy by the way you guys yes I do need a lash bill I'm going to get my lashes filled on Friday so that'll be great definitely do for one what's really nice about this like is it's actually my go-to look when I don't know what to wear this is exactly what I'll wear so that's why I always travel with this stuff cuz as I

mentioned it's foolproof for me so next is my Maybelline fit me loose powder this is in the shade fair light and amazing powder I'm using my judo and call velvet sponge I believe I have a code with them if not I'm gonna link it down below it's not wet right now it's actually dry and this is what I use to set my under eye because the fibers pick up loose powder so beautifully like look at this well I Maddy I just start my reverse contour and just brighten up this area of my face i legit set everything to avoid having to pack a pressed powder I just used the same exact powder in my powder brush and kind of whatever just left on the sifter up here is what I use to set the rest of my face just use circular motions to buff it out to bronze my face I actually pack a product that serves as a bronzer and a highlighter I do not know if this is actually available anymore this is such an old product I still use it and I love it so much still but if you have any like dual or trio type of palettes those are really good products to travel with and to pack in your bag this is the makeup forever duo sculpting powder and

this is the shade 2 this bronzer is definitely an orange bronzer but I just go very light handed with it just to warm up my skin this is the highlighter that I will be using today also which like look at this highlight it is insane it is just as metallic as my backdrop scrub a little bit of this bronzer because as I mentioned it is pre orange you know I just put this on the perimeter my face I always start off on my forehead because I feel like if you're kind of iffy like you're not sure how much that tap on the product was you can always just test it on your forehead first you know when you're bronzing you always want to kind of move upwards and don't drag it down here and I always work out of my Kat Von D shade in like this has everything I need for bronzing and contouring but the bronzers in here just isn't as opaque as this one is as you can see that's why I like to pack the makeup for everyone as well so I'm just mixing these two shades and kind of going on top of the bronzer that I had already put just to tone the orange now I'm gonna take this shade and the Kat Von D shade + light and very light

handedly just to deepen the base of this I don't want to do too much like see that's that's probably as deep as I'd want to go and then for my nose I kind of just do the old trick where you pinch the brush and just warm up the sides of your nose I am the worst that nose contouring I honestly don't think I'll ever know how to master nose contouring so what I do is I just warm up the sides of my nose I don't even really contour it taking the highlights that I showed you earlier depending on how intense I want it to be I would spray my face first with like finishing spray always packed this Smashbox primer water all over and then intensify it I mean as you can see it's intense regardless without even having to spray it so I'm just gonna keep it this intensity I love highlighting the bridge of my nose right here it just kind of makes everything pop and then I've been doing this trick lately where I will highlight my forehead and I feel like it just makes your skin look more hydrated this is a morphe blush trio and pop of rose and what's nice is this product has three different types of blood mix these two which is

legendary and driven honestly the quality of it is really nice this blush or pretty much done at the face let's go ahead and go into my brows they are looking a little Ashley a lot of Ashley this is the Java Brown to me brow pencil and gel and what I like to do is I just get a brush and I just kind of dust the excess product off of them first and going with the pencil this is in the shade chocolate brown and I just intensify the color of my brows again this can see it intensified with the pencil and then my brows without the pencil every so often while I do my makeup I just go in and rebrand for my eyes this is a palette that I had pieced together from Mac and it basically has all the colors that I literally need for absolutely any look I can go as light as I want as dramatic as I want it's colorful as natural as neutral whatever I also recently discovered the way you can pop this out is by pushing the bottom corner and it just pops the colors out so there are three colors in this pot that I like to use so I'm gonna get into is Swiss chocolate and I just use this kind of like pinched buffer brush for Swiss chocolate and this is

gonna be my Oliver lid color but I love about this look is it so just legit effortless you don't really have to put much effort in it you just kind of put it on and buff it out and you gotta look out to buff it all out I'm taking soft brown with an morphe M 504 brush and I just put this all over soft Brown is going to be my buffing color soft brown honestly for any look that you do is just the perfect transitional color or just the kind of color you would want to just blend everything out and I brushed just a little bit of Swiss chocolate on the outer corner of my eye and lastly for my brow bone I take the shade green this is a really nice just soft ringy shade that just gives a nice bounce of light I feel like grain is so underestimated it's really a beautiful shade it's honestly my favorite liquid lipstick formula hands-down known to man this is smashbox always on liquid lipstick and it legit is always on so i like to pack this to me when i travel because i don't know what i'm gonna be doing that day or on that trip if i'm gonna go to an event or if it's

something just casual or whatever it is i just know that this color will always stay on my lips even through eating even through being out late and not touching up this is in the shade fair game a really nice nude color but this formula is so nice and comfortable and it's so mad see what I mean it's just so pretty so here we have you guys this is the look that I always creates whenever I travel and I do my Luck's out of my makeup traveling bag I hope you guys liked it honestly it's so easy to do certainly might go to look weather even if I'm not traveling and I'm at home and I just need to throw something on that I know will work really really well for me this is what I always do so I hope you guys enjoy please don't forget to subscribe and turn on your notifications bell for videos on Wednesdays and Fridays if you'd like to keep up with me between the week my Instagram is made of let's see I'll see you guys next time bye