09 April 2019


Hey Beauties! Happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing with you 5 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands I REALLY want to try in 2019!! All products mentioned and brand info ...


hey guys welcome at the channel to Jim do another top 5 video this is a series that I've been doing on my channel for quite some time I have a full playlist I'll be sure to link it below if you guys want to see more these top 5 videos I've done I think like top 5 highlighters I've done top 5 I showed a palette series for like fall and summer so I don't quite a few different themes for these top 5 videos so today I'm doing something a little bit different for this top 5 video and I want to talk about 5 makeup brands that are cruelty free that I really want to try this year in 2019 now I know this is going up a little late it's going up in April but that is ok we still have plenty of time to try some of these brands I don't know if I'll be able to try all 5 of them because they are most of them I would say are more on the expensive side you know so without further ado let's get into this video grab a drink grab a snack let's talk about these top 5 brands then I want to try this year so in no particular order number 1 milk makeup so milk cosmetics I have never tried any of their products well pretty much I haven't tried any of these brands

but this company is definitely known for their skincare their primers they just recently came out with the I think it's called the hydro primer this looks incredible I want to try this so bad and I normally don't feel this way about face primers you guys know I've tried a lot of them over the years they always end up breaking me out but this one sounds really interesting and really good for dry skin I will go ahead and pop up a little photo if I can find it right here on the screen but yeah this primer is definitely interesting they also oh the cush brow everyone talks about the cush I blew this what it's called I really want to try that product so I really want to try this brand or cruelty free I believe they're also leaking as well so another brand I want to try and again their price point is definitely up there it's like around the twenty and thirty dollar range but I'm still very curious though and I'm dying to try that primer I'm telling you that's on my wish list I really want to get it all right brand number two goes to melt cosmetics I've always wanted to try melt and I've heard really good things I'm pretty sure

they're considered an indie brands and they are cruelty free was a lot of vegan options every video I've watched just about everyone has raved about their eyeshadows and especially their I think they're called the melt stacks and it looks so cool because they're sort of magnetized and you can sort of attach them to one another I'll pop up a photo if I can find one but they look so cool I really really want to try their eyeshadows again that they are definitely more on the expensive side but I would love to you know if they're having a sale or something maybe try one of their stacks I've been really wanting to try I think it's the gunmetal stack that really just grabs my attention so yes I would love to try and melt cosmetics also their lipsticks look really nice as well so yes they are definitely on my wish list and I want to try them very much all right brand number 3 goes to hourglass cosmetics now this for sure is a very luxury high-end cruelty-free brand and they're actually going to go completely vegan by 2020 which is really exciting so that's really awesome that they do care enough about staying cruelty free and then also

switching over to being vegan that's awesome so I've always wanted to try the hourglass powders the studying powders people have always raved about their bronzers highlighters and setting powders so I don't really know which one would suit my skin tone but I've always dreamed of owning something from hourglass so especially these setting powders for sure I heard that they kind of like blur the skin and make you look really nice so I'm definitely curious to try out that brand again it is very expensive so I would probably wait until they had a sale or maybe towards the end of the year I'll have to figure it out but yes they're definitely a more luxury brand but I really want to try their products and yeah that's one of my really expensive things on my wish list is hourglass so the forth brand goes to Julius place I have been wanting to try this brand for so long and I keep wanting to purchase something I've even gone to the website several times put a few things in my basket and then did not purchase which I don't know what's wrong with me I need to just bite the bullet and order something and 100% they're

known for their eyeshadow palettes and to have amazing colors pigmentation everyone raves about Julius place eye shadows so I definitely want to get one of their palettes the one that's all I wish list is the tribe eyeshadow palettes and of course juvies place is cruelty free and they have a lot of vegan options I'm pretty sure all of their eyeshadow palettes as of now are cruelty free and vegan friendly I definitely want to get the tribe eyeshadow palette there's some beautiful like greens and really interesting color combinations like all of their palettes are so beautiful I just have such a hard time picking and choosing you know what I mean like they're all so beautiful I want all of them on my wish list I really want to try this brand this year alright guys and last but not least brand number five goes to nobble of cosmetics now I only hear too much about this brand I found out through I think I was watching Jay kissa they send like a really great brand they are cruelty free and they do have a lot of making options as well so one of the things I really want to try is one of their eyeshadow palettes they have some really oh my

goodness some gorgeous gorgeous eyeshadow palettes the one I have my eye on is the poison garden palette it looks so beautiful so unique and different in the colors just really I don't know something about it just grabs my attention they also have a great selection of lipsticks blushes you know if they have a little bit of everything on their website it's not just eye shadow palettes so I wouldn't mind trying like maybe a blush or a highlighter you know just kind of dipping my toes into the nabla cosmetics what and just trying them out so that is everything guys that was my top five cruelty-free brands that I really want to try this year and I'm really excited I don't know which which company do you think I should make me purchase from first I'm really curious I think I really want to try the julius place and order one of their eyeshadow palettes they're actually having a sale going on right now leave a comment below and tell me have you guys tried any of these companies have you tried any of these products would you recommend something would you not recommend something I want

to know leave a comment and we can chat about it so that's everything you guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe but before you leave so you won't miss out on new videos every Tuesday Friday and sometimes on a Sunday 10:00 a.m. every single week you can also find me on snapchat Facebook Twitter and Instagram doesn't mention Instagram yes all my links are always below and here on the screen I will catch you all in the next video remember smarter beauty is better beauty bye guys [Music]