27 February 2018

Top 4 Hair Hacks & Hair Care Tips To Grow Hair Like Crazy - World's Best Hair Care Tips

Here are top 4 hair care hacks and hair care tips that will help to regrow super long hair and thicker hair like crazy, many people try hair remedies and hair hacks ...

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simple remedies great news my channel is up and running again after a quick mishap with YouTube that's all been taken care of today I'm going to show you a few different remedies these remedies are some of the top tested beauty hacks for hair that really work first I'm going to show you how to get rid of dandruff with just one use you'll notice a difference all you need are two ingredients olive oil and apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar kills fungus causing bacteria that can cause your scalp to become itchy and sensitive begin by adding five tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a bowl and then follow up with two tablespoons of olive oil mix them up well and apply the mixture to your scalp with a cotton ball or your fingertips cover up your hair with a shower cap and allow the mixture to set for up to two hours rinse away with a mild shampoo and you'll notice your scalp feels calm and dandruff free if you have serious problems with dandruff consider using this remedy up to three times per week you can store this mixture for up to one week if you're finding this video to be useful so far be sure to hit that

subscribe button next I'm going to show you how to prevent hair loss and give you the long thick hair of your dreams you only need to use this hair mask up to three times in order to see amazing results after using this remedy you won't have to worry about thinning hair anymore all you'll need for this remedy is banana raw milk black seed oil vitamin E capsules and castor oil first we're going to blend up the banana in a blender and add two to three spoonfuls of raw milk once it's been blended thoroughly pour the mixture into a clean bowl next add two tablespoons of black seed oil two to three tablespoons of vitamin E capsules and one tablespoon of castor oil mix all of these ingredients together properly and apply it to your scalp and hair using gentle massaging motions to promote hair growth leave the mixture on for 30 minutes and rinse away with a mild shampoo after using this remedy three times you'll notice a major difference in the thickness and condition of your hair for our next tack I'm going to show you how to regrow your hair rapidly to prepare this hair hack the ingredients required our egg mustard

oil and yogurt get a bowl and break the egg and pour its contents inside before I continue I usually check to see if the eggs are still good then add your mustard oil I've already measured out 1 tablespoon for this hack and finally add your yogurt into the bowl as you can see I've also measured out 2 tablespoons of yogurt for this hack next beat the egg and mix the ingredients properly while beating the egg it's very important that you follow one direction only if you started in a clockwise direction like I did make sure you continue in that manner this will make sure that the ingredients mix up properly then raise the mixture with your spoon as you can see to check the consistency and make sure that it's smooth enough if it's not keep on mixing next I'm going to show you how to prevent hair loss you'll need milk sesame oil and aloe vera gel also get a bowl to prepare this hack now add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel into the bowl and pour your milk and sesame oil in as well you may not get the right amount of milk and sesame oil required like I just did so I'll advise that you measure out two tablespoons of both ingredients stir the ingredients in

your bowl gently I always recommend that you use the one direction rule while mixing as you can see I'm sticking to a particular direction keep stirring until the consistency is smooth and thick it must form a creamy paste so that it can stay longer on your hair when you apply it when the consistency is good and you feel no lumps just store the hack in a tightly sealed container and keep it in a cool place until you want to use it I hope you found these remedies to be useful let us know in the comments down below if you decide to try any of them for yourself give this video a like and be sure to share with your friends as always thank you so much for watching bye