03 December 2017

Top 10 Black Owned Makeup Brands YOU NEED in your life



hey everyone my name is Alina Menon I'm a makeup artist based in New York and today we're gonna talk about the best black own makeup companies I have included ten that I personally love and enjoy and use in my personal kit but also on my clients I also want this to be an opportunity to show you that you can get a full face with black oh and makeup products the best way to support people is to actually go ahead and spend money in your community spend money with the businesses that are actually funding themselves it's the holidays it's time to buy things for your friends so I want to talk about my face at the same time as I'm sharing these products with you so that way you can get excited about them and then you can start using them on yourself but also get them for the homies so the first thing I want to talk to you about is a Juve is place I'm sure you've probably heard about this it is all over the internet it is all over YouTube everybody's going crazy about them because the pigment in these eyeshadows is insane let me just give you a quick look at these eyeshadows so first of all the first thing you'll notice is that

they're super bright and they're super vibrant there is a mixture in here of matte and also like satiny like shimmery kind of eyeshadow on my eyes right now I have a mixture of Senegal all over would JA be all over the all over the lid on top of that underneath all of that I have jameelah which is kind of like a an orange e and oranjee color so I used a mixture of the mats and the the shimmery colors I love these eyeshadows I think they're amazing they're perfect for a pop of color they're also super pigmented so you only need a very very little bit the next thing I want to share is my all-time favorite iman cosmetics if Iman if you're not familiar is a huge or was a huge supermodel I believe that once your supermodel you're always a supermodel iman created a cosmetic line because there were no colors backstage for her for women of color which is crazy had to mix her own foundation and had to apply her own foundation backstage is insane one of the staples and many people's kits especially women of color if you don't already know this is an amazing line this specifically is her stick foundation i like this because it has a

creaminess to it but it's also very it's it's like a harder creamier foundation so if you're familiar with something like a dermablend it's gonna be thicker creamier consistency but it's um but it's harder to move it's one of those things when you lay it down it's gonna stay down the other thing that I believe in mom should be really really well known for are her lip glosses they are the perfect colors for women of color and also her lip liners are spot-on they are so perfect she has so many different colors of brown I had no idea we came in that many shades okay I did know we came in that many things she totally took into account that we come into that many shades and she made sure that she has a lip liner for everybody so go check it out if you're especially if you're having trouble finding the right lip liner for you the next thing I want to talk about is my friend Joelle she created this brand called Oh my glow cosmetics and I'm shaking it up because is a shakable setting spray this has pigment in it and it is beautiful it smells amazing this one smells like lavender bears known Joelle before she created this brand and started this

because she created a viral video and everybody was like how do you make that and she made it and then she turned it into a product that's called oh my glow I'm actually wearing this all over my face right now I sprayed it sprayed down my face with oh my glow to give me a Vette glow and it's super hydrating you can wear this at the beach like with no makeup on at all it's not it's not gonna be so much pigment where you're gonna beat you know completely gold but it is gonna give you that glow and that gloss and I love that about this product it's super hydrating the other thing I want to talk about is D clue or new clothes I don't even know how to pronounce this because it is obviously I believe in French my friend Carly I recently met we've not met yet in person but we've met over the Internet and we have mutual friends she sent me these lashes and they are amazing I'm wearing them right now I am NOT a full lash girl I'm just gonna keep it real out here I don't typically wear them and when I do wear lashes I wear individuals just placed just on the lash line that's just how I prefer to do it but these lashes are so soft and they're not even heavy like I

