25 March 2019


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what's up you guys it's ashli welcome

back to my channel I'm sorry from Lisbon today I have my Invisalign in today I'm gonna be doing my top 10 makeup revolution products I just said that I talked about makeup revolution quite a lot here in this channel but I thought I would break down the products for you and tell you exactly which ones that I really like which ones I recommend for you guys to go out and buy and which ones are like on the top of my list as the best of the best of makeup revolution so if you want to see what products I highly recommend rarely recommend for make a revolution then just keep watching so the first products that I want to talk about I actually don't have with me coz I left it in the apartment how exciting that's a great start to the video but I did bring everything else but the first products I won't talk about are the reloaded palettes and you guys have known for so long I'm obsessed with them I have done a ton of dedicated dedicated videos why can't I talk today I feel like my mouth won't let the words come out you've seen me do a ton of tutorials using the reloaded palettes I absolutely

love them I think that they're all formulated so well like amazingly well and I just think that the color selection is just out of this world and the best part of it all is there for your own for your role like you can't cook you just can't go around with 4 euros for your old when it comes to makeup would not buy you that much but it will get you an eyeshadow palette that is amazing quality so I highly recommend the reloaded palettes if you haven't tried them just pick any of them up they're all lovely and they bring out like new ones constantly how easy they are to blend how buttery they are the quality of them everything is just so high-end and for four year old like I said you can't go wrong try to make yourself and you'll understand what I'm talking about oh and if I didn't mention these products are in no particular order I have no favorites here they're all just favorite next product I want to talk about is the foundation so this is the revolution conceal and define foundation so the concealing define foundation from revolution this is up there with one of my all-time favorite foundations from an affordable

brand the only issue or the only kind of like thing I have to say nag about it is I find this hard to get my shade correct FAS and have-12 give me like my perfect color however I can't wear one wear out the others so I have to bring two bottles of foundation with me and sometimes f12 pulls a little warm on my skin and kind of gives me too much warmth so I just have to get like the right consistency and that can be kind of tricky by times but the quality of the foundation is amazing the wear of the foundation how it looks on my skin I've only skin holds back miles all day and makes that my skin just look really nice it's alright but I don't have to say it there's a tendency of this foundation to look cakey and heavy on the skin so do be careful how much you apply I just say like take a tiny bit and then build up as you need to but try not to go in like like whole-hog with this because you will just be left for like a mask foundation and nobody wants that look that's just not cute so just be careful with when you are applying this and stuff less is more take a little and love it a lot this palette

has been with me probably like the first time I ever tried makeup revolution and it's still with me to this day and it is there contour palette and you can see that this has had much love this is called the ultra contour palette and like I said it's a contouring palette it has two highlighting shades in it and then it has your own dry setting powders I used to use the banana shade all the time like all the times remember like when banana shades were like your jam and everybody wore them and now I use the shade a lot more which is kind of like a pinky rounder tone and so so much better underneath my eyes for counteracting the dark circles the banana shade would be great on deeper skin tones if you want to counteract like any under-eye discoloration because on me it just comes off way too yellow so I feel like if you had a deeper skin tone it might not come off as yellow the formula and these is quite pigmented the consistency of these shades is quite smooth and they blend out really well in the skin they're easy to blend into the skin and they don't like sit on the skin and leave harsh lines or anything like

that they're just easy to like both into the skin hence why I love it so much I'm not a big fan of these two shades on the end I'm just gonna put that out there as well I don't want to lie to you guys but I'm not a big fan they're not the nicest highlighting shades I definitely have nicer highlighting shades in my collection but everything else a nurse you just you can't go wrong and I feel like this is one of those contour palettes that you can build up as well the intensity they are quite pigmented so do take a light hand but you can definitely make them more intense if you have deeper skin and you want to kind of intensify your contour you know this is one of the newest products to my makeup revolution collection but nonetheless I love it just as much as all the rest this is amazing amazing I love like bright under eyes I just like to you know radius the under eye area and kind of make it look brighter and not as like dull and dark I mean who wants that that's just not cute I'll set my under eyes first with like a setting powder usually like a pressed powder and then I will go in and bake with this so I leave it to sit on the

