27 November 2018

Top 10 DRUGSTORE Eyeshadow Palette's | 2018

Top 10 DRUGSTORE Eyeshadow Palette's | 2018 What I'm wearing: https://youtu.be/N2LYwiGPyLY Nails KL Tuxedo Mask Palettes Mentioned: Profusion ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today we are doing my top 10 eyes shadow palettes but on the more affordable side of things I recently did my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes and if you missed that I will link it up above or down below and those are the cream of the crop those are my favorite and I know nine out of ten of those palettes were on the higher end side but I wanted you all to know like I still love my drugstore items and if you're new to my channel I only started buying high-end about five years ago I worked part time for over ten years to raise my boys and I definitely use a lot more drugstore products back in the day but within the last five years I have started to work full time so I am able to treat myself to higher-end products but that does not mean that I don't love more affordable items that I don't think that there are drugs or items better than high-end items so I wanted to show you some pallets that I absolutely love it so if you're on a budget if you're a student if you're a mom raising your kids there is definitely pallet out there that you can go get that work just as well so first off let me start with my favorite I was gonna save it for last

but I just want to start out strong and these are the profusion palette I am obsessed I am on the hunt for the new set at Target this was actually sent to me and they have a new Christmas set at Target right now so I'm on the hunt to go and buy all the other ones in this packaging with that rose gold like glitter around it so originally profusion reached out to me and they're like can we send you some of our products this was months ago like in the summer I was like sure so this came in the mail and I fell in love with this palette and as you can see it's a little bit more on the colorful side and although I loved it I was like I really wish that like I had a neutral one well recently they came out with these at Walmart and I found the neutrals one first and I bought it they are $9.99 which is insane I came home and I used it and I was like I cannot believe this palette is $10 like it blows my mind now as I talk about other drugstore products I will say like this doesn't last as long as my higher-end products like this will last a good eight-hour workday and then it starts to like muddy and fade and

whatever not these these last so long I put it on early early a.m. and then at like 9 p.m. when I go to wash my face it is still as intense as it was that morning though when I got the neutrals palette I was just like oh my gosh I have to have them all like they are so beautiful the shimmers the matte are equally amazing and magical I love this palette so much out of all these if I could recommend one I would definitely say the neutrals if you're a neutral lover they have a berry one that looks like my pro pigment they have a colorful one they have a shimmer one and have everything but if you like neutrals and if you go to work on a daily basis or even school and you don't have a lot of time sometimes I'll just throw one of these shades this one is my favorite in the palette but I'll throw this in the crease and then pop this shimmer on the lid done it is beautiful at last all day I'm so beyond impressed this has definitely become a favorite top favorite drugstore palette and then when I fell in love with that and I've been obsessed with mattes lately I knew ahead to go back for this and they have one like this at Target

right now that has circles I think it's called velvet matte and even though I'm like yeah it looks a lot like this one I need that one too because I love that and I wore this one yesterday and I wore these two shades and I think this one on my outer V and then I popped like another shimmer on but it was so beautiful out of everything that I'm going to talk about these are the ones that I recommend you go check out because they are seriously magical number two would go to the Milani soft and sultry I put this off for the longest time because I bought the first two Milani palates they came out one was all met one was a little warm I bought them I hated them like I could not get them to blend I could not get them to last on my eyes the shimmer looked like just not good for me so I was like yeah that's just not really my jam so then they came out with two more this one and another one and I was talking to my friend Jolie about it and I was like do you think I like this it seems more my cup of tea it's cool tones and maybe it was just like the colors of the other one she's like yeah I think you'll like it

so I bought it and I loved it it is so beautiful for work and this is a palette that I'm gonna tell you like by the end of the day I put it on at 5:30 and by the time I get home at 5 p.m. it looks a little muted and like it kind of muddied together it's definitely gonna last you like a workday but it's not gonna like lash you into the night you're gonna have to fix your eyeshadow if you're going somewhere after work but this is my all-time favorite color this taupey shimmer in here is one of the most beautiful taupey colors I own across the board all of my palettes and for that alone I feel like it justifies the price but again another palette that I can throw this in the crease this in the crease and then this middle creamy topper shade this is a little chunky but it kind of breaks up the mattes and gives it more of a dimension so do you recommend this especially if you're like me right now and you're so over the warm tone shades it's like give me the neutrals and the cools right now that's all I want so this palette is so good number three is a palette that i swatched in store had no desire to get this palette

