19 December 2018

Too Faced Glow Job VS Glam Glow Gravitymud - Which is better? | BEAUTY NEWS REVIEWS

Welcome back to another episode of Beauty News Reviews! Today we are putting the Too Faced Glow Job Peel Off Mask up against the Glam Glow Gravitymud ...

Polara beauty news family welcome back

to another Beauty news I think yesterday we destroyed a mask well checked how much product within it and we are testing out that mask today we are here to similar masks it's a thing and they look really weird because we've got I makeup on from filming but we just took our bases off so we did yeah gorgeous oh darling so today we are comparing the two face glow job chill off mask to the glam glow gravity mud firming treatment mask yeah and this one is also glittery it's a black mask with holographic glitter and stars yeah smells so I can smell it from here tropical pine it does I want it I it smells like tropical pineapple stuff and like that peel-off glue yeah and that's kind of what this one smells like it's kind of like that glue smell with something else yeah no yeah we're comparing the two glittery marks we are so we're gonna put half of each on each side of our face we're gonna let them set we're gonna peel them off and we're gonna see if there's any like instant results cuz I don't know about anyone else but for me the purpose of using a mask is to have like an instant

something whether it be like fur me more lifting or smoothing or hydration so they do look cool let it rain yeah they need to do more than just look cool yeah alright let's do it let's do it which one are you trying um I'm gonna take glam glow since its closest glam glow comes with a little brush okay cool so I'm going to use a brush to apply it and I'm gonna use the two-faced spatula all right let's do it Cooper duper this does look really cool I'm gonna say that did a good job with your gonna put glitter and stuff make it look really cool yeah are you going right side for that one yeah all right I'll do left side for this one oh it's so thick oh my goodness [Music] I'm struggling I feel like I look fabulous you always look fabulous oh thanks Haley we're gonna be hearing it everywhere I help me I'm oh my god I'm having a disaster here we go okay I'm trying not to like spill the mask on me that's fair but I do that also like get it on my face I am putting a lot on though yeah but I want to be able to peel it off in like uh yeah that's the whole point of

it in a nice sheet okay this one does look really cool even though I don't like the sort of concept of oh wow you're great I would go to the shops like this pretty quickly actually cuz I want to go back and put more and it's kind of saying no no we're not doing that do it so my face is burning that's the active it could be I'm not like it's not sort of bad that it like I don't like it or well it's not that you know if it's not so bad that I feel like I need to wash it off but it is burning my face just like I want to experience it's burning yay yay swap see um I might get a tissue just yeah bachelor or Scots watch my stuff oh no okay start this smell it's horrible who are you oh oh this is really it is really thick but I think it actually probably applies a little bit less patchy because it's so thick yeah oh my god these stars of like spiking me yeah they do you can really feel the grishin that one compared to this one yeah okay I think my skin might just be a little bit sensitive to whatever sin pill on mark peel off masks because this sideburns - oh my just feels like it feels like something's going on but I

wouldn't say it's burning actually harder to get hot it is I know and I really don't like this pineapple smell it's right up my nose yeah not yeah it is it's strong if you like tropical pineapple e cents then you might really like to glam glow one but if that's not your jam it is strong use and smell it I quite like fruity sense but I feel like this is the equivalent of like you know artificial chocolate yeah and it's sort of not the same as real sort of cocoa smell yeah this is like the artificial pineapple but it sort of smells like a tacky cocktail ahead but not necessarily a good way I've done it which one do you think was easier to Apple I actually thought that glam blur one was a bit easier possibly the mechanism that we're using it though if possibly yes I feel like since this one's quite thin a brush would have been better yes I see yes actually worms yeah I think especially works better than this one which is that's really good that they have already won in yeah they're thought about the application method good it is good for that alright so both of these to say to leave dry for 20 to 30 minutes or until it's