under eye area for about 30 seconds and then I'll wipe it away and I just use my under eye area it's super bright but not beaming and kind of like where it looks a bit too intense and you're kind of like what's going on with her under eye area just to the intensity where it makes your under eye area look bright and awake and fresh love this that's described as a luxury baking powder and I do recommend the shade lace if you are like me or between the shade NC 35 to 14 I'd be 40 in the summertime but if you're anywhere in between there lace is great they also have like a banana shade and then they've lighter shades again so do find your perfect match for me this is just I can't say enough good things about it I love and then their primer this is like a new another newer kind of product to my collection but I've been like where have you been all my life where have you been I love you this is the blur I'm prime primer this is fantastic if you have oily skin like I can't stress enough how great this is for oily skin this just keeps my oils at bay and I always try and go for like an oil-free foundation or something that's not gonna make me too OTT

with the oils even if it's like a jewy like fresh foundation I still have no issues with my oils coming through I feel like this primer is the reason why my foundation doesn't goals so oily throughout the day and I really recommend it you don't need that much of this primer one thing I absolutely love about it is that it is a pore filling primer but it doesn't pill up I have so many those like portal I use it and it's like all going bolli all over my face and then I put my foundation on just saw like pilling everywhere I'm just this does not do that it's fantastic on your skin just kind of leaves your skin smooth it doesn't like eradicate pores now guys so don't be expecting miracles but if Jules kind of like they lift them in and kind of make them look a little bit more airbrushed on the skin like your skin just looks a little bit nicer and then I cannot not talk about this product this is the souls for revolution she came out with her own range which make a revolution and one of the products was the highlighter right now I only just got the highlighter this year and when did I get this January I think and so

many people are like how have you not tried this it's like it's so fantastic and I know I know it is really fantastic and then I was like living my best life last sure as well like I haven't a biotin but y'all and stuff and I was just like not even talking or thinking about makeup and that is why I only tried that this year just like such a tea in my story I don't know why I went into that but I just felt like I need to take explain where I've been hiding under a rock not knowing what makeup products I'm coming out because I've been clearly not paying attention but anyway picked it up this year love it the quality of these highlighting shades is like one of my favor from all of makeup revolution I just think that the shades are really really good and they're just quite up there's nothing on that finger there her coin highlighting and they just have a really good formula and there's something for everyone in it and I think like even these shades here are quite nice especially if you want to try something different it's so compact it's under 9 euro can't really be going wrong the next thing I've been loving from makeup revolution is they're baking

oil and I purchased this again I'm January time and I had heard I thought I I had heard from a dermatologist I was explaining in another video that I have quite oily skin that's just gotten out of hand and one of my commenters was a dermatologist and she said I need to try like a go of Asia loyal and who applied the oil obviously before my foundation and stuff like that so I've been using this now the one thing I will say about this is if you do apply this oil to your skin make sure you don't prime I find that when I prime and use this oil it's like they don't they they just don't gel well together they don't vibe together and something happens with skin and my oils just go into overdrive so I will either use a primer or use this depending on the day and what I'm feeling and you know my preference on that day I've been actually more drawn to this lately than a primer so what I do is I just apply a couple of like drops on my face moisturize it in like what you would do what your moisturizer leave it to sit on the skin for up to minutes depending on when I feel the time is right to apply

my foundation usually my skin is kind of like you'll feel it like almost sup in the oil in and that's ready for its foundation if it's like really slippy all over the skin that's not when I apply my foundation so you'll know yourself once you apply this and then I apply my foundation on top and I just last all day so the girl who was telling me about using oils was right because obviously the more oil that's on your skin the less your skin feels it needs to produce if you are oily therefore you weren't going to oil production overdrive cents and when I use this I find that my skin is not as oily as it normally be and it's so strange because I thought that it would be more oily from using an oil but it's not so yeah if you are oily and you want to try and like stop your oils from coming true or maybe like keep them at bay then definitely try this and obviously if you've drier skin you're gonna benefit from this as well because it will add a bit of hydration back into the concealer and define concealer I love this when this came out last year I thought that this was so similar to the tart shaped a but I still shine but that is just the