whatsoever i swatched it in store and then I just thought about it for like two weeks straight I had a dream about it and you when you can't stop thinking about something that's your sign to go back and get it and that's how I felt about the BH Cosmetics desert oasis palette I didn't want this because it is another warm tone palette and I'm sick of home like I have too many I don't want anymore but this is something so different from BH Cosmetics and it's not that I haven't liked their palettes in the past because I own several I love several I'm going to talk about another one in a second but this formula if they would just like hone in on whatever they did here repeat it forever I would buy every palette they ever released because it is so magical it is so creamy and buttery like I've never felt anything like it in any of my palette and right now I'm obsessed with this shade right here and then this pinky highlight so I will either use these as like a highlight highlight on my cheeks or I will use another palette and then come back to these for like a

shimmery lit shade and like right now if you watch any of my videos I'm kind of complaining about fall out and my eyelids looking a little more creepy than usual but these are so creamy and buttery that I can tap these on my lids with my finger I get no fallout it looks so blended and smooth on my eyelid it is so stunning like I really wish they would just continue to make this formula I love it so much speaking of BH Cosmetics number four goes to the zodiac palette I discovered this about a year ago and to this day a look that I've created with this palette is still one of my all-time faves if I can remember I will link it but it's a very purpley bright lavender look and it is stunning it is so beautiful they recently release pictures of like I think it's the Zodiac love Suns I will put it here but again it's more I love the packaging and I love the thought of the zodiac palette having a sister and the love signs and everything but I keep looking at those swatches and only no no it's too warm for me but that's fun because this was on the cooler tone sad which is why I love it so much and this is a definite recommend

if you love like bright shimmers the mattes in here blend like a dream again this is a different formula than the desert oasis it's more of a draft formula but equally as beautiful and I absolutely love look at this middle shade that's the highlight shade it's like a white cream duochrome holy crap it is so beautiful I love that so whenever I pull this palette to use for eyeshadows I always use that middle highlight shade I definitely recommend this palette number five goes to the wet and wild nude awakening palette I released a bunch of new palettes last year and I ran around to all the Walgreens collecting them all but the nude Awakening is definitely my favorite especially right now when I'm into these Burgundy's and pinks and cool tones this color right here is the most beautiful matte cool tone neutral taupe color it is so beautiful I do think that this palette is a lot like that Milani soft and sultry it does get me through a workday and that's about it these aren't the longest lasting shadows they're not the most pigmented or the most flashy if you like flashy and in-your-face I

definitely recommend the zodiac over this but if you're going to school work or just a stay-at-home mom that doesn't have a lot of time these are beautiful in the nude awakening is my faith number six is the color pop you had me at hello again these are my colors right now this is so beautiful I've talked about this in the past about color pop being like a hit or miss palette for me like sometimes I buy a palette and I'm like oh my gosh every shade is magical the shimmer's are beautiful the mats are beautiful but then there are times to have hot pallets it's a little too chunky it doesn't last it doesn't blend and this is one of the good ones for me I think the colors are absolutely stunning and I love every single formula in this palette this pinky shade up in the corner right here it's such a beautiful like pink with like a gold shift to it it is so stunning all over the eye sometimes I'll use Tarte chrome paint and froze a and then I'll tap this over it just to give it a little bit deeper of a look and it's so beautiful so I love this palette and then number seven if you are not into cool tones or fairies or whatever then number seven