completely dried so and then peel it off later on and we'll be back to you it obviously will be will look 10 years younger I'm sorry I'm sorry peanuts I love to bang you my early 20s five one eternity later Rebecca yes yeah I know but I am excited to get this off because it's annoying me we've had this on for about an hour and we can still the we can feel that there are still spots that aren't quite dry yes and can I tell you that the black side chunks come off yeah can you see how rips off it's like it's like it sort of smell lead off my face before it could dry properly yeah and these are like oh that's so annoying around the face where you're taking and you're moving it with the drying it just pulls off yeah but the cheeks for me this side took forever to dry my cheeks are still a bit wet yeah but wait what time is it we were touching this for the better part of half an hour and it was still completely wet yeah so this one is a lot heart-like takes a lot longer to dry than the instructions say would you have 20 to 30 minutes this one's still I don't it's got a little bit of wetness and this one's supposed to be 30 minutes

yes it been an hour look I know and it's summer here in Australia you know it's really cold like yeah I'm wearing a themed jump out there's no excuse for the looks of it yeah yeah it's uh look basically what we're saying here is if you're thinking oh I can put this on for 20 or 30 minutes before I go out or I've got to get ready no no leave it longer and the problem with this stuff is getting it off when it's wet is really difficult like it does it's like glue it's really hard to wash it doesn't really dissolve underwater Yentl II know that's the point that we're making yeah but um also you know people will be shouting that you put too much on we wanted to put like the instructions are a generous even light yeah which is what we did this is the amount to get an even layer otherwise it's a patchy layer so if you want it to be a bit of a tighter so we want it to dry a lot quicker you can put a lot less on that is perfectly fine but we were trying to follow the instructions yeah but we were moving this because driving let's do it Oh before these as well does tingle a lot more than this one

sorry oh this one is look it's still wet oh yeah oh my god let's get it off I'm sorry you're doing first I'm doing glory job yeah it's not even dry enough to like peel off oh it's still wet it's sticking to my hand kid oh okay you can see definitely the bleb glow did not dry in multiple places it was wet on my nose on my cheek bit on my chin on my brow whereas the two-faced one it was only one spot that it was still wet and that was right on my cheek so yeah I had yes for me it's a big spot there my god this is even worse yes okay that's really great yeah that's this is an owl up and I'm ready little black specks it still smells like China it does any noticeable difference between the sides other than the experience of it no not for me I am going to say they both feel quite smooth and they both feel a little bit plump but I feel like maybe the glam glow side is a little bit more plump but that might be because it was wet for longer I can't even tell I'm just going by like covered in like yeah little jokes yeah I can't really I can't really tell if anything that's worked

I've got glitter stuck on my face and it's a black dots a lit up yeah look it's but the experience doesn't make me want to use it again no unless you want to look really fancy either the visual aspect I think the true face one looks better yeah I agree all I can think at this moment is I'm pretty sure I've got two of these peel-off mask at home from glam glow yep in different colours I think I've got a purple one and this one and I haven't used them and I'm not going to it's better give them to someone else I will because this is annoying this is annoying and it's like to actually remove it you need it to dry and then exactly black glitter look it I know you can't get it off if it doesn't peel off with the mask you're stuck with black glitter on your face yeah but my skin okay any any peel-off mask will pull off dead skin and yet make her skin yet feel smoother so it's done that this one I do think feels more hydrating but I do feel like this one was dry a lot longer yeah so of course if something's still wet on your face it's gonna feel a little bit more hydrating but besides the tingle

and the application and how it looks I don't think there's much difference between them at all no neither do I and I just Oh get it off I don't have time for this no I know let's wrap this up so we can get ya face I'm really like I don't know what what he sees I don't like it so I don't even know what the point was okay we're done we need to go kiss we've got to get this off our faces and it's just wasn't as fun as I thought it was gonna be no I thought it would be really cool and fun and like peeling over oh and I'm just left in a minute it's true I prefer to use sheet masks let's not gonna leave glitter on my face that's before take an hour she passed all the way actually yeah yeah yeah all right guys we hope you enjoyed this video if you have used both or either of these masks let us know how you feel about them down in the comments have you had a good experience with them did you just find them a little bit fun cuz they're like glittery and all that jazz is it a bit of an Instagram fad for you let us know and yeah and we will see you in the next one bye bye