exact same quality and does the exact same thing from my under eye area it is super concealing and it is quite like a nice consistency it's not overly thick underneath the eye and a does not crease on me which hallelujah because I tried the L'Oreal they're new like infallible on dry concealer and a crease all over my under eye area now it's just not like that life and I don't know why it did that because concealers don't tend to crease on me I don't have a major it should work with creasing on during my own I have a concealer creases on me I will be telling you is all about except Mike it just doesn't happen that often so this one does not crease on me but I've heard a lot of people say that doesn't crease on them either so it's just a really really good full coverage on dry concealer this will cover all your own dry since I swear like you won't be left with an under-eye circle at all if you use this it's great and also it's a bargain like I think it's like 4 euro for this concealer so good that it's priced so well and that it does such an amazing

job and I did like a whole comparison to the Tarte shaped tip if we want to see that video link it down below last year and they are like so comparable I just can't believe you can buy this for like under a fiver Happy Days we're nearly there guys really there hope for hanging in I am gonna talk about the blush palette from makeup revolution this is one of my favorite palettes that they've ever brought out with blushes I absolutely love it and this is the hot spice one it's just amazing on my complexion there are different obviously palettes that they have brought out but this one is just my personal favorite you probably can't even see that like those blushes are like not meant to be too overpowering there are some of the blushes there they give off an absolutely gorgeous appearance to the skin they're not really powdery and then they're also not too too intense but they're so buildable like that orange shade there but Carly shade you can build that up to be so intense so just you know be careful when you are using them this palette is like 4 euro the two shades on the end they're alright they're not like the bath shades ever

kind of the same as the other polish the contouring palette it's all about these six shades that I kind of gravitate towards and there's something in this for everyone and like I said you just don't need to have anything else when you have this palette it's just amazing I highly rate this if you're looking for me blushes you will not be disappointed I don't think I want to talk about it again it's like a new product from them this is from their math based collection and this is their concealer so I picked this up initially wanting a contouring shade and that's exactly what I got because it's just perfect obviously because you can see the shade is quite deep it would be perfect for darker skin tones for concealing but this is what I use for contouring for cream contouring so I do one of two things either take my brush and I swirl it around it and then I will apply it or I will just do like little tiny dots and then swirl it into the skin it doesn't leave lines or streaks or dots or anything on your skin if you do want to apply it directly onto the skin and it blends out oh well but it is so so pigmented that a little bit of this goes a long way just

be light-handed winners I won just also I just think that the selection of colors is endless in this I have something for everyone I don't know what it's like as a concealer if anyone has ever tried this as a concealer that me know because it's matte that was one of the main reasons I wanted to get it in a deeper shade for cream contouring because I didn't want to have to see a shimmery contouring shade and I have c14 just if you're wondering for contouring they are my top ten maker Revolution products guys I will leave a link to everything down below but you can get makeup revolution of Beauty Bay and that's what I would recommend getting up because Beauty bears like today's delivery or the next day delivering it's really ready to go delivery if you want to see this makeup that I'm wearing today it will be coming up either my next video or like soon it's all essence it's a one Browns tutorial with essence and I hope you enjoyed that guys so do keep an eye out for that anyway guys I hope you enjoyed today's video and if there's something you want to see coming up as always feel free to let me know I do have another nutrition video coming

very very soon it's about Intermatic intermittent intermittent fasting Wow can't say that word and that video will be coming to you guys in the near future so just stay tuned for that but if there's something else that you want to see in the meantime do let me know and yeah I love you guys so much and I'll talk to you all in my next video ha bye guys