I'm wearing them right now and I barely feel them on my eyes which is amazing but they also just have the finest hair and they're super super beautiful and just really really really well done like you can just tell like there was a lot of care and effort put into this today was my first day trying them I'm super excited about but yeah I'm wearing it right now okay my girls mented cosmetics mented so Menten was started by KJ and Amanda they are both entrepreneurs that started a company where they said you know we don't have nudes for black girls like what does that look like and the thing I like about their product is it is a very one and done product where you apply it and that's it you don't need to apply a lip liner you don't need to apply a lip gloss it's completely up to you if you want to because of course you can in fact I did today they go on really smooth and creamy they're not mad they're probably like a sheeny satiny finish so donessa my ryx is the next one i want to talk about donessa is amazing she's so talented vanessa is a makeup artist and also a photographer she has consulted

for so many beauty brands and has also owned her own beauty brand called I my B I'm making beautiful and then now donessa my ryx beauty and she creates very innovative products she likes products that you can use two three four five six different ways this one I'm wearing right now illuminating veil all over my skin so what I did is I primed with illuminating veil so I used my moisturizer like I would normally then I put a lumen ating veil on top of it I applied my foundation and contour and highlighting all that and then I went over it again and just kind of dabbed right onto the cheekbone underneath the eyebrow to really get that poppy the other thing I like about this is that it's long wearing so it's not gonna wipe off throughout the day so it's a perfect thing to wear especially if you have something and you want to make sure that it stays on all night we're all day so the next product is perfect face by shinza Charice a Shinto Shareef beauty so if Shinta is a makeup artist who works with taraji piensan that is one of her main client she works with a lot of people but that is one of her absolutely like her main client she pretty much

does all of her red carpet so if you ever look at a red carpet you're like oh my gosh taraji you look amazing it's because of mission done so she uses this product on her I feel like it's the closest to like a Tom Ford Contour color it has the perfect to like grayish brown color that like really contours and kind of gives shape to the face but it also looks like a contour it doesn't look like a muddy color or like a or like a foundation color right because contour should be a shadow so sure be kind of gray so I feel like she just nailed this the price point is amazing check out her son to Sharif beauty this is the perfect face she is also a sweetheart I've met her in person and she is amazing so you may be wondering what are you wearing all over your face Delina I am wearing aj crimson foundation so this is the container that it comes in you can get a full container of it or you can also get half-and-half where you can do like a lighter and a darker so you can do like the highlight contour situation AJ has worked with a lot of people he's work was in Tori not and in fact he recently did a collection

with Natori who's off with power I don't know if you guys have seen that before but Power on stars is an amazing show Natori is one of the main people she was also in 3lw which was low-key one of my favorite jams he's worked with a lot of different celebrities he's an amazing artist I think his foundations are spot-on especially there's a color that he has called 4.5 that is this like really pretty like creamy but all the colors are creamy but this one has like a little bit of a gold but a little bit of a red in it it's almost like a it could go both ways kind of color and I feel like he just nailed it perfectly especially for my skintone where I have to mix typically two colors but that is spot-on for me so check out his foundations super creamy beautiful and I have it on all over my skin so it definitely looks like skin the next thing I want to talk about is Lauren a Pierre she is an entrepreneur she is also a makeup artist and she created this product called cleanse and the reason why she created this is because she was noticing that all the wife she was using on her male grooming clients

we're catching on to the hair of the skin so this is really good for any male grooming clients that you might have and it's also good if you just want to cleanse your skin the last thing I want to mention is my friend joy for now believe it or not this is a candle and she is a makeup artist that created it so her and her friend created this line and it is called the 1:25 collection she's from Harlem just like me well we're actually both kind of transplants but she's been here a lot longer than me so she could definitely claim Harlem as home if you don't know in Harlem there's this Main Street called 125 that is the main road in our area so it's in Central Harlem and so they named it after that but she has really cool quotes on here soy candles all really healthy great for you to burn and this lasts about 70 hours the thing I love about these candles the most is that they have the dopest sayings on them I mean trust your doke miss how cool is that she also has one called trust your inner Beyonce I love joy I think she's amazing she's just she literally is a joy which is kind of funny because her name is joy anyway it's joy for Nell go check her

out she's a dope makeup artist as well don't trust your dope this right don't recognize dude thank you so much for hanging out with me listed down below is gonna be all the information so that you can purchase any of these products and you can find direct links to everything that you're looking for I hope you enjoyed this video I love taking out with you buy these gifts for your friends and I'll see you in the next video these