21 December 2017

Top 10 Eyeshadow palettes - Best eyeshadow palettes | Beautylashes19

Hey guys, today I am sharing my favourite eyeshadow palettes of all time. I have shortlisted it to 10 and then also have some honorary mentions. I really hope ...

hey guys welcome back and sneha and

today i'm very excited to share my top eyeshadow palettes now if you followed me you know that I love eyeshadows and I have quite a bit of palettes so I've seen a lot of people do their top palettes from 2017 specifically especially my friend aunt Alicia who started but surprisingly none of my choices are her favorites or none of the brand's are in common I believe so it's interesting how a certain brand or our palette becomes one's favorite depending on what you're exposed to so for example she has used Julia's palette sorry Julius plays palettes and also coloured raine ones which I haven't so those feature in her favorites and I'm curious to try those but I have some other palettes and brands so if you'd like to see what palettes I picked up please stay tuned by the way these pallets are not limited to pallets that were released this year these are just in general my overall all-time favorite eyeshadow palettes but many of them have been released recently also another thing is I may have multiple palettes from the same brand that you just tell you that I either like the brand for the quality and the

textures that they have or that they have some really unique products that I don't find in other brands so that's a reason I may have multiple products from the same line so no particular order the first palette is the Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette this is what the packaging looks like and inside these are the colors you get so you do have your everyday neutral shades that's great for maybe office or you know any other workplace but you also have these stunning enhancer shapes that you can add to any look to make it pop further and make it more evening appropriate if that makes sense another thing I like about this palette is that I think this these colors look really good across a large range of skin tone unlike many of the urban decay palettes which look mostly good on light to medium skin tones so that's another reason why I love this palette it also comes with a dual ended brush the second palette is the original lorac Pro palette and you guys know I love this palette so this is what it looks like inside you get one row off ball mats including a black and I love that there's a cream matte color for the brow

bone highlight you don't always want to use a shimmery one so I like that range right there and you also get one roll-off more satiny shimmery shades so again ranging from your champagne shades going to golden nudie shades you have this beautiful pewter shared nose a stunning I got it shared some purple and grays as well so I really like the color range of these eyeshadows and they blend really well so the third palette that I've chosen is the lorac pro 2 which looks like this and if I open it these are the shades that you get again a whole roll off all mass and a second row of all satin shimmery eyeshadows again the range is so good you get your neutrals here but these neutrals are different from the one palette then you get some craze peachy tones you get these stunning colors this plum and navy are my absolute favorites of all the eyeshadow palettes I have I have none that have similar shades like these so that's a plus for this palette then you also get to charcoal eyeshadows which is good for gray smokey eye and then of course you have this beautiful range of eyeshadows again these two are very unique I don't

have repetitions in my other palettes so this has also made it to the top 10 now moving on to a brand I absolutely love which is visi odd it should be of no surprise that there are multiple palettes here from that brand it's the first little one that I want to talk about are these Theory palettes this is the one in chroma I particularly love this one to create a dark smoky eye so anytime you see me wear either a black smokey eye a silver smokey eye a gray smokey eye it is using primarily this palette I absolutely love this grey shade it doesn't look very exciting in the pan but it's this beautiful blend of gray tones and brown tones which just makes it the perfect transition shade for black smokey eye so this palette is much loved also the pigmentation on all of these eyeshadows is stunning and even if you're a woman of color or of somebody you know deeper than my complexion these eyeshadows will show true to what you see in the pan on your skin tone so love these next is a Vizio palette that initially when I got it I was like I don't know if I'm gonna like

it but as I've used it more and more I absolutely love it and it's slowly becoming probably my number one Lucianne palette if not the first the first two so this is sultry muse get this palette it is beautiful I mean the colors don't look very exciting again in this palette but the formula and the texture of these eyeshadows the blend ability is just stunning so in this particular look I've used this eyeshadow on my outer wheel and it blends so effortlessly and beautifully I also have this eye shadow right here for my lower lash line and then I have this white shade as my inner corner highlight but this palette and the texture is just beautiful and unique I am planning to do a three looks one palette with this particular eyeshadow palette so let me know in the comment section below if you're interested and I can work towards filming that next is a staple I think everybody should own this this is the Vizia neutral matte eyeshadow palette sorry if this was blinding just look at it it has everyday staples the only con with this I really wish was there was a nice banana shade for the brow bone highlight instead of this lighter shade

