29 January 2019

Top 10 Makeup Discoveries of 2018│Favorites

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hey guys welcome back today I wanted to

share with you ten of beauty products that I discovered in 2018 that I love more than anything else that I tried I am NOT including eyeshadow palettes because they took up more than half of this list so I put them in their own video I'll put it up in the cards if you would like to check that out okay listen I don't hardly ever talk about dupes because I very rarely go out of my way to try to look for them when I tell you that this is the exact same thing as the Becca backlight filter I am telling you it is the exact same thing I purchased the wet-and-wild photo focus Julie primer at the same time that I had a one ounce telluric sample of the one from Becca so I was using the both interchangeably they look the same they look the same indoors they look the same outdoors I have nothing negative to say about this product other than just don't wear it on its own if you wear it without a foundation you're going to look to Khloe as in greasy or at least that was my experience but under a foundation it does nothing bad it gives you the glow that she want it doesn't cling to anything it doesn't settle into anything

it doesn't affect the wear time of the foundation is it doesn't have a weird scent it's just it's such a good product and I wish more people knew about it I fell down the rabbit hole of videos on YouTube the other day and I somehow came across the evolution of Britney Spears or something along those lines they were basically just playing her hits throughout the years and I've had the don't let me let it be the last two no song stuck in my head ever since then then basically the theme song for this product this is the next glitter primer and I feel like I'm the last to know or the last to try it and I'm so glad that I finally picked it up I don't remember what I paid for it I know it was less than ten dollars and I know that it was worth every single penny it is an added step but it makes eyes shadows that I otherwise would not have been able to wear wearable I refuse to wear eyeshadows that are not going to last all day I don't want to waste my time I don't mind reapplying my blush because that's easy I refuse to reapply my eyeshadow and this makes it possible for a lot of shimmers that otherwise would fade a lot

more quickly to be able to hold up a lot better it also makes a lot of murrs pop a lot more so if they're just looking kind of met this gives them up extra pizzazz that they need and as long as you don't do too thick of a layer it's not gonna look too thick or too cakey if you do you kind of have to find your balance there if you do it will but once you find that balance this is such such a great product I have two highlighters that I pretty much use interchangeably so I'm gonna count them as one product cuz I can this is Becca's rose quartz I love this highlighter so so much you do not need to pick up I mean you just dip your brush in you put out on your face and you're good to go if you want it like really really glowy you can definitely get there and then what I like about the Milani one is that you can build it up to get to the same level as rose quartz or you can just put it on a little less and have it a little bit more tame this is the one that I'm wearing today it's one of their strobe light highlighters and it's in the shade afterglow they're both beautiful and I love them both they lasts all day on me they're pretty they're pink what's not

to live I recently shared a video on nine products that I feel like I've been neglecting and I'm really hoping to use a lot more in 2019 and there were a couple of products on that list that I just felt extra guilty for because I know I love them I don't know what's wrong with me that I haven't been using them but I know that they're good and one of those products happens to be your two actually happened to be favorites of mine for the entire year right now I'm gonna start with the essence metal shock eye shadows though these I discovered at the beginning of 2018 when I was actually looking for a sealer glitter dupe and these are definitely not a dupe for the Stila glitters but I like them more I'm wearing the silver one in the shade moon dust on the inner half of my lid today they're just they're so pretty there so metallic looking they've got that shimmer without any glitter fallout I don't notice any creasing I don't need any special glitter glue or anything underneath them I just they're really good they're really good they're really cheap the only downside would be that they don't have they need more colors that's all

like I would like a lime green I would like like a vibrant violet that would be a Olaf fuchsia I would love a fuchsia okay moving on I have a mess share with you and this this is really exciting because I switched over to cruelty free makeup almost five years ago and it has been such a pain of a rare to find a good mascara I mean think about all of the drugstore mascaras that are popular think about the brands L'Oreal Revlon Maybelline does anybody talk about anything else covergirl sometimes you know occasionally but they just recently went cruelty free essence has gained a little bit of popularity within the past year and I've definitely found some from essence that I like the one downside for me with essence mascaras though is taking them off at the end of the day it's a little bit more tricky which is why this mascara is freaking perfect this is the bomb matte lash mascara and I love it I bought this one off of the lovely skin website because you can get a discount that's pretty much always on sale if you wait for the bombs 50% off sales or for them to go and sell it hope

