09 April 2019

Top 10 Celebrity Makeup Artists in Ghana

Whether our favorite celebrities are on the red carpet, in a music video, or on the big screen, it usually takes a village to make them look as glamorous as they do ...

whether our favorite celebrities are on

the red carpet in a music video or on the big screen it usually takes a village to make them look as glamorous as they do from hair stylist stylist to makeup artists to set designers these creatives put in all the work to make our celebs look drop-dead gorgeous my name is Xena and welcome to Amir TV today I'll be celebrating my pick of top ten makeup artists behind some of the iconic looks on our favorite celebrities now based on dia Instagram following here's my top ten favorite celebrity makeup artists at number 10 is vera choi siwon Appiah popularly known as a JV face up now a JV has an Instagram following of 6850 3 she starts at hey makeup Korea in 2015 she hasn't worn any makeup awards yet and neither is she a part of any makeup association but she's just working for the thrill of it she's worked on celebrities including Benedict Agathe number 9 is Abigail buso Anza popularly known as faysville beauty now abigail is not only a makeup artist but also a beauty educator and influenza as well she has an Instagram following of Ted in point 2 K he makeup career started in 2015 and she has since worked

with celebrities including Bella moon DS in azu may be bright amongst others she has also received several nominations in the Ghana makeup Awards 2017 and 2018 makeup is a full-time job for Alice our number eight spot is taken by the very handsome divine moon achi akechi popularly known as divine Casey now Devine is one of the few male makeup artists in Ghana he started his career in 2016 and has since garnered an Instagram following of about 24.9 K his excellent work won him the sea bass Awards makeup artist of the year 2018 and Fame awards youth makeup artist of the year 2018 he has worked on celebrities including Moishe Bhutan Ivana Koro Hodja for real Afiya and lydia forcing taking our number seven spots is Abigail a mega popular known as shine and shadows and with an Instagram following of 31.4 K Abigail has touched the faces of many we had excellence brushes she started we make up in 2015 and even though she hasn't won any awards yet she has a worldwide makeup certificates from the amazing st Laura she's also the official makeup artist for delay now

number six Alice Asante popularly known as a lagina makeover now if you are a fan of Nanami Mac brown then you probably have heard this name at dozen times a lagina has an Instagram following of 44k according to her she went into makeup because growing up seeing people look good made her happy a lagina is not only the official makeup artist when an a moment brown she has also worked on celebrities including Jocelyn Tomas moysha Budong hufflepuff E as well as delay taking a number 5 spot is Nana as Sansa Augustin popularly known as Burma artistry with an Instagram following of 51 point 1 K berry maha's proving the makeup is not just for the ladies he won the award for the best celebrity makeup artists in 2018 he was also nominated for the best makeup artist of the year at least 2018 Burma also doubles as a hair stylist yes he has worked on several celebs including VV Angel Rollins if your ass nigga rosalie Nagisa moysha Budong Edina amongst others at number four is Valerie lossing popularly known as Miss for lossing she has an Instagram following of eighty two point eight K she is also the brand

influencer for a lot of brands miss Watson has won several awards for her amazing work in 2017 she won the makeup artists of the year she also wanted 2018 best Bridal makeup artist of the year as well as the 2018 makeup artist of the Year at the annual glitz Awards Miss for lossing is the official makeup artists of the second lady mrs. Samira Bonilla has also worked with several alias celebrates including Sandra and cobia FY Rida and Zino's ooh and oh she's behind iconic Bridal looks of Tracy success mrs. stone boy and mrs. D'Mello around about three spots is lawanna Mina popularly known as mineral in touch she has a 95 point 4 K following on Instagram min Alan started a makeup career in 2016 and won the most promising makeup artist the same year at the Falcon Awards she has been unstoppable since then working on celebrities including Miss Belle Benedict Agathe if Flash's nigga Amelia Brobee mommy Sawa lucky lossing amongst others now at number two as Larissa Abu so popularly known as Laura babe with an Instagram following of 98.7 K Laura babe has proven that when it comes to brows she is your best call the

brow guru as she is called has worked on several Ailee celebs including Jocelyn demands even Nelson Chantelle as Sansa curling something Julius Ibrahim and others our number one spots is none other than mrs. Nancy chin Alou room or Bona popularly known as Nancy black she has a whopping 273 K followers on Instagram she's not just a makeup guru but also a first class honours degree holder from the University of Greenwich UK now Nancy Black has worked on a lot of a list celebrities from all over the world such as Jackie Appiah Richard Dominik Julius Ibrahim Stacy I'm watching Victoria Michaels the quarry everything Zeno's hoon Sandra and Cobra Sika are say amongst others she has received so many nominations for amazing work including the best celebration makeup artists in 2016 fashion makeup artist of the year 2016 at the Alma Awards best celebrated makeup artist of the year 2016 like the gonna make up awards Ghana's most glamorous makeup artists in 2017 at the Falcon awards challenge and mentorship award 2017 TMG Awards Ghana fashion industry awards and honors 2018 she was also ranked number 2 on bail and

I just tops an Africa makeup artist globally in the year 2018 she's also a brand influencer for Spencer for to store Black Radiance illegal babbling Zach Zarin cosmetics and so much more well there you have it my top 10 celebrity makeup artist in Ghana if your favorite makeup Isis wasn't mentioned in this list do comment below and I will be sure to make a second list thank you for watching