that's okay I have it in the next palette that I'm going to talk about so this is my absolute favorites the mats as you know I think we see art and gosh I don't know not the true friends that I trust formats they make matte eyeshadows like nobody else does so they're beautifully pigmented they blend very easily which is very tricky with matte eyeshadows because they can kind of get stuck in one place and not budge much and blend much into the other shades and also these are if I didn't mention super pigmented so absolutely love this palette so this is probably one of my staples that I pull out no matter what other palette or color that I'm using these will already be out because I don't know if I need a brow bone highlight or a darkening share or a deepening shade I will reach for this and some of the other busy at eyeshadows that I'm going to talk about next palette is the stunning warm matte palette again by wizard and what can I say I love all my shadows and this is like perfect for me especially if you're off tan to darker skin tone this palette is filled with your brow bone highlight the

tons of transition shades and also some of these deeper shades make excellent you know deepening shades and then these accent shades can not change up the look of any of these eyeshadows which is amazing so you get more than well I shadow actually from any of these with the eye shadow palettes so I absolutely love this next is what I call the fall season eyeshadow palette this is what it looks like it's the dark matte palette by visyak again these colors just scream fall to me you have some Browns you have purple blue Greed's your mustardy orangey tones and reddish tones it's perfect again as I've mentioned with the other Vizio die shadow palettes pigmentation is on point and blendabilities on point these are just amazing quality eyeshadows okay I promise that was the last we see our palette I'm gonna talk about next it should be of no surprise it is my Natasha de Nona sunset palette this is what it looks like and inside you get this stunning array of eyeshadows if I ever dreamt of a warm eyeshadow palette with excellent quality and shadow or pigmentation payoff this would be it just amazing the only thing it's lacking

is a purple I feel in terms of a sunset look but all the other colors pigmentation and everything in is stunning I have done a three looks one palette using this particular one so I'm going to link it as a card on the screen right now so you can just click on that and watch that video if you're interested I also have I believe swatches video for this and comparing it with the star palette which is also by Natasha - no no I'm going to link that also on the screen right now and the palette at number 10 is thin Tasha Danone a star palette which looks like this there you have it this is what that looks like when I open it up just beautiful I don't know else to say you do have amazing your tools right here this one that you can use to ground the other eyeshadows in this palette you have the stunning to your chrome it looks beautiful I have created a look using that particular eyeshadow palette that I'm going to link right here this is another to your chrome but it's very subtle and it's very unique I don't have anything again that's similar to this

but what steals my heart and this palette are these corner eyeshadows there's this and this they are so good I don't know they shine like nothing else so they're supposed to have real crushed pearls I believe so I think that's the reason why they have that high intense metallic shine and it's funny because those were the shades that I absolutely hated when I first got it but as I've learned to use those eyeshadows better the thing I've been a convert since then so it's just a pleasure every time you use these eyeshadows it's just absolutely stunning on the eyes so I love this especially if you're thinking of any Bridal looks especially Indian Bridal you're going to love these cold eyes shadows on the lid they look stunning okay so I don't think this video is too long so I am going to include a few honorable mentions so this first one is persona it's the what you call it identity palette which looks like this beautiful artwork on the outside it comes with a mirror and these twelve eyeshadows so again this is a good beginner palette if you are looking for just neutral eyeshadows these look lovely they are quite pigmented and they

do blend pretty recently so I do like this palette next to palettes I don't think they have featured on my channel yet but on a regular basis I tend to use them quite often so it's these two palettes by makeup Atelier this guy is called honey brown and this one is called Amazon fear so this is what the two pilots look like again this one is warm tone that I absolutely love these are super creamy and just amazing to blend lovely texture and same with this have you seen this they're so unique just going to put this down take a moment to talk about this one just look at the colors there's such unique shades I don't have any repetitions with other pilots with these shades especially these three greens I am planning to do looks with these palettes so that'll be coming up next year then the Smashbox cover shot palettes lovely this one is in the shade where is it a place and this is the shade board this is the one in a place looks like this amazing neutral warm eyeshadows and this is the palette in bold and that's the name suggests it's full of colors they're really pigmented and quite nice to blend

I do have tutorials with this palette so I might link it on the screen right now but if not you can go to my channel and just look at any of the colorful looks have done I'm sure review some of these the last one I have is a limited edition one but I still wanted to include it and talk about the formula of this so it's the morphe kathleenlights collaboration palette and this is what it looks like I was actually very impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows so if this is consistent with the Jaclyn hill palette as well I would recommend that one because that has more colors and options for different kind of looks but if you're a lover of neutrals maybe try one of the other morphe 28 pan ones but this was a steal I call it for under $15 I believe so I really like this one so that brings us to the end of this video let me know in the comment section below which of these is your favorite by the way if you are curious about this makeup look it should go live on my channel sometime next week so keep an eye out for that but thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one by open I through the waves cut through me