09 November 2018

Top Deal + Free Items Dollar General | 🚨3 Day Sale🚨

dollargeneral #dollargeneral #deals #couponing Hey guys we have three days to take advantage of some great essential stock ups! Not to mention there are ...

hey guys welcome back to Christina

explains it all I have some good news Donna general is having a sale for the next three days today tomorrow and Saturday on Sparkle paper towels I feel like that's just a great deal because paper towels are like a necessity and the holidays are approaching us which means family will be visiting we may be cooking and the kids will be at home and they'll be spilling like you need to get your paper towels okay so they're normally five dollars in the store they're on sale for 375 but if you are lucky enough to have the RetailMeNot that came out always check your top corner that's a little secret to know what day it came out this came out the November the fourth issue you already tell me not dollar fifty of sparkle paper towel coupon this is exactly what it looks like if you don't have that additional savings don't worry you can go ahead and get the dollar fifty off digital coupon which is already on your Dollar General app go ahead and clip it like clip it now I have learned the hard way about seeing a really good coupon not clipping it this great deal will come out and then I have no savings in the way it frustrates me I can't even

put into words so if you guys have already clipped your Dollar General sparkle paper towels that's excellent if you haven't please please please go ahead and click your dollar fifty off coupon so I'm just going to kind of walk you through my first transaction so I guess it was three dollars and seventy five cents I got each pack for two dollars and twenty five cents which I felt like was a good deal I have a total of twelve paper towels like that's excellent deal and then I wanted to go ahead and grab some freebies I don't know if you guys know about this or not but there is a new coupon we just got on Dial soap that I feel like it's awesome it's two dollars off two bottles of down soap it doesn't specify the size so I went ahead and tried it with the Dial soap trial sighs I got this spring water cuz I feel like it's really refreshing and just like overall a really good scent and when I try to guys guess what it works so these were completely free I wanted to get more so I did my first transaction I've got my sparkle paper towels and I got my dog soap and that came to let's see my subtotal my

subtotal is four dollars and fifty cents and your taxable vary based on where you live so I went ahead and did my second transaction which just consisted of the two Dial soap travel size which I kind of found a little more on the end cap because my Dollar General doesn't have a big Travel section but if you check your ink caps and your side caps there's like little boxes and nobody stuff of travel sizes I ended up getting both of these for free my tax I did have to pay on it was 21 cents so not bad at all overall everything was just like an excellent deal I think you guys should definitely go at least do the first transaction for 50 subtotal you just really can't beat that you just can't beat that from our first transaction I'm like let me go ahead and just grab another for 21 cents like you can't beat this deal stock up if you guys do decide to wait cuz I know a lot of people will wait for the 5 of 25 which is this Saturday 2 things you should know because I'm not sure if you do know or if you don't the 5 off 25 is not digitally clipped right now if you did not clip your 5 off 25 digital clip when you first had it it's gone and the only way you're gonna get it is if you

generate like a coupon maybe in the store double check the date that prints because some people were saying in their area the five offer 25 that's printing in the store is like for the following Saturday so some people are saying if you didn't digitally clip it it's not available I have some coupons um at the bottom of my receipts for this Saturday so just be checking about the bottom of your receipts for this coming up Saturday and my second thing I would warned you guys a little bit about make sure you get your five boss 25 that's priority but my second thing is these are going quick I went today today's the first day in my area the entire shelf was gone I was literally standing there looking so dumbfounded I'm like where are all the paper towels and they were all gone there was one left and I found the end cap they had a bunch stopped more maybe they're kind of trying to hide it because they know they're gonna go quick I think they're gonna go really quick me personally I don't want to wait till Saturday because I feel like I had enough to come and stock up and you know I didn't really need as much if you guys do wait in your area isn't really known

for like the couponers or people who are really like deal savvy kind of coming in and doing their what they do that you might be okay so let me know what you guys think if your store was fully stocked how's it looking like drop your state maybe in the comments and let us know how it's looking and also if you guys were able to get your hands on your 5 off 25 if not go out tonight or tomorrow just definitely take it in into this deal cuz 2:25 first six rolls of paper towels you can't beat that in free travel body wash I mean dial or stocking stuffers for coworkers hey whatever you want to do but you just can't beat this deal let me know if this video guys and this video helped you guys love you guys talk to you soon please don't forget to subscribe like and share talk to you later bye