21 December 2018

Top makeup for Halloween 2018| 2018 أعلى ماكياج لجميع القديسين | Топ-макияж для Хэллоуина 2018

Top makeup for Halloween 2018| 2018 أعلى ماكياج لجميع القديسين | Топ-макияж для Хэллоуина 2018 In this video, we collect all the best Helloween...

good evening it is disturbingly close to

Christmas like I can't even believe how close the curtains it is we're like under a week now so Christmas I just went out that all that Christmas shopping at the last one of the thing that I was searching for I can't see what I was searching for because I'm pretty sure my little cousins watched my YouTube videos and I can't give it away in this video I'm going to show you how to turn yourself and do the ghost of Christmas present which actually if you wanted to go pretty intense with your Christmas makeup you actually could wear this face look it is we're all just depends how intense you want to go with your face that's all still glitter like all over my beanie which by the way here's your wondering it this room is still it I've had a lot of the glitter cleaned up from the last video but not all of it you enjoy this video or any of my Christmas videos please make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and make sure you have a little bail notification turned on so you know what I post a video been a while since I've done like an actual beauty beauty look and they really matters the order that you do this

as long as you do it should have the same outcome first going to fill in my eyebrows I just use a pencil to fill in my eyebrows I don't go into the fifty million thousand products for my eyebrows you may do as you wish [Music] I might end up filling them a little bit thicker later on but for right now I'm just going to leave it at that and I'm gonna go ahead and apply eye primer to both eyes eyelids I'm just making this up as I go a lot so and I'm going to apply a base color eyeshadow on my lid and then probably gonna stick very much to the naked cherry Paulo because it has a lot of pink tones in it I'm going to use a little bit of like a medium pink in my crease and then gradually make that darker I'll just kind of stay in within the palette knowing the rest of what I want to do for the rest of the look I'm also gonna take some like legit red eyeshadow and just add that in my crease and blend that in with the other colors I also know that I want to incorporate gold so I think I'm going to add this gold eyeshadow from Mac it's called make a wish on my eyelid underneath that I'm also gonna give it a

little base of a gold eyeshadow even though these are pretty pigmented because I use this my last look as well the silver though not the gold oh yeah that definitely didn't need a base lope I'm not gonna hop around a little bit an ad my foundation on and a little bit of concealer work I need it which is mainly this giant vein that likes to hang out underneath my eye before finishing the rest of my which also for my foundation I pretty much just used foundation and squish it on my face and then powder easy to finish on my eyes I'm also going to continue this same like dark cherry I'm gonna call in a cherry because from the cherry palette it's called devilish I'm just gonna apply it right underneath my lower lash line I'm also gonna add a little bit of brown just to darken up my outer corners I'm gonna go ahead and add a brown eyeliner and see how I feel about it you can definitely add black if you're gonna be wearing this to like your Christmas party this and that but I'm gonna go with Brown just based on the rest of the look that I'm planning on doing now on this look to be very nice in loveable warm feeling I do have natural freckles

that are like right on my nose and in my cheeks as long as I'm in the Sun like but I'm in a sunny state right now but since they've been covered up I can either draw them in or I can just take off part of my foundation here I'm equally going to take off part of my foundation here and then go in and just trace them I'm going to do this using an eyebrow marker evilly I'm also going to make some of them look more fake than they do real because I want them to be very like visible for this character [Music] I'm then going to add a good amount of blush to both cheeks as I want it to just be very jolly Elsa had a little blush to my nose and then a little bit just kind of scattered around my face now for my lips unfortunately I do not have a red lipstick with me so I'm going to be using a red body paint but I'm going to give it a base of whisper from new sticks just to start the reason I want to show you guys a nude lip also is because if I were wearing this out this is how I would wear it I don't normally wear red lipstick out but if you were to wear red lipstick this is what it would look like as long as it has more like a

purpley tone in the lipstick itself but this is body paint my body of Christmas present I wanted to do more of like a beautiful tight poinsettia just kind of draping down my chest so I'm first going to fill in the pattern of the poinsettias using an IRA marker [Music] I'm gonna take some light brown eyeshadow and just outline around all the outlines of every point set it's gonna look a little confusing for right now but it's gonna create a nice base shadow before we go ahead and add the rest of the color in the flowers is gonna feel really dark right now we're also going to add a very light black very dark grey however you want to describe it or of a charcoal kind of color towards the air parts where it is touching more towards the flower if that makes sense where the darker shadow would be it may end up even darkening it up even more after I put the color on anyways I'm not gonna fill in all the flowers using a darker red it might get a little confusing because there's so many parts to each flower but that's okay and you know looking at it it might be easier for me to explain one at a

time for you guys or else I think you're gonna be a little overwhelmed seeing so much red and then can go on using a lighter red mixed with white to add the highlights to all the areas all the flowers on each petal to separate everything [Music] now going back and mixing together that dark red and black I'm going to make a darker run to create all the shading in between the petals [Music] and then gonna take a little bit of black eyeshadow and darken up those sections as well as go back with the same highlight color and we highlight the outer edges [Music] and then just add the center of the points out I would just more like a golden color you can then follow the rest of the points that is you have drawn doing it the exact same way but making sure that when you add these flowers underneath you're also going to create the shadow that's underneath the flower that's above it in other words when you paint your other flowers make sure you shade the flower that is above

that flower [Music] yeah I'm definitely glad you did one flower at a time you guys put a bit confused [Music] I'm just gonna add a little bit of leaves in some spots using a darker gray body and a lighter green body clean just a tie in because I'm also gonna have a green headpiece and because poinsettias have leaves I actually just ended up using one green adding a lot of water in some spots and not a lot of water in other spots to make it look more like water colors I ended up liking the way that it looks so I just kept that and I'm going to apply fake eyelashes recrawl my hair a little bit so I want to be more fluffy and grab my headpiece [Music] arrghh ahead b-side has got like the cheapest garland that I could find tied it around my head and then I also found little ornaments and stuff to just kind of stick in there to make it more of like you know a pretty headpiece not like cheap garland just stuck her on my head

we're just exactly what it is but it looks nice in case you missed the ghost of Christmas past I will link that somewhere around the video and now I'm off to go take pictures and eaten enchilada goodbye [Music]