look it's an even better deal that's what I prefer to stock up but they had a coupon for lovely skin so I bought it anyways I love this mascara so much it's the one that I'm wearing today it gives good length it gives good volume without being too clumpy it doesn't flake it doesn't smudge and it's easy to remove at the end of the day there's nothing more that I could ask for in a mascara except for maybe for them to make the permanent price $12 that's fair right $12 that would make me happy I have this is my only non Beauty no I got at all - okay this is my only non Beauty non tulle product this is the Paul Mitchell super skinny serum I am NOT a hair person I don't know anything about hair I just wash it brush it sometimes carry on about my merry way I love this so much it makes my hair shiny it makes my hair smooth it's not that expensive a little bit goes a long way I've really been missing it because I've been trying to pan something I found underneath my bathroom sink from a million eons ago it's great the only downside for this product is that sometimes you can't put your hair up in a ponytail because your hair so smooth that it just falls right

out which is a little irritating but not not that irritating I love that I'm going to show you my brushes and hope you can't see how dirty they are from where you're sitting right now these are from Milani I purchased the trio at Walmart for like 12 or 13 dollars several months ago and at first I used all three of them but as time wore on and I just stopped using the bigger brush but I use these every day and that I do when I shadow every single day I this one's perfect for my crease this one I love using for the outer corner or to get color if like if the shadows not pigmented enough I really need to pack it in the crease then I can use that too they're just great and I'm even tempted to go out and buy another set which is not something that I do they're a great price they've held up really great for me I really like I can't say anything else the Urban Decay heavy metal eyeliners have been one of my most recent discoveries in 2018 but one of my most favorites nonetheless I got my first few in PR around Halloween and then I've since purchased another three myself I love them just like with the essence metal shock eye shadows I do

wish they had more shades I really want to violet and I really want a like Christmasy green oh that would make me so happy but am i meantime these are great I'm gonna have to do an updated video on products that I've been dethroned because I can say with full confidence that I now prefer these to the Sela glitter and glows the Stila is definitely have a much better shape range for sure and these are a little bit more sheer so if I am wearing these as winged eyeliner I'm gonna want the corresponding eyeliner can put underneath it so I can just pile the glitter on top and then it's gonna look a lot better but the applicator is that applicator that makes the world of difference for me with a steely glitter and glows the applicators not designed for winged lighter so I'm just kind of like digging through different brushes trying to make it work sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't and it's just it's just so much easier to use so hopefully they will expand the shade range I'm gonna till then I'm definitely happy with the ones that I have my favorite favorite my absolute favorite is Midnight Cowboy it's just the basic gold

and it goes with everything and I really like it I like the blue tube with the gold that's my favorite the last two things that I have to share our categories and large you're probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about clear lip liner but sincerely I cannot tell you how happy I was to have tried this if you would have asked me at the beginning of the year I would have thought that clear lip liner was stupid pointless why would anybody want a clear lip liner let me tell you why somebody would want the clear lip liner first of all it matches everything you don't need a clear lip liner for a different lip liner for every lip color or shade that you have clear goes with everything you can line your lips you can be sloppy you can get it all over the place you don't have to worry about it being even or anything like that and it's still gonna hold your lipstick in place it is ingenious everybody needs a clear lip liner in their life now I can't say that I have a specific favorite clear lip liner because these are the only two that I've tried it's really just the Enlightenment that is a favorite but I do have the one

from Milani on my list because I got a lot of recommendations from y'all to try that the Smashbox one is fine it's nice because you don't have to sharpen it it sharpens itself but it doesn't hold up very well so I find that I have to reapply this every time I reapply my lipstick and then the one from julep does last a little bit longer and I believe it's also just a little bit cheaper as well but you gotta sharpen it yourself the last thing on my list is lip gloss and I almost talked myself out of even including it because out of all the products that I have in front of me I don't have a favorite and that's not to say that I love them all that's to say that there's flaws and although there's something that I don't like about all of them that prevents them from being my favorite and yet I've really been enjoying collecting and using and trying and looking up leeched all the lip glosses all of them I never thought I would find something that I enjoy staring at and swatching as much as eyeshadow palettes but apparently lip glosses it who knew haven't touched one since the early 2000s now they're all that I can

think about I don't know but I mean it still stands that it's been one of my most favorite products alright here's what we're gonna do just for fun we're gonna make a hybrid lip gloss that plays off of all of the strengths of some of these lip glosses I want a lip gloss that is in the Grande Lips packaging I want it to be just as comfortable as the Fenty Beauty fenty glow lip gloss wanted to smell like delicious cupcakes pancakes and maple syrup like the julep lipgloss I wanted to have the plumping aspects of this one from ELF with the Sheerness of this Smashbox gloss Angeles lip gloss and the color of jawbreaker from urban decay that would be perfection so that's it you guys those are my most favorite product discoveries of 2018 I would love to know if we have anything in common or if you have any recommendations do share thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye