21 December 2018


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hello everybody welcome back to my channel thank you so much for watching today I said I'm gonna show you these goats bleat early and dramatic make it look to you that night I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial if and I see how I got this look please keep on watching don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you still didn't and follow me on Instagram to see more pictures of my work and let's begin so let's get started in my skin alreadyapplied the primary photo finish by Smashbox and also a little bit of mascara this neo mascara by Smashbox please they x-rayed it and now in my skin I'm gonna apply the foundation burn is very much face it in the shade porcelain this is my new favorite at the moment I love this foundation and to apply I'm gonna use this my new favorite brush by ivor the number eight zero six [Music] [Music] now under my eyes in to highlight a little bit my face I'm going to use the radiance cream concealer by NARS initiated right so I'm gonna play here [Music] [Music]

then I'm gonna blend this highlight using the same brush [Music] [Music] I just feel it my brows using the mineral powder by Sigma I use it this colored here this color here with a small angled brush and now I'm going to apply in my I need the Paint Pots by mag in the shade soft ochre to apply the pink pot I'm gonna use this fluffy angled brush then I'm going to apply just a little bit of product in my eyelid [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and now I'm going to use another eyeshadow base this bit like by NYX in the shade you are I'm going to apply this eyeshadow base using this angled brush and I'm gonna create a harsh line in my outer corner this will be the shape of my makeup so I'm gonna start here like if I am doing angled eyeliner like that and then I start to blend the product [Music] [Music]

and then I'm gonna blend this eyeshadow base is in this cream color brush I'm gonna blend just the inside here and here I want to keep this harsh line in our corner this will just help to create a contrast in this makeup look then I'm gonna blend here the lower lash line [Music] [Music] in my crease I'm gonna play the color nutmeg by artistic makeup and supply nice color and going in circular motions I'm gonna use this air brush brush if the shadows are so good and really pigmented so be careful I'm going to place first this color like these and then I start to blend [Music] now I'm gonna is the same eyeshadow you may lower lashline [Music] and assuming my crease I'm going to fly using the same brush the color coca also by artists that make up this time I'm going to apply just a little bit of product and concentrates color here in my planner [Music] in another corner I will apply this black eyeshadow also by art stuff makeup

is the shade black smoke with this crease brush when ad is slowly discolor and removing the excess of product I'm gonna place this color here a little the time and blame [Music] [Music] in my ideal english space without any shell I'm gonna play the color droppers this beautiful gold shade using this normal shadow brush other brushes that I'm using are from Sigma Beauty and use a shell is really pigmented because it's shimmery so be careful and I'm gonna apply this color [Music] on top of this gold eyeshadow I'm gonna apply this glitter by urban decay this is the color Midnight Cowboy [Music] now I'm gonna line my eyes isn't it a liner by Seema in the color wicked when their liner feels a little bit dry you can apply it drops off the parts alley where they go to Victor e to solve a little bit the product and make easy to apply so I'm going to just apply a little bit [Music] now I'm going to buy the falsies they

say Oh Kermie value the beauty is a really beautiful style of fake lashes I love this now I'm gonna play my lashes to blend together my fake lashes with my natural lashes this x-rated mascara by Smashbox I love this mascara it's so cool now I'm going to contour my face using this palette by velvet 259 I'm gonna in this color here to contour and this one to highlight and to apply these colors I'm gonna make three jobs of the first Ally [Music] and then to blend organize the same brush that I apply the foundation [Music] now I'm gonna set everything the place is in the powdered translucent by Laura Mercier I love this powder and chocolate this powder I'm gonna his lip brush it's followed Esther by speaking about my favorite to apply any powder or blush or bronzer in my lips and on his three product emma is the dip concealer by Sigma in the shade all say halo I'm gonna is also the lip contour by her the beauty in the color bombshell and the liquid lipstick by Smashbox in the color setting out

[Music] for blush I'm going to use the color Betty name by Sigma beauty this beautiful lights curl and I'm gonna is the same brush that is it to apply the powder for a minor owner is the candlelight glow by trace it indicate warm glow and the brush that I'm using is high cheekbone highlighter all the brushes that I'm using are from Sigma Beauty so this is my love is thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video as I did as I see you in the next videos [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]