30 October 2018


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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] everyone today I'm going to be doing a video on these some young and Tony moly a collaboration I got a few of the things from this collection and I thought it was so adorable so I definitely want to do a video on these so of course the first thing I got is the cushion that came in this collection there are two different colors there is color one in color too so I got the one number one and I love how it looks like an actual fire noodle cup I have actually the larger one but I'll show you it anyway so here you can see this one is the makeup and this one is the real actual ramen container they do have the smaller ones as well I just had the large one but it's so cute like it looks just like it so the top of it here says bull pen in addition hot kebab puck cushion so it's the hot edition of the chicken flavored I guess cushion foundations so when you open it up there is the cushion here and then there's also a refill that comes in here and it looks like the little sauce containers I just love how cute everything is so when

you open it up the actual container I love how it looks it's so adorable is actually a lot smaller than a traditional sized cushion foundation which I actually really like like it's so much thinner like to compare it here is the Mesha glow so this is like about the size that a normal cushion is so I love that it's about half the size of that I feel like that just makes it a little less bulky easier to carry around in stuff so that is really cute and then when I open it up of course has a mirror as usual and then it has the little Sam Young Antonia maleic cushion actual cushion has the little chicken mascot or character imprinted into the cushion it is so adorable so this is what my skin looks like before I apply it I got a couple comments of people wanting me to show more like up close so you could see my skin better and stuff so I'll try and do that a little bit more when I'm reviewing my foundations and now I'm going to apply the cushion foundation so I usually don't like the little sponges but I'm gonna do that first just so I can see what I can do with the actual sponge itself so I've got the foundation on and I'm gonna start on this side and

start pressing it into my skin okay so so far this is the aside with the cushion apply and this is obviously my bearskin also zoom in so you can see a little bit better as well and here is how it looks doomed in so this is the side with the cushion on it and then this is the bearskin first off I have to say this is actually really it like really good coverage I'm kind of impressed I feel like this is also a little bit more on the satiny kind of finish line which I actually like a lot more because I feel like they don't tend to like move around on the skin as much now this one I can definitely feel it on the skin I need to give it a little bit more time to see how it really sets but it doesn't give me that like immediately like slip and slide kind of a feeling on the skin and it has some really good coverage to it feel like color wise it's pretty decent I feel like it's a tiny bit on the yellow side for me but overall not bad and this is how it looks applied all over my skin I have to say I'm actually really impressed with us in so far oh so far this one's going like right to the top of my list I love the amount of coverage I get and it has that

slight kind of satiny finish so it's not completely matte and it's not like super glossy or like that kind of glassy skin trend however I can still feel it on my skin but I'm gonna give it a little bit of time to set and see what I think about it as I'm continuing the rest of my face makeup so moving on to the next two products so these are both face products so this is what it looks like it looks like little sauce packets this one it says noodle blush also noodle blusher and the one I have is Buddha's motley oh so that's fire red or hot red so I'm gonna open it up and share it with you guys so this is what the blush looks like and it is red like there's no denying this is red and the actual blush is imprinted with Botox so I think that means like fire chicken so yeah this is red so I'm gonna pick up just a little bit of this on my blush brush and apply this to my cheeks oh yeah definitely red like it kind of gives you that like I just ate fire noodles flush I'm gonna go over it just a little bit with like my clean sponge just to kind of you know tone it down a bit because it is a red blush so it's definitely going to look

red so this is how it looks applied very sheerly I think you can definitely make it like a really usable blush I don't think it looks crazy intense but you do want to be careful since it is like this really a bright red so that is the noodle blusher and the next one I have is so cute because it also looks like their Carbonaro one so I have that as well so and that's what this one looks like these are the actual like carbonara noodles yonder this is the blusher so I'll let's open this one up now and this one is number two this is scada bonito so let's open this up this is gonna be more of like a highlighter kind of product so this one is pink and it actually has the little chicken mascot face and printed on again I'll have an up close you can see that better and this is I'm kind of surprised with the color of it it's almost like my skin tone but a little bit more yellow and it doesn't look extremely like shimmery so we'll just have to see if it's more of like a matte kind of highlighter or if it's one of those surprising ones okay I really kind of loaded up my brush a bit because I feel like this isn't gonna show up too much so let's see what it

looks like on the skin I'm actually kind of Wow surprised that definitely showed up a lot more than you would have expected from the pan so here is with nothing and then here is the highlighter huh I'm kind of surprised like definitely from looking at it in the pan it almost looks like it could be like a mat kind of highlight product but it definitely does have a little bit of shimmer to it once you actually apply it so that was kind of surprising that's actually really pretty I'm actually really surprised cuz I was kind of afraid I wouldn't really get much use out of these products because I haven't tried too many Korean blushers or highlighters that I really really love but I actually like that that's really pretty ok I'm actually like really relieved now that these are products I feel like I could actually use so I'm going to finish off the rest my makeup and come back with the last product ok so I am back with all my eye makeup done I did a there is fittingly a warm toned kind of fire noodle it look for my eyes I ended up using some of my crown eyes shadow zai just used like these two here just as like a base and then I actually

