08 July 2017


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hey guys okay it's a previous video I

thought I would share with you some tips and tricks the I do every day with my makeup that helped to effeminate my face and helped to kind of use some of my dysphoria for my everyday kind of makeup routine fun fun pretty being pretty Allegan exciting ladies so before I get started I just want to say that everybody is different everybody has different skin type own structures and thern flaws not everything I say in this video is going to work for you the that's the art and that's the exciting thing about makeup is that you can always try something new and you're always evolving and your o be learning new tips and tricks so basically my goal for this video is to share with you a couple of the tips and tricks that I've learned over the past couple years how to more feminized my face some aha moments that I've had recently not mistakes but things that I've learned when I apply my makeup now I realized what I was doing before wasn't actually really helping to achieve the look that I was actually going for so I encourage you to take some tips and tricks from this video but I do however want you to refrain from following each step

according to as I say it because again everybody's face is different and you need to do what's right for you yeah lip gloss nobody likes lip gloss in the corners of their mouth alright so assuming it was just a little bit of foundation on I have recently been loving the Josie Maran a vibrancy foundation the foundation is so glowy I use the shade RG 50 berry very rarely you will use the foundation on its own if I do it will be that one but I always mix that foundation with other things because I feel like that is a nice hydrating foundation it has a good coverage but I also like to mix it with something I had a little bit more longevity and a little bit more staying power so recently I've been enjoying the Milani concealing imperfect two in one this is in the lightest shade my friend Vicki actually bought it and it's too dark for her so she knows that I like to color myself up and use the foundation that's a little bit too dark for me and so she gave it to me I have an absolutely thank you guys I've learned over the years that with the type of skin that I

have I have a little bit more texture and I can't do than that look it's everything just looks dry it looks textured it looks worse it just doesn't look as flawless and radiant if it's not on me personally so we always mix in a couple of these custom cover drops I literally do like five I'll do three of this one and two of this one I found that in photos especially if I have it matte more matte skin the texture of my skin shows a lot more wear if it's dewy and below B it kind of blurs and it kind of just looks fresh and and if it's not it just looks dull and kind of old which isn't cute at all I do use my trusty dusty trusty dusty just being handy-dandy I love a degree blender it makes everything so quick and easy and it also helps you to not apply too much product so it keeps you from kind of kind of packing on the product and getting a cakey look if you don't have one and you struggle with using your fingers or struggle with a brush grab the B blender alright so I have been using this NARS soft matte concealer this is in the shade creme brulee I've been using that on my lids lady I do have the type of eyelid to

crease so I do try to use more of a matte base on my eyelid but I feel like it doesn't matter what I do I always decreasing all right so lately I've been loving the Too Faced palette peach Too Faced palette it smells like peach it has beautiful colors in it so I will take just and cream all over and then I'll use a little bit of white peach in my inner corner so then I'll take Georgia and candied peach I'll kind of just throw those in my crease the whole idea that I've realized since doing my makeup for the past two years is that sometimes less is more when you have harsh shapes when you have harsh lines on your face already so a strong jawline or strong nose you don't necessarily want to go in with anything too harsh on your face you want to kind of soften everything out as much as you can so as you can see aters have a little bit of peach up there it's not dramatic at all it's just enough to give me a little bit of definition and I love it one of the biggest things that I've been doing recently pretty much everyday I'll throw on a pair of lashes lashes to me make a big huge different and if you can master the art

of applying false lashes I feel like it makes such a difference in the way that well first of all in the way that I feel secondly in the way that I look lashes make you look so feminine so easily so even if you don't feel like you have the challenge to do eye shadow lashes will make you look so much more feminine so quickly so I'm going to go off camera and I'm going to apply some lashes and I'll be right there lashes are arguably the hardest thing about makeup about learning how to do makeup without applying makeup the most difficult thing I've learned so far or how to do to myself lashes on other people totally fine not just on myself hard if you're out there trying to put lashes on don't give up yes it feels so hard yes it feels like you'll never get it that's how I felt when I first started so just keep trying because literally you'll get it I have faith in you I promise you'll get it softer lashes I like to do some brows one of the things that kind of learned over the years though brows is that I know it's a big trend to have huge fluffy browser now and yes you can do that and just do whatever you want but if you want to

look more feminine having big fluffy brows is awesome as long as they're not too huge and as long as they structure your face accordingly I've also noticed too that for my face shape it looks a lot more feminine when I don't bring my eyebrows too close together it looks more con than when I let them be farther apart although I do like when I bring them close together because then it makes my nose look smaller so it's up and down for me sometimes I'll gel them really close sometimes I'll draw them farther apart I'm always using this bully to kind of brush everything out I too long eat the tail just a little bit I'm so weird to say something that grows literally it is so easy to go overboard on our growth and especially I want them to be they're never going to be perfect but I love them just because let's be honest it could be a lot worse alright now that I have my brows on I'm going to go in into a little bit more complexion so basically I'm going to go in with this dandelion twinkle from benefit it is just a really soft pretty highlighter I don't necessarily do a strong strong highlight on my cheeks every day because as we know

