27 November 2018

TOP 5 TUESDAYS - Eyeshadow Brushes

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

I've got another top 5 Tuesday's for you today and Mona and I decided we were going to talk about our favorite eyeshadow brushes so if you're interested in hearing what my top 5 favorite eyeshadow brushes are then just keep on watching so just a couple things before we get into my top 5 list this is a series that I do in collaboration with the glam doctor Mona Cohn I will leave a link to her video and to her channel down below in my description box definitely check her out if you haven't already I think most of you here have probably already checked out Mona but don't forget to check out her video I can't wait to hear what her favorite brushes are but because I think we have very very different brush collections so I'm excited to see what she picks the other thing I wanted to mention is this makeup look if you are interested in this makeup look I'll be posting a playing with makeup video where I created this look using like lost forgotten loves in my makeup collection I'll be posting that I think tomorrow on Wednesday so definitely keep an eye out for that don't forget to subscribe to me if you're interested in this content and

let's get into this top 5 I bet most of you if you've been watching me for a while can probably pick out at least 3 out of the 5 brushes that I'm going to be mentioning I hesitated to talk about my number one eye shadow brush because they're not making it anymore but I think there are still some out there somewhere so I thought let me just let me just mention it because I use this probably in every single video where I apply eyeshadow so this is the Tom Ford number 13 blending brush I have three here I know I have four of them I don't know her my fourth is roaming around here somewhere but I have three of them that's how much I love this brush Tom Ford recently just changed their brushes over from natural haired over to synthetic hairs so I love love the natural hair brushes this is undyed goat hair it just picks up product a Lay's product down beautifully it blends product beautifully and I talked about one of my videos how because Tom Ford brushes are made by hakuhodo over in Japan and they hand make all of these brushes they're like hand rolled and hand like placed into the ferrule so that none of these brushes are actually

cut into the shape so because of that a lot of handmade brushes you know even though they're the same model will look a little bit different so the very first time for number three rush I got is the most domed and that is my favorite and all the subsequent ones that I purchased are a little bit pointy er you can see that this one is slightly point here and then this one is like point a do you see how pointy that one is so I think a lot of people enjoy a blending brush that has just a little bit of a tip there I don't I like ones that are completely domed out otherwise I feel like I would use a different brush if I was looking for something with a point I mean you know you can angle your brush anyway and kind of get the effect that you want but when it comes to a blending brush i really enjoy the dome tub so my original tub for number 13 blending brush is my absolute absolute favorite favorite brush i have two really really kind of baby this one the second brush i'm going to mention is kind of a cheat because it's two different brushes but it is the Soniaji worker one brush and worker two brush i thought i would just mention these

together because they are essentially the exact same brush except for the hair type so we've got goat hair and we've got undyed goat hair so undyed hairs are a little bit more universal you could say they're a little bit more a jack-of-all-trades because you can use them with cream products if hair has been dyed you run the risk of kind of leeching that dye when you use it with a cream or liquid I personally have never experienced that problem when it comes to dyed goat hair but there is always that possibility so you should always use undyed natural hairs with creams and liquids and so that's what I use my worker twos for I always use these for like my potted liquid eyeshadows it blends them out perfectly and I love the shape of these so again they're the exact same shaped brush and I love the worker one that died goat hairs for powder because once you die the bristles they kind of become a little bit more grippy and so these actually pick up powder probably an imperceptible amount more than the undyed goat hairs but I just like to kind of separate the two you know use this for powders use this for creams if

I'm desperate or if I'm traveling and I need to just bring like one I don't have a lot of room I'll bring the work or two because I know I can use both but the Soniaji bristles are so soft they're really really magnificent brushes these are so densely packed that they pick up a ton of product and because of the way they're shaped they're flat but they're also kind of thick so I think this is the most universally shaped brush that I have where I feel like I can use it as a flat shader I can use it as a blender if I want maybe not circular motions but I can definitely kind of work a shadow out if I need to in a blending kind of way if they're just fantastic and because it comes to a point - if you just like come at yourself like at a 90 degree angle you can really get along your lash line and even use this as a liner brush it's definitely not gonna be quite as precise as like a pencil brush but if you're in a rush and you're just sort of wanting to use just like one brush and not fuss with all these other ones this I feel like is your best bet for that like yeah it just serves so many different purposes and then speaking of flat

shader brush is this is my absolute favorite this is the Haku hoto j55 23 and this is undyed goat hair and I just I don't know I just love the shape of this again it just has that soft curve at the top it's flat but not too flat it really is kind of like a finger so I love using this with the darker shadows and just placing this and kind of patting shadow along my outer corner that is pretty much how I use this of course I'm going to do like a one shadow kind of look I'll you know kind of put this all over my lid but I like to Pat with this and then I will just sort of gently go back and forth with it I don't necessarily use like windshield wiper motions with this brush but I'll like shimmy it across my lid to kind of blend it in and it just works perfectly and then I've got another Soniaji brush here this is the Builder one so this brush is great it is it starts really fat and it gets really really thin at the top here and it's it's so firm and it's so densely packed it's great for picking up those hard to pick up kind of like shimmer shades it's also great like if your shadows have developed a little bit of a hard pan these brushes like cut

right through there so this is builder one there's also a builder - which is bigger but I thought I would mention this one because I like to use this as a liner brush as well because the tip of this is so thin that it makes a super super liner brush it just makes for a really really precise placement of shadows so I like using it kind of like in the inner corner for like highlights if I want to place some down here if it's perfectly right here for me it's just a wonderful brush again there's like so many uses for this brush that you can come up with really great and then last but not least is a brush that I probably don't use that often but it is such a uniquely shaped brush to me and I think it does such an amazing job if you want to just deepen the outer corner of your eye out and this is the isom w 36 brush it's amazing this is sable hair and it has basically a round ferrule but then it's cut at this angle I like to dip this into a dark shade and because you know this brush is pretty fluffy you're most likely not going to like mistakenly put down too much eyeshadow and so I'll like dip it into some dark color I'll place it at an

angle right here like wherever you want to place it and then I just flick it across and you get this nice kind of like sharp line and then it just blends it in really really seamlessly you know what I'm gonna demonstrate this particular brush because it is so unique I'm just gonna go into a dark brown shade I have my Armani quad here and number two Almonte premier I'm just kind of patting the brush onto the pan I'm gonna tap off any excess and then I'm going to place this at the angle that I want and I'm gonna flick it's a little bit weird cuz I have mascara on it's kind of in the way but I'm gonna flick and it's like this instant deepening of that outer corner and like an instant blend so so easy I just love it for that it's a perfect shape and it just blends like beautifully and like that's it you just added quite a bit of dimension in there and of course if you don't have any more pigment on here you can just go in and just blend out to your heart's desire but it gets that initial placement down like perfectly alright so that is it for my top 5 I brushes so I'm just realizing that all of my favorite brushes no surprise our

natural hair brushes those are my favorite types but I am exploring synthetic hair brushes a little bit more so I think I'll be doing like a top 5 synthetic hair brushes once I kind of create a list I'm playing around with a lot of them anyway don't forget to check out the glam dr. mona cons video and her channel again the links are down below and subscribe if you haven't already I'll see you in my next video you