20 December 2018

Top 5 Favorite Concealer | Jeaxe

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I so welcome back to another video this

video will be my top 5 favourite concealers so let's get started this one from Maybelline this one is the superstay better skin family baleen and they have it in two shades this one is in the shade medium to deep and [Music] light/medium super thin inconsistency Nia show you guys this one swatch and it comes with a doe foot applicator you only downside the economic plan is the smell it's very chemically long-winded but the coverage so Paragon doubles if go Sonja young like no makeup makeup look this concealer will do the trick the trick that I'm just gonna try and blend an indicia like full coverage though I don't I can't say now it's full coverage process around in Chania but it it does cover it can cover little bit of pigmentation but still I love this one I love mixing this one with my picnic consider item this one is new but still the bumiputra self in top 5 favorite concealer this one is the cover perfection thick concealer from Sam I thought I'm not sure how to pronounce it from there science it's a Korean brand it's full coverage I'm actually wearing it now

it's full coverage still I did not get any cakiness it's very creamy the fashions not just attacking something and then fine lines which is amazing kites around Avenal nila Geico Italian peanut offer coverage concealer in the Menomonee way we have it in two shakes Paulo which is in the shade number one point five and to tell you sooner the darkest shade so if the Glen kasha if I didn't know super thick concealer for your under-eye messages not using this one this one will work best work for the missions like pimples redness and spots dark spots whatsoever but for me I really like using it under eye maybe this is the fit me concealer and I have it in two shades I really like this concealer man so Brandon Dania a bit doughy I have it in the shade medium and fair it's really nice to mix this to the bottom of why you shade Nagurski no it's gonna watch this one for you this one I like in sinks under I mixed with the fair one or mixed with the picnic I mean better skin considered Brazilian it's a bit doing but it does cover really really great natural and OSHA indicia Machado thick in consistency Nia which is amazing

Benghazi in beta gamma Cochran and cake face veto paronella if money apakah Blanco or indigo Jean is a packaging concealer Palin and concealer to I use a sponge to blend because that's my preference now and to be a Hanukkah Hanukkah face I use a sponge next item is the Mac Pro Longwear concealer unfortunately while ashes back in because novel Asha it's really really full coverage like this phenomena concealer and a full coverage now hooker cover de la casa i really suggest that concealers of Browns Obregon Danya only downside it's too expensive for everyday makeup I thought one favorite concealer I think along now and you guess it with it comment box below even against new top one is of course the Maybelline age rewind concealer SuperDuper gang that did not concealer Nepal this one is in the shade medium I like it in the shade video because a perfect shade la chapelle a second island upper everyday this is a lot every day I do recommend this month this one is much more expensive those people of products and ito this one is like a ganado 490 but the coverage though is amazing

well swatch it in the Machado makuhita yen because it's my skin tone her skin tone column but sorrowful coverage and indeed in a quick example what's your favorite concealers I'm a concealer and a share of the day if you have one comment below so yeah thank you so much for watching this video hope you enjoy watching and please don't forget to thumbs up subscribe and see you guys in the next video [Music]