highlight does emphasize texture and I do feel like I have a lot of texture on my cheeks but every day I do like this one because it it does add a highlight but it also kind of blurs your skin out a little bit so a tiny little tip I actually sometimes take eyeshadow Zsasz blushes so kind of whatever I'm wearing on my eye I'll just take on my blush brush blush is something is that I've been switching up a lot lately I've been trying to find a way to do my blush that I really feel latter's my face and give them more of a round feminine shape as opposed to a strong structured shape I feel if I do like a strong strong contour strong strong blush it really emphasizes my thinness so I like to just kind of smile and apply the blush is the highest the outer half the highest outer half of my cheek and then I'll kind of blend it and soften it up but that's where I apply it first because wherever you apply a product first that's where it is going to be the most pigmented and sometimes I just go over a little bit more to give that color and since I don't set my face as powder I do kind of like to top a lot first sometimes when you don't see your face with the powder

when you're applying powder on top of something white and you're trying to blend it kind of sticks and they'll kind of pick up your foundation to be a little bit more careful of that so contouring I found because I have such a sharp structure to my jaw I found that it doesn't necessarily help a lot I feel like it just makes me look more sharp and more manly if I do it the wrong way so I actually use the cap on G shade + light eye palette and the shade at the top right in the middle it's called Lazarus this shade right here is actually a nice cool gray toned gray literally grey and I use that to contour so one of my biggest insecurities and one of the biggest things that bring me in just forea daily would have to be my nose I feel like my nose is large for is the size of my face and I feel like I have a big lump on my nose so I will take kind of like a flat concealer looking brush with that gray color and I will just draw a line on this side draw a line on the other side one thing you want to be careful of when you're contouring your nose is that it's wide here and then it gets smaller here and then gets wider at

the end don't put the contour where your rv's sin because it will just emphasize the center part even more I make the lighter parts to look why you kind of have to just do the parts that are bigger so that you're counteracting my nose contour is something that I haven't mastered yet I'm still trying new techniques I'm still figuring out day by day but lately this is what I've been doing to kind of use my dysphoria that my known as far as contouring the rest of my face I don't necessarily do it every day the one place I will kind of do and I'll take the same color is my jaws such as kind of sticks out so I will put a little bit of the contour is their second statement so I focus it right here where it's the most part routing you wander around chin a little tiny bit Dominic and that's the most I will do on a day of the OH bitchy nose but sometimes I'll take the contour and just build my cheekbones a little bit this is also something that I haven't really figured out what I like the most on me I haven't really found perfectly for me to contour that I absolutely love it on myself I feel like every time I go

to do it I will do it a different way but basically you want to follow your try guess and it's very important when I do it that I don't bring it too far because it can kind of again make my face look slimmer that's the idea of contouring or your other giving definition or your swimming something out making something look smaller alright so another thing that I've been doing lately as I've been taking some eyeshadow just some brown and some black it doesn't really matter what I should have you used I was putting on my hairline because I feel like kind of crappy hairline even though my hair actually sits nice and frames my face when my hair does move away say it's blowing in the wind or something I find that I know it kind of upsets me my hairline the shape of my hairline and I typically do that daily because something again that brings me dysphoria in my everyday life so all the little things that I can do to help my dysphoria is what I will do daily so yeah adding that shadow in if you don't have like a bad hairline you don't need to do it but it just kind of gives you more of a rounder shape you

can do it however you feel like you need to whatever colors you need to obviously have blond hair you're not amused bottom black it might be a little bit trickier with blond hair but if you have red hair whatever use warmer Browns more red I think it was John Hill I thought I did that and I'm like in a month I need to have two already we're almost at the end depending on how I'm feeling and how much sleep I've had I will take that same NARS concealer with that brush and add a little bit and when I do this I like to bring the concealer up to where I put that line on my nose because it helps to again give the illusion of a thinner nose I also like to bring it down beside the nose and then out in this triangle shape that you see every youtuber and every celebrity doing not something new that's going to give me a volume in my cheeks this side of my nose is like the words I swear and the last thing I do - what feminize Mike's face which I feel like a lot of people do it's not like a secret it's not you know groundbreaking or anything but I will over draw my lips a little bit so I've been actually liking I just bought the cheap essence lip liner

because I realized I didn't have any lip liners I didn't feel like spending a lot of money on them I'm going to have this white color it's called materia just moisturizing by lipstick it's not super mad or anything I don't overdraw dramatically kind of just over draw it here at the sides and then a little bit on my Cupid's bow and then like a tiny bit underneath my lips but like I don't go too overboard with it tells myself I'm not going to go overboard and then proceeded to go completely overboard yeah this is my everyday kind of go to look I do the lashes pretty much everyday I do a little bit in the crease pretty much every day I do my brows like this every day I do the hair every day I do this live almost every day if I'm not doing something special for my lips the jaw line pretty much every day the confer in my cheeks I don't do every day I just want to show you that if I do decide to do it that's kind of like how I do it I don't bring it too far in I don't do it too structured again more structure sometimes makes your looks more manly I don't know I don't know how

is this a it yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it inspired you to take some tips and tricks and to try them to do it yourself if you're out there and you're going through dysphoria and you have a similar concern as to what I go through every day hopefully is that these tips and tricks help you I have faith in all of you don't be discouraged practice hard and most importantly have fun with it I'm going to go now don't forget to follow my Instagram down below and I will see in my next video I'm [Music]