used a little bit of the red blusher to kind of amp up some of that red color a bit and then I used a little bit of the highlighter for in the inner corner of my eyes and then finally I topped it off with a little bit of glitter this is from Holika Holika it's the magic inside glitter eye shadow this one is number four in the color piyo work so it's firework and I just did a little bit of that on the lids just to kind of add a little bit more Sparkle actually I feel like I want to add a little bit more to my lower lash line as well so I'm gonna do that now there that's better so this is the final product I have this one is called the lip salsa lip tint so it's the lip sauce lip tint the Sun is number one hanging my buck lettuce so I think that's like spicy writer hot red I know but let's try it out like I said in my sweet Korea haul I actually did order both the lip tints but I think the second one was sold out so they ended up refunding me so I only have one of them but that's okay I've only got one set of lips it kind of looks like a little nail polish it's really kind of cute let's see when I open it up what kind of brush it has just has like a regular doe foot

applicator so I'm just going to apply this all over my lips and see what I think about it it has like a sweet kind of fruity scent to it I like that so this is the lip tint with the first layer I'm gonna add a little bit more just to kind of even it out a bit okay so this is the lip tint color to be honest it's not my favorite kind of lip tint just because it is one of those that's a little bit more of a gummy or kind of feeling on the lips whenever it dries down so to be completely honest I feel like this might be a little bit of a past kind of product for me but I still wanted to get like at least one of them and try them out and see what their I would like that way at least had something from like kind of each category from this like collection this color looks really patchy and really uneven on my lips right now it's kind of like sticks to the outer edge and then the inner portion but then like the centermost part of my lip it's not really sticking too much so I know I feel like this isn't my favorite formula of lip tint but it's still super cute and I'm not really that mad at it so for me the lip tint is not my favorite but

out of everything else that I've tried I actually really liked a lot of these now I do have to say my number one product from this collection is probably the cushion foundation I couldn't get over how like nice that looked on my skin like it feels like it still has a very slight kind of like wet feeling to the skin not wet but you know it kind of feels like very ever-so-slightly kind of like not completely dry foundation feeling but it's definitely not the worst ones I've tried and for the amount of coverage that I had I really like that so I actually think that this is a really good cushion foundation I love that it's smaller than most of them it's not as bulky and I would have to give the cushion foundation my number one pick if you were just going to get one thing and one of these colors worked for you I would definitely definitely recommend this one my second favorite product is another one that really surprised me and that is the highlighter I can't believe that listen is like as nice like shimmery as it is because like really looking at it in the pan it was very just unassuming like it doesn't even look like it's that

shiny or shimmery it almost kind of has like that's just a satiny kind of matte finish look in the pan but I'm really impressed with how it looks on my skin so this would definitely be my number two pick my number three pick would be the blush and again like I feel like you could totally get away with like using the super light handed to you know use as an everyday kind of blush because I don't feel like this looks super out of the ordinary or you know anything super intense you could definitely make it that way if you wanted to but I also liked that I could kind of use this as like an eye shadow as well I felt like that worked pretty decent so that would be my number three pick and then my last place is of course the lip tint I just feel like this is a little bit too I don't know it just doesn't look good on me maybe I applied too much and maybe that's my fault but it definitely does look very streaky and patchy on the lips so not really a color that I would feel super comfortable wearing so unfortunately I have to give this one my last place but this is the fire noodle makeup so of course it would

make sense to actually eat some fire noodles okay so I got my fire nails ready and I'm ready to eat the only thing I hate is that I'm really like bad at cheese and chopsticks and I'm super messy and the actual like sauce like stains your skin so I'm gonna have a little bit of a just sauce on my chin no I got nude all over my face okay not gonna lie though like this Lipton has stayed on so well after him like slurping all these noodles I am really impressed at how long it has stayed though so I have to give it points for that but I ended up blotting some of it off and the color really stayed but it doesn't look as patchy now so I'm actually kind of I don't know surprised by this one so I definitely say this lip tint as fire noodles approved my I stood here up a little bit from the noodles so like some of the glitter kind of ran up a little bit but overall the foundation looks pretty good I didn't sweat too much but maybe I was wrong about this lip tint because this stayed on pretty well you can see like the little a sauce kind of stain to the corners of my lips but uh yeah okay I think I I think I'm all about this I like spicy things but I

don't go out of my way to eat spicy foods but you know I had to for this for this video it just wouldn't be right if I didn't so let me know do you guys like spicy food do you like spicy noodles have you ever had the fire noodles let me know if you have or have not yeah I would totally try these again this is my first time having them they're really good what I like about these is that it does have like a very intense spicy you know kind of kick to it but the actual flavor of it is really as well sometimes their spicy food where it's like just spicy for the hell of being spicy and like it doesn't actually taste good this one's like actually has a really nice flavor to it so I would totally eat these again so yeah that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please like and subscribe you can follow me on instagram link is below and until my next video I will talk to you guys later bye [Music] you