has to be the yesplease palette this palette was so hight up when it came out that it sold out two times when i tried to buy now the third time i bought it but i was so skeptical i was like is this really gonna be as magical as everybody it's like making it out to be but it really is it made me get rid of a lot of my warmth own shadows like the 3500 3500 - I feel like this beats them hands-down whenever I create a look with this it is intense it is beautiful it lasts all day again this palette every single shade is created equally and I love it so the hype is real on this if you love warm shadows and you have not bought this it is so good number eight goes to the makeup revolution wreath loaded palettes they have so many so I'm gonna tell you the ones that I love but you can definitely go choose for yourself whichever one calls your name they have a subculture do they have a modern renaissance do they have everything and these retail for seven dollars I have not always had the best luck with revolution makeup as a whole and especially their eyes shadow palettes but something about the formula and these are so different than

other things that I've bought from them so I originally got this one in visionary and this is definitely me right now it's got your mom's your purples cool tones topes hmm this palette is so beautiful it performs like a dream it is very intense it lasts all day on me I absolutely love it and because mats are my thing right now I had to go out and buy the basic mattes palette if palette is so creamy and so beautiful and so blendable I'm just so shocked that I love it as much as I do because like I said I just haven't had very much luck with makeup revolution but look at these shades so beautiful I love it so much so I knew I had to have the mattes but i've swatched them all in store because they have testers and they're all magical and my friends that have them love them as well so I know I'm not crazy but these are a definite recommend and so affordable $7 number nine goes to this city mini palette I recently bought two and I have good news and bad news the bad news is I'm not a fan of the chill brunch neutrals because the shimmers are just very PC chunky not pigmented enough and so I love the mattes in here you got

three mats in here and I do use them with this my favorite is skyscape dusk and it is all matte shades and I love this I have so many shimmers I can pull one from here I can pull one from another palette but the reason I love this palette is I cannot screw up my look I would recommend this palette for a beginner because these colors they're not as pigmented it does take some building up and when I go to work I don't want to be like so intense with my eye shadow so it's easier for me to have a shade that needs building up and then I don't have to go like too crazy with it and get too dark and intense for work but I love the matte sand they are so beautiful on the skin like I said I've had the crepey issue and sometimes mats can accentuate that especially shimmers but sometimes mattes as well and I don't feel like this accentuates anything that I don't want it to on my eyes they're super blendable and creamy and again for someone that's beginning and makeup I would definitely recommend the Mets the shimmers are okay but you're definitely gonna need like a glitter glue some kind of sticky base to stick these on top and build because let

me just show you this one right here because it just doesn't have a lot of pigmentation and this one in particular has some chunky glitter that ends up falling out so not my favorite on the shimmers but I'm definitely looking for I think there's another all matte palette that has like a coral color in it so I'm looking for that one as we speak and last but not least and it's not really a palette but it's a palette that I made but the makeup geek singles I recently ordered six new ones in more of cool tone shades now this is mixed in with a Nastasia shadows but I have so many makeup geek honestly when I was ordering my new ones I was like they give us hard for me to find some that I don't have because I have a full colorful palette I have a full neutral palette this size I have all of them and really the only ones that I didn't own were the more cool tone shades but these retail for five apiece and there's so much product it's gonna take you forever to go through them but I've noticed since I ordered these how amazing they are when they first came out they got a lot of hype on YouTube everyone was pushing makeup geek and I fell into that

hype and I fought him and I liked him but then I moved on and then lately I'm like no I really like all mattes together I like all the colors that I want together and so I ordered new ones and they came in I've not been able to put them down my absolute favorite right now is the color hey rad is the most perfect neutrally transition shade for me a lot of times any kind of powder product will pull warm on my face so even if it's a neutral shade it looks a little warm on my skin but this color and hey rod stays a true neutral shade and it blends out whether I'm using warmer colors on the bottom or cooler colors so it's a perfect mix if I don't know what I'm gonna do that day and I'm like I just need to go in with my transition shade real quick I love that one and I've never heard anyone talking about Hayride I don't know if it's new or what but obsessed with that color so I definitely recommend checking out makeup geek I know that this coming year they're gonna be doing a rebranding I hope that she comes out with more things and different things cuz I feel like she needs a little bit of a change to get everyone

interested again a little bit of a package update or something but I wanted to mention things because I forgot how good they are so that's it guys those are my top 10 a shadows that are more on the affordable side if you liked this video don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you're not yet subscribed to my channel please do so I would love to have you thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one